Sep 3, 2018

We Are Headed Towards the Ultimate Arrogance

There is no doubt in my mind that this current generation is the most arrogant in the history of our nation. It has become a virtue for people to openly express love for themselves. Thanks to tools like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, many individuals have made vanity a full-time occupation.

Arrogance is the reason why the liberal media has become so continuously focused on Trump. Every reporter thinks they can singlehandedly destroy the President of the United States with the power of their own words. It doesn’t matter that they are on a cable channel which only reaches 75,000 individuals. They believe they are so gifted in their verbal attacks on Trump, they assume the other 330 million citizens will soon see things their way.

Arrogance is why reporters are willing to share their spotlight with any oddball who has something negative to say about Trump. A favorite guest of CNN is porn star Stormy Daniels and her slimy lawyer Michael Avenatti. They have been on CNN nearly 80 times.

It would quickly become boring to have her come each time and say she had sex with the president, so they have to endlessly add to her résumé. Stormy Daniels went from one of the “president’s chief adversaries” to a “feminist icon,” and will now grace the pages of the fashion magazine bible – Vogue.

Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti is so full of himself; he said, “I will get to the truth and bring Trump to justice.” What truth is he talking about? He represents a client who likely got paid to have sex with some John, blackmailed him for money, and after getting paid to keep her mouth shut, she violated the legal agreement. Avenatti thinks this whole embarrassing matter should qualify him to run for president in 2020.

The people in the media don’t realize how stupid and gross it is to promote the Stormy Daniels matter because they are so blinded by arrogance. She is a porn star, which is degrading by itself. Daniels goes a level lower by starring in videos where she was degraded further by bondage sex scenes. Today, the press acts like she is Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.

It would be hugely dishonest of me if I didn’t include Trump in these examples of pride. We already know that he likes sleeping with porn stars and paying them off. Some kind of humble, honest attitude about this moral failing would be a great help, but Trump is incapable of showing humility. When Trump was asked last week to rate his presidency, he gave himself an A+. Trump views himself as a legal expert, so it’s not hard to understand why he never had a lawyer that he hasn’t fired at some point. He also said he shouldn’t be impeached because the market would crash.

On that last point, Robert Mueller would probably act to bring down Trump even if he knew it would trigger a financial meltdown. He wants to be the great special prosecutor who took down the great Donald J. Trump. If Mueller gets his way, it should be a given that the Democrats would dynamite the Lincoln Memorial and erect one in his honor.

The arrogance of the left has become so profound, the liberty of people on the right is at great risk. Liberals think their view of the world is the only one that should be allowed. Since they have a monopoly on truth, they see the promotion of political diversity as the sanctioned evil.

Brian Amerige, a senior Facebook engineer, wrote in an internal memo post about this general view. He said, “We are a political monoculture that’s intolerant of different views … we claim to welcome all perspectives, but are quick to attack — often in mobs — anyone who presents a view that appears to be in opposition to left-leaning ideology.” I’m guessing Brian Amerige’s days at Facebook are limited.

In Hollywood, you can lose your job if you praise anyone who is on the right. Ben Shapiro frequently talks about what happens to celebrities who make the mistake of agreeing with his views. One producer made the mistake of praising Shapiro in a tweet, and the next day he was forced to apologize for the error.

The left is becoming so radical, we are not that far from the ultimate expression of arrogance – the point where people think their ideology is so superior to yours that you don’t deserve to live. This form of egotism can easily translate all over the world; explaining the massive purge of tribulation believers.

“Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me” (Matthew 24:9).


The Sodom Syndrome

Satan’s assault on America as originally constituted increases daily. Human participants in the attack declare for the most part that their rage is justified. America was flawed from its beginning and has gotten its superpower status on the backs of other nation-states whose treasures it has illegally taken in one way or another.

The United States was, they are taught, built on the backs of slaves; otherwise, it would never have achieved its heights of dominance.

This is the rant against capitalism–against everything and anyone who champions the individual’s right to make it on his or her own. The collective–i.e., government and its ever-growing largesse–is the route to Utopia, they declare. These believe in freedom, but only in the first four letters of the concept of the wordFree stuff, they think, makes for happiness and success.

The young are more and more embracing this definition of freedomThey are promised free college, guaranteed income–whether one has a job or not–and even complete freedom from financial responsibility within the technological activity they love most–social media. Polls show a growing number who would thus elect Santa Clause if they could. And there is a growing number of people within the camp of the political left who will be willing to offer themselves for such tax-and-spend positions.

Within this political/ideological equivalence of primordial soup gestates the Sodom Syndrome, if I may coin that term.

Satan is, in my estimation, using this insane offer of something for nothing–a free lunch–to throw in the proposition that freedom also means freedom to break from traditional American values. Further, it is incumbent on this progressive army of the young to break from all other norms held by previous generations. Their mentors–some in their seventies and eighties–are telling them they can be any gender and of any sexual persuasion they wish. Those rules are all inhibitors to true freedom and Utopian progress placed on humanity by founding fathers whose desire it was to enslave for their own selfish, racial, purposes.

The devil thus has unleashed the same infection he has employed in generations down through history. Greece, Rome–all fell to such promises and nudges into breaking with truth that God set in order for His creation called man.

Sodom and Gomorrah are prime examples of this insanity–the Sodom Syndrome–from which America is suffering, in my view of things that have developed as of late.

My thought processes were piqued while listening to a TV preacher the other day. Some who read this commentary, I’m sure, will have heard his message, thus will recognize to whom I refer.

He was talking about the current situation in America with regard to the satanic attack led by those who are attacking God’s view of righteousness. The preacher gave the story of how the men of the city of Sodom, both young and old, beat on Lot’s door demanding that he send out the two men who were in his home. They wanted to “know” them, meaning, of course, to have sexual relations with them. They said if Lot didn’t send them out they would deal worse with him than with them.

The TV preacher likened this to things going on today in the volatile societal and political arena of American culture. He said that when any nation or empire becomes so full of iniquity that it is spilling over the edges, God’s judgment will fall. He–and I, incidentally–believe that cup of iniquity is indeed overflowing.

The minister brought out that the men of Sodom asked Lot the question: “Who are you that judges us?” The preacher then asked: “Have you ever heard that question?”

Of course, the answer is a thunderous Yes! This is the question those who embrace this ongoing assault on American  traditions and values–on godly rules for His creation called man–always throw back at those who look at things from a righteous perspective: “Who are you to judge me?”

The preacher said further that the men of Sodom threatened Lot–whom God called “righteous”–with extreme violence. Some of today’s movements within the “hate America and Christianity” crowds threaten and even carry out acts of violence. They will not abide righteousness, but want to do what is right in their own eyes. I’m convinced that many of these would kill those who oppose their self-willed ideology if they could do so.

This is yet another indicator that America’s cup of iniquity must be filled and overflowing in God’s holy view of things.

Finally, the TV preacher said that God told Abraham, Lot’s uncle, that He would spare the city of Sodom if God could find ten righteous people. He could not.

The television preacher’s contention is that the righteous living in America and the world constitute the reason He has thus far spared this generation. But, he said, the warnings of impending judgment might be about to make evident God’s acknowledgement that the cup of iniquity is overflowing.

God sometimes gives extremely dramatic forewarnings before His judgment is implemented. Could we be nearing the time when He will give such warning to America?

My own exhortation is that all believers pray like I believe we did leading up to the 2016 presidential election. The Lord answered those prayers with what most consider a miracle in election results.

Pray for God to intervene and continue to restrain the evil assaulting from every angle in our national life today.

We are experiencing what I term the Sodom Syndrome. The ultimate intervention might just be that which the Lord prophesied as recorded in Matthew 24:36-42 and Luke 17:26-30. I believe that intervention to be the Rapture of the Church.

It sure looks like we are in a time “as it was in the days of Noah and in the days of Lot.”