29 Apr 2019

“What Shall Be the End of These Things?”

Praise Report: Though 5-year-old Landon (who was thrown off a third-floor balcony at Mall of America) is still under sedation in intensive care with several broken bones, doctors were amazed at his MRI results. According to Mac Hammond, a pastor at the family’s church, Landon recently underwent a five-hour MRI test. “There was zero evidence of brain damage – there wasn’t even swelling,” Hammond said. “No spinal cord injury, no nerve damage, no internal injuries that were life-threatening.”

Extreme Weather

Tropical Storm Kenneth made landfall in Mozambique on Thursday and has destroyed thousands of homes. Five people are known dead, and floods/mudslides are said to put more lives and property in danger in the coming days. Nearly 700,000 people could be at risk, many left exposed and hungry as waters rise.

Kenneth had sustained winds of 140mph, equivalent of a Category 4 hurricane. It struck areas in the north that had never experienced a cyclone before. The strike by Kenneth also marked the first time in recorded history that Mozambique has been hit by two powerful cyclones in the same season. Last month, the central part of the country was slammed by Cyclone Idai, which resulted in several hundred fatalities. The media are mentioning “climate change,” of course, not accepting the fact that God is in complete control of the climate, and as the return of Christ draws nearer, it’s only going to get worse.

In Columbia, at least 28 people were killed by a landslide, and at least two are missing. Several houses were destroyed in the town of Rosas in the Cauca region. The landslide happened after days of torrential rains hit the region.

In South Africa, floods and mudslides from torrential rain in the past few days have killed 70 people and displaced over 1,000. The weather service warned there could be more rains in the coming days.

In Iran, two weeks since the storms started, relentless rain and flooding has left some 2 million people facing a humanitarian crisis.

In Israel, Mount Hermon was hit with a freak springtime snowstorm for the first time in 22 years on Sunday, as unseasonable weather around the country dampened many Israelis’ plans to travel and hike during the Jewish festival of Passover. Snow also fell in the nearby village of Majdal Shams and in some locations in the Golan Heights.


In the Philippines, a 6.1 earthquake on Monday has killed 18 people, injured 282, and seven are missing. Many houses were damaged and many people displaced. A 6.3 hit Samar Island in the Philippines on Tuesday with no casualties.

Four earthquakes hit India and Nepal, fortunately with no casualties. The first earthquake was a 5.9 in northwest India, followed by three earthquakes in Nepal in the morning measuring up to 5.2.

In southern Mexico on Monday, a 5.4 earthquake caused tall buildings to sway back and forth more than 250 miles (400 kilometers) away in the capital; no reports of what damage may have occurred. Mexico City is built on a former lakebed, meaning earthquakes even far away are often felt strongly in the capital.

Iniquity (Lawlessness, Wickedness) Abounds

Too little, too late: Illinois officials will investigate little Andrew Freund’s parents for abuse and neglect multiple times throughout his life. The 5-year-old was found dead Wednesday, about a week after his father reported him missing. Both his parents are charged with his murder. Child Protective Services was involved but failed this child.

Carlos Zuniga-Aviles, a Honduran national who fatally beat an infant over paternity, had been deported 5 times but got back in. The infant, Alexander Lizondro-Chacon, was pronounced dead at a hospital from blunt force trauma to the head after his mother called police to report that the baby was having trouble breathing.

The Satanic Temple is now considered a church by the Internal Revenue Service and has been given tax-exempt status. The group says the designation will help in religious discrimination legal cases and allow it to pursue faith-based government grants. In other words, they’ll have more money to try to wipe out any evidence of a belief in God in the country.


In Sri Lanka, 321 people were killed and 375 hospitalized in a series of bomb blasts on Easter morning that tore through churches and hotels in Sri Lanka, timed to kill as many as possible. Muslim terrorists were responsible. In Colombo, the seaside capital, police said 87 bomb detonators were found at the city’s main bus station, while an explosive went off near a church when bomb squad officials were trying to defuse it.

The ISIS terrorist group loves to claim responsibility whether it was their particular Islamist group or not. But they, on Tuesday, proudly published a photo claiming to show the eight bombers who carried out the devastating string of suicide attacks.

Some 1,500 foreign terrorists, who took part in combat actions in the Middle East, are in Europe now, Director of Russia’s Federal Security Service Alexander Bortnikov told a conference on terrorism.

Wisconsin Muslim mother of seven, Waheba Issa Dais, who was born in Jerusalem, has pled guilty to spreading a “virtual library” about manufacturing bombs and biological weapons and attempting to aid self-proclaimed ISIS members in online chat forums.

A new program will offer up to $10 million in rewards for information leading to the disruption of the global financial mechanisms of Hezbollah, the US Dept of State announced. According to a Forbes Israel report, Hezbollah is the richest terror organization in the world, with an estimated annual income of $1.1 billion. The Hamas government lets their own people suffer in poverty while they use that money for terror against Israel. Hamas needs to go. Yet the deceived world puts the blame on Israel.

Islamization of the Nations

In Rome, a Moroccan illegal Muslim migrant was arrested for stabbing a homeless man. The migrant started an argument with the man for wearing a cross around his neck.

In Afghanistan, the Islamist Taliban and ISIS-aligned Islamists are fighting each other, each wanting to take control of the eastern part of the country.

ISIS women are known for savage treatment of their peers. Female ISIS militants published a manifesto recently hoping to draw more girls and women to the Caliphate. The manifesto says it’s acceptable for girls to marry at nine years-old but that 15 and 16 was preferable – when they are “still young and active.” The women are enforcing strict caliphate rules in their refugee camp in Syria. While the AP was there, women in all-covering black robes and veils (niqabs) tried to intimidate anyone speaking to journalists; their children threw stones at visitors, calling them “dogs” and “infidels.”

Some of these ISIS brides joined from Western countries and now want to return. One young Muslim woman who now wants to return to the West said she joined because ISIS said, “when you make hijra (migration to the caliphate), all your sins are cleared.” And that’s exactly what Islam teaches, that they must kill or be killed for their Allah to be guaranteed salvation. That’s not the God of the Bible.

Short-Sighted Social Justice System

In Sweden, hundreds of traitors who went to fight with ISIS are returning, and Swedish law says they can’t be turned away. 41 municipalities are being forced to take them in. Some Libleft politicians suggested the government integrate returning them back into society, and several municipalities have offered them free driving lessons, free housing, and even debt forgiveness to make their transition back into Western society more comfortable.

Hatred of Anything Called Christian

In France, another church fire: This one the church of Notre-Dame de Grâce on Easter Sunday. Police suspect arson.

From Open Doors: Christians remain one of the most persecuted religious groups in the world. While Christian persecution takes many forms, it is defined as any hostility experienced as a result of identification with Christ. Every day we receive new reports of Christians who face threats, unjust imprisonment, harassment, beatings and even loss of family because of their faith in Jesus. Every month, on average: 345 Christians are killed for faith-related reasons, 105 Churches and Christian buildings are burned or attacked, and 219 Christians are detained without trial, arrested, sentenced and imprisoned.

Hatred of Israel and the Jewish People

Calling Netanyahu racist is becoming en vogue for 2020 Democrat presidential candidates. Support for Israel, the Middle East’s sole true democracy, has dropped while support for the so-claimed “Palestinians” has surged among the base of Democratic voters.

While Republicans continue to be strong supporters of the Israeli government and people, a growing cohort of younger Republicans no longer view Israel’s government favorably, according to a Pew Research Center survey released on Wednesday. Younger Republicans also have less favorable views of the Israeli people – and more favorable views of the so-called “Palestinian” people – than older Republicans.

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said on Monday that normalizing relations with Israel goes against the Qur’an and Islamic faith. So much for the promoted false narrative that Islam’s Allah and the God of the Bible are one and the same.

If anyone reads this article and watches this video and still believes Islam is a religion of peace and that Muslims worship the God of the Bible, they are willingly deceived by the father of lies himself. The Muslim speaker teaches many lies including that Jews use the blood of children in their holiday pastries. He also says, “Our war with the Jews will continue until Judgment Day – just like the Christians who occupy our countries, plunder our resources, and fight our religion….”

All nations will be blessed through Israel (Genesis 12:3)

Israeli startup Yarok Microbio says it has developed a way to identify life-threatening bacteria in as little as under an hour, before the food products they could be lurking in get sold. The technology can thus protect not only consumers but also small firms that can’t afford the financial cost of recalls, lawsuits or the cancellation of their contracts with retail chains. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 48 million people get sick each year in the US, 128,000 are hospitalized and another 3,000 die because of food-borne diseases — illnesses originating from food spoilage or contamination.

Respect “Mother Earth,” but not Humans

A biology course at the University of California San Diego teaches students that a fetus is no different from an invasive cancer. A slide for the course depicts “parallels between fetuses and cancers. [They don’t say baby growing in the womb]. Describing a fetus as a “legitimate parasite,” the slide says a fetus “rapidly grows, invades, manipulates immunity of mother, reshapes blood vessels.” Below it is an image depicting invasive cancer cells with the so-called same defining characteristics.

In Oregon, a federal judge will block a move by the Trump administration to stop giving federal money to family planning clinics that offer abortion or refer women to abortion providers.

A 20-year-old college student in upstate New York reported an Uber driver for refusing to take her to get an abortion, and she’s looking to sue him.

In England and Wales, new government data shows that over 1/3 of pregnancies for women in their early 20s ended in abortion in 2017; 22.7% in women of all ages resulted in an abortion, and girls 16 had abortion rates of 60.7%. The largest year-over-year increase was among women 25 to 29 years old with a 20% increase.

A federal judge ruled Thursday that Flint citizens can move forward with lawsuits targeting the Environmental Protection Agency’s handling of Flint, Michigan’s lead contamination problems. The EPA under Obama was too slow to intervene in the case and knew that officials “were not warning Flint’s residents that they were being supplied lead-laced water.” Officials were misleading citizens by telling them there was nothing wrong with the water supply.

Washington state is just a governor’s signature away from becoming the first state in the US to legalize “liquid cremation,” “natural organic reduction” of human remains, also known as “composting.” According to research from the environmentalists who emphasize respect for the earth, human remains are safe enough to use in a household garden.

In France, the yellow vest protests that began in November over a rise in fuel taxes (aka globalist “climate change” rules) and expanded to cover a broad list of economic complaints like the high cost of living and claims that a disproportionate burden of the government’s tax reforms were falling on the working and middle classes, are still ongoing.  Protesters set fires last Saturday along a march through Paris to drive home their message. Protests are continuing this Saturday as well, the 24th weekend in a row.

The “climate change” heart of darkness: Overthrowing capitalism is a UN malicious agenda, replacing it with their fake-humanitarianism so-called “Sustainable Development.” The truth is the free market system has lifted billions out of poverty, exceeding all achievements of all nonprofits in history. These “comrades,” in seeking to overthrow the modern way of life, are minions of moral darkness. They seek to impose socialism, communism, or some other defective ideology precisely because these will limit economic growth and human flourishing. Sadly, many blindly believe this lie that leads down the road to destruction.

Corrupting God’s Creation of Humans and Animals

Scientists from Cornell University have successfully constructed DNA-based machines. These human-engineered organic machines are capable of locomotion, consuming resources for energy, growing and decaying, and evolving.

Chinese scientists are putting human DNA into monkeys’ brains to try to make them smarter, concerning a number of scientists who see the experiment as “an ethical nightmare.” “More of the genetically altered monkeys (six) died than lived. Regarding the five survivors, what kind of lives will they have going forward, altered as they are and confined to an experimental laboratory?” “In the wild, macaques live in social groups with close ties; they explore their world with intelligence and curiosity. So, what right do we have to subject these primates to grotesque procedures of this sort?

In January it was reported that a monkey cloning experiment sparked outrage was labeled “monstrous” by animals welfare advocates. Chinese scientists tinkered with a specific gene in an original donor monkey to deliberately create unhealthy animals. The offspring demonstrated increased anxiety and depression, reduced sleep time, and even “schizophrenia-like behaviors.”


Public health officials have confirmed the presence of the “kissing bug” in Delaware for the first time in the state’s history. This bug tends to suck blood from faces, and some of them carry Chagas Disease which can lead to serious cardiac and gastrointestinal complications that can be lifelong. According to the CDC, around 300,000 people have Chagas disease in the U.S.—most of which were infected with the parasite in rural areas of Mexico, Central America and South America.

Ground Beef Recall: A meat producer in Georgia has recalled over 56 tons of raw ground beef products — and another in Illinois is recalling over 26 tons— over concerns of E. coli contamination amid an outbreak affecting 10 states across the country. This ground beef was shipped to various restaurants.

The US has had a two-wave flu season, the second wave having begun in February of a strain not well-matched to the vaccine. It’s officially been going for 21 weeks as of reports collected last week – the longest seen since the government started tracking flu season duration over 20 years ago. “I don’t remember a season like this,” said Dr. Arnold Monto, who has studied respiratory illnesses for over 50 years. Still, there weren’t as many deaths from the flu as we had last year. An estimated 80,000 Americans died of flu and its complications last season. The CDC is estimating flu-related deaths this season in the range of 35,000 to 55,000.

In their latest report, the CDC emphasizes that international travelers to areas with measles outbreaks such as Israel and France are bringing measles back with them to the US. There is one sentence that hints at migrants: “2017: A 75-case outbreak was reported in Minnesota in a Somali-American community with poor vaccination coverage.” From January 1 to April 19, 2019, 626 individual cases of measles have been confirmed in 22 states. This is an increase of 71 cases from the previous week. This is the second-greatest number of cases reported in the US since measles was eliminated in 2000.

Doctors at the epicenter of Congo’s Ebola crisis are threatening to go on strike indefinitely if health workers are attacked again. The march on Wednesday comes after a Cameroon national working for the World Health Organization was killed last week on assignment in eastern Congo.

Mental Illness in Children

According to studies, mental health disorders among children are on the rise. Need we wonder why?


America’s Generation Z is coming of age in a world where marijuana/cannabis is completely normal. In fact, Generation Z consumers are twice as likely to use cannabis than they are to earn a steady paycheck.

San Francisco hands out 4.45 million syringes each year to its many drug addicts, and many of those discarded needles end up on city streets. Also, more people than ever are pooping on the streets.

Apostasy in the Churches

A Barna survey, unsurprisingly revealed that many pastors aren’t willing to speak out about what they refer to as controversial issues because they might offend someone, so it’s bad for business. As America’s moral foundations literally collapse right in front of our eyes, churches are filled with fluff and no substance.

False Prophets

A group calling itself Genesis II Church of Health and Healing plans to convene at a hotel resort in Washington state this weekend to promote a “miracle cure” that claims to cure 95% of all diseases in the world by having people from infants on up drink this concoction, which is industrial bleach mixed with citric acid. The group asked for payments of $450 to $800 per person (£346 to £615) for couples attending the event in exchange for a year’s membership to the organization and packages of bleach they call “sacraments.”

Their founder, Jim Humble, is a former Scientologist who claims he’s a billion-year-old god from the Andromeda galaxy. Floyd Jerred, a bishop in this bizarre so-called church, said, “As long as I’m just telling you about it, it’s just education; and if they do lock me up, I know how to do out-of-body travel. I can go anywhere, see anything I want to see anyway.”

Days of Lot Returned

Ohio state lawmakers have been asked by Republican state Rep. Tim Schaffer to introduce legislation against child drag shows following a child’s performance in a gay bar. At JD Henderson’s bar, 9-year-old drag performer Jacob Measley, a.k.a. “Miss Mae Hem,” danced in a suggestive costume while accepting dollar bills from an audience (ostensibly for a charitable event). Why does a law need to be made against this when it should automatically be against the law? The child should be taken away and the parent’s jailed. But of course, that won’t happen in today’s upside-down evil days. A parent is punished these days for objecting to their child becoming a “transgender.”

Three people were arrested in Ohio for sexual assault and human trafficking after a Kentucky teen was found in back of their U-Haul truck.

Two law firms say they will release names of roughly 200 Boy Scout leaders and volunteers in New York and New Jersey accused of sexual abuse from the 1960s up until the 2000s. The firms say there were at least 7,000 abusers involved in the Boy Scouts of America organization and were in the BSA’s secret “perversion files.” They say 12,000 young boys were molested by Scout leaders since 1944, and their names were never reported to police or made public.

In British Columbia, Canada, a father has been declared guilty of ‘family violence’ for using female pronouns for his daughter in interviews. He is against her having testosterone treatments to become a so-called male, which have begun against his wishes.

According to current estimates, about 1 in 7 (14%) so-called transgender women (men who claim to be women) have HIV.

The NXIVM sex cult trials are going on. This organization brainwashed and blackmailed women into being sex slaves.

In the Clinton’s Arkansas, Harold L. Moody, who had been involved with the Democratic Party of Arkansas for over 14 years and served as the Party’s communications director, was found to have smoked meth in his office, but much worse, being observed viewing child porn, then distributing the images, and eventually even hosting sessions in which people in a secure chatroom stream live videos of infants and young children being raped. His arrest in 2016 was covered up by mainstream media, and we’ve heard nothing about his conviction. He was also Pulaski County’s “youth” (according to another source) special event coordinator at the time.

Nation Against Nation Marxist-Socialist-Communist Agenda: Divide and Conquer

Kate Smith spoke against racism, yet because of two songs she sang in a 1933 movie titled “Hello Everybody” (about saving farms in a town from being purposely flooded), her song “God Bless America” is now being banned by the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Flyers. No doubt more nonsense over it will follow.


To Illhan Omar who says to the country that took her ungrateful behind in that “it’s an assault every day living here,” who dismissed 9-11 as people who just “did something,” who calls for her Islamic invented god “Allah” to awaken people to the evils of Israel whom she falsely claims has hypnotized the world, and who accused Americans that support Israel of having dual allegiance to a foreign country: “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it” (John 8:44). To all the Democrats who voted for the likes of her and for a Party that goes against God: You’re willingly deceived. Wake up! The hour is too late to mince words! I wonder if watching this 9-1-1 video would wake any of them up. We can pray so.

Unearthed video footage from 1986 shows socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders giving a 1986 lecture to university students in which he praised the Cuban revolution led by Communist ruler Fidel Castro. He said he felt very excited by it. And he said he wanted to puke when John F. Kennedy spoke against the communist regime.

2020 presidential Dem candidate Kirsten Gillibrand is “proud” to partner with the Marxist “think tank” (Institute for Policy Studies) that was infamous during the Cold War for its defense of Communist governments and for its kneejerk support of the Soviet line.

Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris wants to lower the voting age to 16 and wants incarcerated felons to be able to vote. Bernie Sanders also wants prisoners to be able to vote, including sexual offenders and such as the Boston Marathon bomber. He said that “even terrible people” should have the right to vote. When the bomber question was put to Harris, she agreed that “we should have that conversation.”

President Trump rightfully called out former Obama Secretary of State John Kerry for a likely violation of the Logan Act for his private meetings with the Iranian regime.

Some Senate Democrats vying for the presidency want to do away with a law that states college students “in New Hampshire” must be permanent residents of New Hampshire state to vote in its election. Can’t you just smell that agenda?

Dem Dirty Deeds: The Russiagate affair began with documents released by groups funded by billionaire activist George Soros, it now emerges. Now it is clear that under Barack Obama, the U.S. Embassy in Kiev worked closely with Soros-related groups to compile opposition research on the Trump campaign.

Judicial Watch announced that a senior FBI official admitted, in writing and under oath, that the agency found Clinton email records in the Obama White House, specifically, the Executive Office of President Obama. “This astonishing confirmation, made under oath by the FBI, shows that the Obama FBI had to go to President Obama’s White House office to find emails that Hillary Clinton tried to destroy or hide from the American people,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “No wonder Hillary Clinton has thus far skated – Barack Obama is implicated in her email scheme.”

In Israel, MK Smotrich is urging PM Netanyahu to ignore French President Macron’s demand to transfer funds to terrorists. “As long as the [“Palestinian”] Authority encourages terror against Israel and pays salaries to terrorists, we cannot give it even one shekel. Let it collapse. We’ll get two birds with one stone,” he said.

Border Disorder

Swamped and overloaded with a massive influx at the southern border, the US Dept of Homeland Security releases 1.4 thousand illegals into the interior of the US every day. The catch and release process often entails federal immigration officials busing border crossers into nearby border cities and dropping them off with the promise that they will show up for their immigration and asylum hearings, sometimes years later. The overwhelming majority of border crossers and illegal aliens are never deported from the country once they are released into the US.

The border crisis is so bad that Yuma, Arizona, has declared a state of emergency.

The US was stunned recently by reports of Mexican military personnel taking two US soldiers captive at gun point on the US side of the border. The mainstream media would have America believe it was just Mexican soldiers not realizing the US soldiers were on the US side, and of course they blame Trump. For example: Newsweek (aka Spewsweek) blamed Trump for confusion between the physical location of the border fence and where the geographical U.S.-Mexico border begins and ends. Seriously? What is likely is that this particular group of Mexican soldiers used this as a diversionary tactic for drug smugglers to get past. President Trump said this had better not happen again and that he’s sending armed US troops to the border.

“Peace” Plan

According to Alkhaleej Online (which is under Qatari ownership and hostile to Saudi Arabia), heavy Arab pressure is being applied to M. Abbas with regard to the Mideast “peace” plan expected to unveil in June. According to the report, Saudi Arabia is leading the campaign.

When asked if the upcoming “peace” plan would focus on the Two-State solution, Kushner said that “if people focus on the old traditional talking points, we will never make progress.” “We deal with all the core status issues because you have to do it, but we’ve also built a robust business plan for the whole region,” he said. “I think that what we do is something that allows for Israel to maintain security, but there will be tough compromises for both,” he added.

Signs in the heavens?

Cosmic rays are nearing a space age high. Ten years ago, NASA reported a “perfect storm of cosmic rays.” During the year 2009, radiation peppering Earth from deep space reached a 50-year high, registering levels never before seen during the Space Age. It’s about to happen again. Levels in April 2019 are already only percentage points below the Space Age maximum of 2009.

UFO Demonic Delusion

The Washington Post says a recent uptick in sightings of UFO’s prompted the US Navy to draft formal procedures for pilots to document encounters. “Since 2014, these intrusions have been happening on a regular basis,” said Joseph Gradisher, spokesman for the deputy chief of naval operations for information warfare. Recently, unidentified aircraft entered military-designated airspace as often as multiple times per month. “We want to get to the bottom of this. We need to determine who’s doing it, where it’s coming from, and what their intent is,” he said.

CNN reports that former Pentagon official Luis Elizondo said “there is very compelling evidence that we may not be alone.”

Surveillance Society

Free apps marketed to people with depression or who want to quit smoking, for example, are hemorrhaging user data to third parties like Facebook and Google — but often don’t admit it in their privacy policies, a new study reports. This study is the latest to highlight the potential risks of entrusting sensitive health information to our phones.

Tech giant Microsoft has reportedly been working on artificial intelligence research with a Chinese military-run university. Recent reports claim the research could be used for both surveillance and censorship.

Knowledge Will Increase at the Time of the End (Daniel 12:4)

Elon Musk says the Neuralink machine that connects the human brain to computers is coming soon.

“And I heard, but I understood not: then said I, O my Lord, what shall be the end of these things? And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand” (Daniel 12:8-10).