May 14, 2018

Holy Land on High Alert; Hawaii Heartbreak; Ten Nation Coalition, etc.

Wars and rumors of wars/Terrorism:  HOLY LAND ON HIGH ALERT: Hundreds of Thousands of “Palestinians Plan to Besiege Israel During Anniversary Celebrations. A former Israeli intelligence chief has described this month as “the most dangerous May for Israel since 1967,” alluding to the month which preceded the 6-Day War of 1967. “Palestinians” are planning to bring 3 days of terror upon Israel during the Jewish State’s annual Anniversary celebrations. Between May 13th-15th, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians intend to violently storm Israel’s border.

This past Friday “Gaza residents hurled pipe bombs, rocks, grenades, and burned down the humanitarian aid station. US envoy Jason Greenblatt called out Hamas for “taking Gaza back to the stone age.” “What an embarrassment, what desolation, what failure. All parties interested in bringing change to Gaza need to face the reality that Hamas has failed its own people” said Greenblatt. “Israel will not allow these Hamas riots to go on without swift action and a response.”

Israeli minister: If Iran attacks from Syria, Assad’s ‘blood is forfeit’
“If Assad allows Iran to turn Syria into a military vanguard against us, to attack us from Syrian territory, he should know that would be the end of him, the end of his regime.”

Security of Israeli institutions abroad boosted for fear of Iranian retaliation
Security of Israeli and Jewish institutions around the world has been greatly boosted in recent days for fear that Iran, frustrated by its failed missiles launch on Israeli bases at the Golan Heights and the following Israeli retaliation on its installations in Syria, will change its strategy and attempt to harm Israelis abroad.

One Dead – Several Injured in Paris Stabbing Near Place de l’Opéra, Paris — Assailant Screaming “Allahu Akbar!” Allahu Akbar, meaning “Allah is greater” is used today just like Mohammad first shouted it in the 7th century AD after defeating the Jews in battle. He was saying that his god is greater than the God of the Bible.

Italy breaks up Syrian jihadist funding ring
A network suspected of financing al-Qaeda-linked jihadists in Syria has been dismantled. Fourteen people were arrested in Sardinia and parts of northern Italy. 10 of those detained were suspected of money laundering and illegally distributing money from across Europe to jihadists.

London Hit By Acid Attack Spree: Three Rushed to Hospital In Morning Horror
The victims, aged 17, 22 and 27 were hit with a “noxious substance” according to police. No arrests have been made yet.

Gun-Free Britain: Four Shootings in 48 Hours in Sadiq Khan’s London
Four people have been shot over a 48-hour period in Sadiq Khan’s London, leaving a teenager dead and a 13-year-old and a 15-year-old with head injuries.

Paris Mayor Backs Communist Party Plan to Turn Public Park into Migrant Camp
The proposal was previously rejected due to the distance of the site to the nearest public transportation, but now it’s been passed.

Sweden: 88 Per Cent of Gang Rapists Have a Migrant Background
A study in Sweden has found that 88% of gang rapists in the Scandinavian country over the last six years have had a migrant background.

Natural disasters: New fissures continue to open on Hawaii’s Big Island. “A new fissure roaring like jet engines and spewing magma opened on Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano on Saturday, piling lava as high as a four-story building, as the area torn by the U.S. volcano’s eruption spread. As the area affected by Kilauea’s eruption widens, Hawaii residents are racing to buy respirators to cope with the ash and toxic gases spewing from the volcano. An employee of Pahoa Auto Parts said the shop was selling out of respirators as soon as they get in and had sold about 3,000 so far. The shop was all out on Saturday.

While we’re praying over this disaster in Hawaii, we need to pray for those who believe in false gods that they would open their eyes to the Truth of the Gospel of Christ. Unfortunately, many Hawaiians believe the Kilauea volcano to be inhabited by a “family of fire gods.” One of the sister goddesses is called Pele, believed to govern Kilauea and control its lava flows. A professor of literature at the University of Hawaii spoke about native Hawaiian’s respect for their volcano goddess Pele and why Lelani estates was “chosen” for consumption by the Pele goddess.

Another resident said “Madame Pele: I have love and respect.” Residents near the lava zone have been leaving Ti leaves and flowers in front of their homes and cracks on the ground as an offering to volcano goddess Pele hoping she’ll spare them from destruction. Yet another resident said, “We are in (Pele’s) hands now. She’s coming back.” She believes it’s the work of Pele, who is coming back to right the wrongs of humanity.” Others said they believe it’s a warning from Pele.

Oil Spill Now Larger Than Paris Consumes Indonesian Island, 5 Dead
A massive oil spill in Borneo that began over the last weekend has now spread over such a vast area its larger than the city of Paris and is now heading to the open ocean according to reports.

Earthquakes: 5.9 quake off the coast of New Britain, Papua New Guinea; 6.2 near the Afghanistan Tajikistan border; a rare 4.5 struck off the coast of Louisiana near New Orleans; many tremblors have been striking California; over 270 earthquakes recorded in just ten days near Spain’s Canary Islands raising fears of a volcanic eruption.

Extreme weather: A dam in Kenya’s Rift Valley burst after weeks of torrential rain, unleashing a “sea of water” that smashed into two villages, killing at least 47 people. Many are still missing. After a severe drought last year, East Africa has been hit by two months of heavy rain, affecting nearly a million people in Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia and Uganda.

Worst river flooding since 1981 to threaten lives, property in Montana
Ongoing flooding along streams and rivers is likely to worsen across parts of the northern Rockies this week.

Record temperatures skyrocketing into triple digits in Southwest
The highest temperature in the nation was in Thermal, California, where it reached a daily record of 110 degrees. Phoenix hit a record high of 106, breaking the record from 1947. Tucson, Arizona, hit their first 100-degree reading for the year, breaking a 70-year-old record.

It’s autumn in Australia, but they’re experiencing an Antarctic blast of very cold temperatures with high winds. Also there is heavy rain and flooding. On Friday, Melbourne reported that it had received a month’s worth of rain in one night, with more rain expected.

Hail and thunderstorms: Unseasonal weather continues in Israel
Tel Avivians were surprised by the sounds of thunder and large hailstones drumming at their windows on Monday morning, as the unpredictable and unseasonal weather continued.

Pestilence: E. coli-tainted romaine outbreak spreads to 29 states, sickens 149 people
The nationwide food poisoning outbreak from E. coli-tainted romaine lettuce has now spread to 29 states and sickened 149 people.

HTLV-1: Cousin of HIV plaguing Australia and the world
An ancient virus infecting residents across Australia’s Northern Territory is leaving death and despair in its path, and doctors are now calling for greater efforts to stop the spread of infections. There is a 45% infection rate in Australia’s communities. It’s not clear what is behind this particular outbreak, but experts say it’s a wake-up call and a public health response is needed. The disease is sometimes carried for 30 years before chronic complications appear. Many in Australia who have it have no idea they’re infected.

New outbreak of Ebola kills 17 in northwest DR Congo
Seventeen people in the Congo have died from Ebola in this new outbreak.

Global agendas: France’s President Emmanuel Macron intends to form “a coalition of the willing” in June consisting of ten nations in order to form a strong European army. Also next month he will meet with the pope to “mend ties with the Catholic church.” Sounds like a power-hungry man— and also sounds like the way is being paved for the one-world government and one-world religion.

Pope Francis: Gun Owners ‘Can’t Call Themselves Christian’ Anymore
Pope Francis continued his week of anti-gun comments by saying that those who manufacture, sell or own firearms are “hypocrites,” and not Christians. He is calling for a ban on all guns.

Time to ‘take fate into its own hands’: Europe can’t rely on US protection anymore, says Merkel
“It’s no longer the case that the United States will simply just protect us,” Merkel said in a speech honoring President Macron, who came to Aachen to receive the prestigious Charlemagne Prize. Receiving a round of applause, Merkel stated: “Rather, Europe needs to take its fate into its own hands. That’s the task for the future.” Macron echoed the same sentiments.

Soros-Financed Group Warns Trump of ‘Consequences’ for Bolting Iran Deal
A George Soros-financed organization warned Pres. Trump that he will “own the consequences” of leaving the Iran nuclear deal.

GOP Candidate Bassilian Discovers US Center for Disease Control Diverted $3 Million to Liberal Group for Democrat Campaigns
Let’s call this CDC grant for what it is. It’s the heyday of Obama era politics – funneling government money into organizations that just go organize and advocate for the Democratic Party.

Bill Nye Gives Planned Parenthood Props
Bill Nye gave a talk at Planned Parenthood in which he suggested that keeping the population level to a minimum is the best way to roll back the scourge of global warming.

Read The Secret 45 Goals of Communism Leaked to Congress in 1963
In 1963, congressman Hon. A.S. Herlong Jr. of Florida read a list of 45 communist goals into the congressional record in an attempt to warn America about the dangers of the movement.

Shock and outrage as the UK proposes six-year prison sentence for criticizing Islam
The draft law speaks only about criticizing “religion,” but everyone knows which religion is meant. No one is going to go to prison for criticizing Christianity or Judaism. This is more of Britain’s gallop toward Sharia and ruin.

Depravity:  School board warned about ‘illegal, obscene’ classroom instruction
A legal team has written a letter to the Sunnyside Unified School District  in Tucson, Arizona, warning that a sex-ed indoctrination program the district is considering is “illegal, obscene” and guilty of promoting “harmful sexual behavior to K-12 grade children.” The Planned Parenthood-linked “Rights, Respect, Responsibility” programming for children references necrophilia, promotes abortion and homosexuality, and “imposes radical, unscientific, political ideas about gender and sexuality on impressionable children.”

New York Times: Teaching Children to Delay Having Sex is ‘Anti-Science’
The New York Times editorial board says the Trump administration is “quietly advancing an anti-science” agenda by supporting teen pregnancy prevention programs that encourage young people to refrain from sex to avoid pregnancy and  sexually transmitted diseases.

Illinois Senate Approves Bill Requiring Public Schools to Teach LGBT History
The Illinois Senate has approved a bill requiring all public schools in the state to teach about the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in history.

Is There a Secret Plan to Legalize Sex Trafficking of Minors? Feminist Activist Tells All

Natasha Chart, who hails from New York and is the board chair of the radical feminist group Women’s Liberation Front, decided to open up about an awful leftist agenda to The Christian Post (since Christians are more likely to care about this). She was terminated in 2015 from her political advocacy job for speaking against legalizing “youth sex work.” She said a significant and influential portion of the left-aligned and mainstream human rights activist community believe ‘youth sex work’ should be made legal.

23 Major League Baseball Teams to Promote Homosexuality at ‘LGBT Pride’ Nights
Sadly, 23 of the 30 Major League Baseball (MLB) teams are promoting homosexuality through “LGBT Pride” nights this year, reported In addition, only two MLB teams — New York Yankees and Los Angeles Angels — have never held such “pride” nights.

Chicago sees its most violent week of the year: 9 killed, 76 wounded
The last seven days in Chicago have been the most violent week of the year.

Apostasy:  Presbyterian Minister Blesses Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic in God’s Name, Volunteers as Chaplain  Echoing the words of former President Barack Obama, a Presbyterian minister recently “blessed” a Maine abortion facility in God’s name.

Catholic university opens sex-segregated prayer space for Muslim students

The prayer room, developed by a senior of St. Ambrose University in collaboration with its Saudi Student Association, is designed specifically for students of the Islamic faith with separate areas for male and female worshippers, since Islamic tradition calls for different prayer areas for each sex.” Matt Mahoney, who helped design the room, called the prayer space “outstanding.” “It’s uniquely Ambrosian, and it just sort of shows our commitment to all different faiths.”

Nuns arrested for torturing 65 children
Two nuns in western Colombia have been arrested for allegedly torturing as many as 65 children by pushing their heads into toilets, burning their hands, etc.

Persecution of Christians: Disney World Drops ‘Night of Joy’ Christian Music Festival
Fans of faith artists will need to make other plans and arrangements — while LGBTQ events are proliferating. One such event still being held is annual Gay Day.

Traitors: Former Obama Officials Show True Colors By Encouraging Europe To Take Action Against US
Those who call themselves Americans yet have nothing but contempt for the freedom and strength that make the country great used to be smart enough to know they had to at least pretend to be patriotic in public. Now the mask is off, and what’s underneath is ugly.

Fresh evidence the Russia ‘scandal’ is a Team Obama operation
Do you suspect that the noise over Trump campaign contacts with the Russians is just a political hit arranged by Obama insiders before they left? You got fresh evidence of that Monday, with news that then-national security adviser Susan Rice was behind the “unmasking” of Trumpites in transcripts of calls with Russian officials.

Ca. Bill Wants To Drop Washington’s Bday
The California Assembly discussed Thursday a bill that would replace Abraham Lincoln or George Washington’s birthday with International Socialist Workers’ Day as a paid holiday.

The FBI Hid A Mole In The Trump Campaign
Devin Nunes was denied access to information on the grounds that it “could risk lives by potentially exposing the source. It appears that the FBI may have had a mole embedded in the Trump campaign.

Democrats Openly Saying National Motto ‘In God We Trust’ Offends Them
Two Minnesota state senators led a very public challenge against a bill that would let the national motto back into high schools, should the high schools choose to display it.