17 Sep 2018

Powerful Forces

Seas and waves roaring: As of this writing, at least 14 people are known to have died from storm-related incidents, and power outages have approached 1 million as Hurricane Florence is unleashing catastrophic flooding across the Carolinas. The first victims were a mother and her baby in Wilmington, NC, who died when a tree fell on their home. The injured father was taken to the hospital. Firefighters worked for hours trying to free the family. Afterwards, the visibly shaken firefighters knelt and prayed.

This destructive and slow-moving hurricane is expected to batter the Carolinas for days, and power outages especially near the immediate coastline could last several weeks. Florence may pose a torrential rain and flooding risk in the northeastern US this coming week.

Super Typhoon Mangkhut is currently the strongest tropical cyclone worldwide in 2018. It slammed into the northern Philippines, putting millions at risk from flood waters and landslides. It hit with maximum sustained winds of 165 mph (270 kph) with gusts as high as 200 mph (325 kph), the equivalent of a Category 5 hurricane. At least 28 people are known dead, and many homes and buildings were damaged or destroyed.

Currently, Mangkhut is wreaking havoc  in southern China.

Helene was downgraded from a Category 2 hurricane to a tropical storm Thursday and brought wind and heavy rain to the Azores this weekend. The storm could impact Ireland and Britain several days from now.

Tropical Storm Olivia flooded roads and downed trees in Hawaii.

Invest 95L’s storm system brought heavy rain and flooding to the Texas coast.

Tropical Storm Paul disintegrated while still at sea. Tropical Storm Joyce is expected to weaken and curve back out into the Northern Atlantic. Isaac was downgraded to a tropical rainstorm on Saturday but may attempt to restrengthen to a tropical depression or storm while crossing the western Caribbean and entering the Gulf of Mexico this week.

Earthquakes in diverse places: A 6.8 earthquake struck south of New Zealand’s Kermadec Islands. A 6.5 earthquake struck off the coast of the Solomon Islands. There have been quite a few quakes over 5.0 this week, but no reports of significant damage or injuries.

Other Disaster: A series of gas explosions killed a teenager, injured at least 10 other people and ignited fires in at least 39 homes in three communities north of Boston on Thursday. Leonel Rondon, 18, died after a chimney fell on his car. There have been three other explosions credited to this gas company in three states in the past six years. At the time of this explosion, they were upgrading gas lines. This company serves 7 states: Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Famine: The number of people in the world suffering from hunger has increased during the past three years, after years of decline, a UN report suggests. Of course they blame manmade climate change – as if tiny little Earth has control over solar activity – which controls the climate – which ultimately God controls.

Pestilence: A second person has contracted the monkey pox virus just days after health officials revealed the first ever case had reached the UK. The patient is hospitalized. Officials believe they caught the virus in Nigeria before flying to England. The virus is often spread by handling monkeys and is fatal in 10% of cases.

In Indonesia, the major tourist island of Lombok is experiencing a Malaria outbreak. In the last two months, Lombok has suffered 6.0 earthquakes with hundreds of thousands evacuated. Survivors were forced into shelters, and some camped in fields – prime conditions for breeding diseases. 128 people have now been confirmed infected with the disease which is spread by mosquitos.

Zimbabwe is dealing with an outbreak of cholera that has so far killed 25 people, mostly in the capital, Harare. An emergency has been declared and public gatherings banned in Harare to prevent the spread of infection. The current outbreak began September 6th after water wells were contaminated with sewage in Harare. Tests found the presence of cholera and typhoid-causing bacteria which has so far infected over 3,000 people. Patients were not responding to first-line antibiotics. The disease has spread to five of the country’s 10 provinces.

Zimbabwe is still suffering from decades of corrupt rule by dictator Robert Mugabe’s Marxist-Socialist- Communist policies. He was forced out late last year. Apparently, things aren’t any better under the current Socialist Democrat government rule. Many in this country with high unemployment are blaming the government elite, which they say has money to buy cars for government ministers and MP’s and use private jets yet can’t fix the decades old water problem and all the rest.

Animals dying en masse: The toxic red algae that left a trail of dead animals along western Florida’s coastline has now drifted further north, killing hundreds of thousands of fish in the Tampa Bay region.

Terrors: In Paris, France, seven people including two British tourists were wounded on September 9th after they were attacked by a Muslim migrant running around randomly with a knife and an iron bar. Investigators claimed there was no indication of a link to terrorism. Yet, those with common sense know it’s the very definition of terrorism.

Islam: In the ideology whose Qur’an commands them to take over the world by any and all means and force all to submit to Islam, the day of Ashura occurs this week. Shia Muslims around the globe mourn the death of the grandson of Muhammad in battle, some by beating themselves with whips and chains and cutting their foreheads and those of their children. It’s a bloody mess. 

Satan’s attack on the family and our youth ramped up in these last days: A Yale Daily News survey of freshmen students at that university found that more students of the class of 2022 identify on the LGBTQ spectrum than as conservative, and that queer freshmen even outnumber Protestants and Catholics. The paper’s survey, the results of which are composed of 864 respondents (just over half of the freshman class), found that only 9% of respondents identified as “somewhat conservative,” with 1% identifying as “very conservative.”

One school (of thousands) has decided to do the right thing. A contractor on the Dirty Dozen List for sexual exploitation that provides school districts across the nation with online resources has been dropped by Colorado’s Cherry Creek School district due to parents challenging its value. The company provided porn content to children including group, anal, public and BDSM (bondage and sexual sadomasochism) sex to children. Children were provided a link to a story depicting the rape of a woman using the barrel of a gun. And on and on…

 The revision of history keeps reaching new depths. Student “Trans” rights campaigners at a leading University in London claimed that Stalin’s gulags were “compassionate” retreats where education and rehabilitation took place – that residents were able to enjoy training, clubs, sports and theater. The bizarre opinion about the punishment and death camps, where an estimated more than one million people died, came to light in an exchange between LGBTA activists and others.

 In Russia, Pavel Mateev, 15, went into his yard Monday morning and beheaded himself with a chainsaw because he lost a computer game he was addicted to.

 Heathen raging (Psalm 2): The UN and deceived and deceiving people across the globe accuse Israel of human rights abuses for defending their tiny state, yet the terrorist Hamas regime in Gaza has used 17,000 children under the age of 15 to fight Israel – using them as soldiers, human shields, suicide bombers, etc. And that’s just since 2016. Where is the outcry?

 Hundreds of “Palestinians” gathered on the beach in the northern Gaza Strip on Monday where they reportedly set afloat on rafts dozens of burning tires, in an attempt to reach Israel’s maritime border. Earlier, dozens of “Palestinian” boats tried to approach the border with Israel, promoting the navy forces to fire warning shots in the direction of the boats, which resulted in their retreat. Flotillas of this nature have become a regular occurence, and similar incidents usually end with Palestinian ships returning to the Port of Gaza without reaching their objectives following a confrontation with the Israeli navy, who usually have to resort to firing warning shots.

 Wars and rumors of wars: Russian warships held drills in the Bering Sea which separates Russia from Alaska, part of Moscow’s biggest military maneuvers since the fall of the Soviet Union. It involved 300,000 troops, over 1,000 military aircraft and two naval fleets, and is taking place at a time of heightened tension with the US. NATO said it would monitor the exercise closely, as would the US. China also took part with Russia in these drills.

 In advance of Russia’s war drills, US stealth fighter jets intercepted Russian nuclear-capable strategic bombers near Alaska. A defense official said the Russian bombers might have been practicing for a cruise-missile strike on US missile-defense sites and radars in Alaska. This nearest US state to Russia contains some of the US’s most advanced radar and missile-defense installations, which function as eyes and ears of much of the US military’s strategic assets. If war were to break out, those sites in Alaska would represent likely first targets. The Russian bombers may have been trying to test the US’s response time.

 Doctrines of devils (1 Timothy 4:1-3): Pope Francis continues to create controversy. The latest of his “dark sentences” (this time in defending the indefensible pedophiles and otherwise sexually abusive priests) is the following: “In these times, it seems like the ‘Great Accuser’ has been unchained and is attacking bishops. True, we are all sinners, we bishops. He tries to uncover the sins, so they are visible in order to scandalize the people.” No, Francis. Surely God is exposing these abominable iniquities all the more as the end of the church age draws near, to give a last warning to those who are still following the Roman doctrines of men or being led down the road to Rome by false Protestant pastors in the name of so-called unity.

Just as he’s doing now, so he did then. Francis (formerly known as Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio), when he was archbishop of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires, asked a lawyer and jurist by the name of Marcelo Sancinetti to carry out a more than 2,600-page study encompassing four volumes for the Argentinian Episcopal Conference to discredit the alleged victims of Father Julio César Grassi. The volumes described the victims as “false accusers” and claimed their accusations were just ways of projecting their own sexual desires on Grassi, who was convicted of sexually abusing a boy at his Happy Children Foundation — an organization dedicated to rescuing homeless children.

 Without natural affection: From Lifesite: Organized by Advocates for Youth & National Network of Abortion Funds, Youth Testify is a national campaign that encourages young people who’ve had abortions to share their stories, according to Teen Vogue. The campaign claims it wants to change the narrative and combat misinformation about abortions among teens and young adults, but it really only wants abortion-positive stories from teens. Young adults who regret their abortions are not welcome to participate. Those aged 17 to 24 are sharing their abortion stories in Teen Vogue and other venues targeted at young adults. Some have already had as many as three abortions.

Chelsea Clinton declared this week at a SiriusXM Town Hall that “it’s un-Christian” to oppose the abortion of unborn children.

An abortion billboard in Dallas, Texas, directly addresses black women with the message that abortion is “self-care.” “Black women take care of their families by taking care of themselves,” the billboard reads, with the bold all-caps message: “ABORTION IS SELF-CARE.” The billboard also includes the hashtag #TrustBlackWomen. Obianuju Ekeocha, founder and president of Culture of Life Africa, had this to say regarding the issue: “Black communities are being targeted by the abortion industry with black women 3 times more likely to abort their babies than white women. Yet, here is a billboard campaign to glamorize the killing of black babies. Dear sisters, wake up & walk away.”

The Left’s global agenda: Everyone including our darker-skinned sisters and brothers needs to know real history instead of the leftist lying revision of it. Walk away should include walking away from the Democrat Party that now enslaves a number of minorities by offering them just enough free stuff to keep their votes, yet keeping them down by causing them to lose incentive. For those who don’t know real history, here’s just a sample of the truth about the Democrat Party: See here and here. They haven’t changed. They’ve just invented a new form of slavery.

Speaking of offering free stuff by leaders who advocate for socialism, the end result is a totalitarian regime. President Nicolás Maduro and his elite inner circle that has “impoverished millions” of Venezuelans, is overcharging for food while the country starves. Such is the case when government is given complete control after promising goodies in order to get that control. As President Trump correctly stated, Venezuela’s socialism has failed not because it wasn’t properly implemented; it failed because it was faithfully implemented.

An investigation has shone a light on another serious problem as a result of allowing illegal aliens into the US. Nearly 40 million Social Security numbers have been stolen and used by illegal immigrants and others to get work. The Social Security numbers of young children are especially sought by illegal aliens, as this theft is likely to go undetected for years. As children reach late teenage years and apply for credit for cars, student loans, and other needs, they may find that their credit has been compromised with mortgages, credit cards and criminal records attached to their identities.

According to the Left, President Trump is at fault for the formation of Hurricane Florence because he is a climate change denier who pulled the US out of the Paris climate accord. Never mind the mainstream scientists who concluded that “emissions” haven’t affected hurricane activity. God’s Word speaks against worshiping the creation rather than the Creator (Romans 1:25).

A local fisherman has discovered the belongings of Wikileaks associate Arjen Kamphuis in a sea in northern Norway. He disappeared without a trace three weeks ago.

An anonymous Twitter user with an account dedicated to promoting Democratic Socialists threatened a mass shooting at Tuesday evening’s meeting of several different pro-Trump groups in DC.

Everything hidden will be exposed: Project Veritas has put the Deep State on notice, warning that their next series of investigations aim to name names and use the shadowy figures’ own words to expose them – those who are working against the Trump administration.

Project Veritas’ methods were extremely effective during the 2016 US presidential election campaign when they exposed the Hillary Clinton campaign hiring paid operatives to instigate violence at Trump rallies. Veritas’ undercover videos have also been instrumental in shedding light on social media censorship, with insiders from various tech firms openly admitting to manipulating their algorithms to demote conservative content. The next Veritas investigation will appear online in the next week, ahead of the midterms.

All messed up all around: In Austin, Texas, the Marxist militant pro-LGBT antifa group Stonewall Militant Front protested the Celebration Church over its alleged opposing views on gay marriage. Yet, a visit to the non-denominational Celebration Church’s website shows it to include other sexual orientations and other religions. Interestingly, one protester had a sign with the Islamic flag of Pakistan along with rainbow pride colors. There were also shouts against police, against capitalism and against the “church” meeting in a school. Another liberal group was also in attendance.

Bowing to Ba’al: The reproduction of the Arch of Palmyra, a Roman victory arch that apparently is continuing to make the rounds across the globe, will make an appearance in Washington D.C. from September 26-30 after which it will be reassembled at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Ironically, it is being called a “symbol of Peace and Resilience” – this in defiance of the destruction of the original by ISIS. Nevertheless, it is anything but a symbol of anything good. The original stood as the entrance to a pagan temple for almost 2,000 years. It stood in front of the Temple of Bel where pagans worshiped the Mesopotamian god, also known as Ba’al, in a form of idol worship.

Revelation 13’s global government Beast system: The 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly opens on September 18 in New York and runs through October 5. This year’s theme is “Making the United Nations Relevant to All People: Global Leadership and Shared Responsibilities for Peaceful, Equitable and Sustainable Societies.” Hmm… “Imagine there’s no countries… and the world will live as one.” In reality, it will be an unimaginable tribulation nightmare when their global “dream” is realized.

A distinguished senior fellow at the Gatestone Institute, Gordon G. Chang, is warning that China’s “social credit” system soon will be applied to international corporations and visitors. In fact, everyone. The “social credit” system uses computers, algorithms, hundreds of thousands of spy cameras operating around the nation and more to assign to every person “a constantly updated score based on observed behaviors.” It is intended, Chang explains, to control the entirety of the Chinese population by handing to the Communist Party virtually every detail of individuals’ lives and the power to grant rewards or impose punishments.

The coming Tribulation: Folks, Here are all 11 episodes of Alice Childs’ Tribulation Chronicles put together in one video. If you want to post each episode one by one, you can go to YouTube and type in “Alice Childs’ Tribulation Chronicles.”