Feb 25, 2019

How China Uses Financial Aid to Colonize the World

For many years, I’ve read headline stories about China giving out financial aid money to various nations. I always thought the money was being used to buy goodwill with various nations that it seeks to bring into its growing level of financial influence. I’ve now learned that China has a far more sinister reason why it is sharing its wealth with third-world nations

The Old Soviet Union would do this with military weapons. It would pour vast amounts of arms into a nation. Because the weapon system would be so expensive, the USSR would write off the loans. The Soviets lost vast amounts of money by giving arms to nations, which the West defeated with superior military technology.

The Chinese are not intending to be the world’s Santa Claus. Very little of the money it hands out to nations goes for humanitarian aid. Most of the projects supported by Chinese loans are for industrial developments. The top four categories of projects are oil and gas, Railroad, hydroelectric, and mining.

When the West gives money and the loans go bad, the investment is typically written off. When China gives money to a nation and the loans go into default, the Chinese move in to foreclose.

It’s not that China has bad luck or likes taking risks. The main goal of the Chinese loans is for them to go into default. Once a country can’t make the payments on its loan, China introduces a term that allows it to Colonize its victim.

The Chinese talked Sri Lanka into spending $8 billion to build the country’s second-largest port at Hambantota. Since there was little traffic in the area, there was no way for the port to ever be economical. When the loans could not be paid back, a Chinese state-owned subsidiary moved in and secured a 99-year operating lease for the port.

In Pakistan, more than 90% of revenues generated at the newly developed Gwadar Port at the mouth of the strategically significant Gulf of Oman are collected by the Chinese operator.

Since the amount of money lent to Africa has increased sevenfold over the last decade, China’s financial colonization of Africa is becoming a clear aim of all this easy money. According to a study by the China-Africa Research Initiative at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, China had lent a total of $143 billion to 56 African nations.

At $43 billion, Angola has the most Chinese debt that equals 35% of Angolan 2017 GDP. Angola recently reached a loans-for-oil settlement, with Beijing lining the country’s future oil production to shipments to China in order to service the country’s burgeoning infrastructure debt.

China built a giant railroad line in the nation of Kenya. It is the biggest infrastructure project in the nation’s history. The line was built with $7 billion of Chinese money. The huge price tag and the lack of paying customers will soon mean that this will be another project that will come under Chinese control.

There is little chance that China will face any competition from the IMF in the lending of money to Africa. Most nations in the region are so corrupt, there is no way to secure loans under a standard business arrangement. Because China doesn’t care about human rights, it was able to ignore a genocidal war and make an oil deal with Sudan’s dictatorial leader.

It would not be possible for China to Colonize the world without help from the U.S. The $500 billion trade deficit we have with Beijing gives it the credit needed to make all these loans. The more China uses our IOU bonds to make these deals, the weaker the dollar becomes as a global reserve currency.

China’s Colonization of large parts of the world has allowed it to reach the point where it can fulfill one of the most amazing prophecies of the Bible. When China decides to invade the Middle East with an army of 200 million soldiers, it will need a vast amount of resources. Thanks to years of pre-planning, the Kings of the East monster is nearly ready to move out.

“And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared” (Revelation 16:12).


Deeper State of Depravity

It is not the Deep State of governmental cabals I wish to examine here. It is the deeper state of depravity into which America has entered that demands to be addressed.

That being said, the former matter, like the latter, is part of the same depraved nature of man. It is rebellion against the Creator that is moving the nation and world ever downward toward the abyss where sin will be incarcerated for all eternity.

We witness daily all the madness and say with a shake of the head: “It’s just insanity.”

We have seen it in the political realm. The party of the ideological left continues to seemingly self-destruct. They do things that make no sense from the perspective of what under the norms of times just past would seem rational. For example, New York City leaders, desperately in need of revenue to fund their “progressive” giveaways, let a 29-year-old, first-term congresswoman–who most often speaks like a teenager–cause  $27 billion in taxes from Amazon to be lost. The company instead moved to another state. The neophyte politician, who has an economics degree from Boston University or one of those schools, thought the city was going to give $3 billion to the company to come to the city.

But that wasn’t the case. The company would have paid $30 billion annually to the city, with the city government agreeing to give the company a $3 billion tax break, meaning they would pay $27 billion.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez convinced her constituency and hundreds of thousands of other “progressives”  that they  didn’t want their city paying $3 billion to Amazonbecause one of their key hatreds in their ideology is hatred for the rich. Donald Trump, after all, is a billionaire…

This hatred could not be contained, even though Amazon leadership is totally left on the ideological spectrum in every sense of the anti-Trump political war.

In addition to the lost $27 billion in tax revenue annually, New York City lost what would have amounted to 25,000 jobs. The top officials in Ms. Cortez’s party hierarchy aren’t happy about this matter.

So, as we say here in the South, they cut off their noses to spite their faces.

It shows the growing spiritual dementia, I think. It is an ever-deeper state of depravity into which this generation is descending.

Other symptoms of this dementia-malady can be seen in the same political party in which Ms. Cortez is considered the up-and-coming darling. For example, more than 70 percent of all Americans, which includes those strongly in favor of abortion, say they are against after-birth infanticide. And, infanticide is exactly what a growing number of progressively run states are proposing following in the footsteps of New York City’s decision to let just-born infants die if they were intended for abortion but continue to live after the birth. Despite this large percentage against such horrendous action, the Democrat Party continues to expand the attempted legalization of this infanticide. Other states continue to attempt to pass laws allowing this satanic practice.

Excerpts of a recent news item frames the depravity.

The newly elected Governor JB Pritzker has promised to make Illinois the abortion capital of the world, and he’s making good on his word…

Illinois is taking extreme measures to ensure women are free to…abort their babies, even when they’re partially born…

[The legislation, if enacted] repeals the Illinois Abortion Law of 1975, the Partial-birth Abortion Ban Act, and the Abortion Performance Refusal Act.

That means doctors and medical facilities can be sued for NOT performing an abortion. You have a religious objection to abortion? Too bad Dr. Mohammad! You better suck that fetus out or you’re through! (“Illinois Democrats propose laws expanding abortion access — including repeal of parental notification for minors,”  https://t.co/XHk6k2hQiq, Rapture Ready News, Feb 16, 2019)

The genuine madness continues to rage. The Apostle Paul’s spiritual truth as given in Romans chapter 1 is coming to pass every day before our eyes and ears. Turning from God leads to reprobate (upside-down and evil) thinking and action. A stunning example of this is manifest in a recent news story.

A group of grandmothers in Maine is causing quite a stir for a little group they’ve formed “GRR!” which advocates for their children and grandchildren to have the right to abort any further progeny

 According to LifeNews.com, GRR!, or “Grandmothers for Reproductive Rights,” seeks to “educate women at the local level about the pro-abortion agenda, and encourage women to speak with their local government officials about supporting abortion and other reproductive health issues.”

About 40 grandmothers participate in GRR!, according to a report. (“Pro-Abort Grandmas in Maine Form Group to Promote Aborting Grandkids,” By ISRAEL WIRE, Rapture Ready News Feb 16, 2019)

Just the acronym for the “grandmas” organization alone should clue us. “GRR!” They are obviously angry at someone or something. Paul indicated the anger of this rebellious generation at the end of the age would be directed toward the Creator of all things. This prophecy has proven true. It seems that more than half of the U.S. is growling forth their hatred like an angry bear just out of hibernation.

We recall one of Paul’s key “perilous times” prophecies in 2 Timothy, chapter 3. He foretold that people will be without “natural affection.” For those grandmas and grandpas reading this, does this make a profound statement as you think of your love for your grandkids?

America and the world are moving swiftly down the road of Sodom and Gomorrah-like depravity. When the Church and the restraining power residing within Christ’s Body goes to the Lord Jesus when He calls, that movement will become an instant free-fall into the Tribulation abyss.

Even so, come, Lord Jesus!