Apr 30, 2018

May Day “Mayday”

Tragedies This Week: In Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, a four-year-old child was swept out to sea when a sudden wave hit as he was walking with his mother along the beach in shallow water.

Ten students from a pre-army school in Israel died after being swept away in a flash flood. Serious flooding was reported in several parts of Israel as the mega-storm ripped through.

23-month-old, Alfie Evans, whose case garnered the world’s attention, has died. A British court ordered Alfie removed from life support against the parents’ wishes and refused to let them take him to Italy to explore alternative treatments. Alfie breathed on his own for five days before passing away.

Indoctrination of a Generation: Parents in the US, Canada, Australia, and UK pulled their children out of schools on Monday to protest pornographic, gender-bending sex ed curricula conducted and promoted by taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood. Parents at a Chicago high school were successful after a sex ed program they warned would promote casual hook-up sex and pornography to students was postponed.

Democrat legislators in California have sought to undermine homeschoolers’ autonomy with intrusive legislation. However, protestors came by hundreds, perhaps thousands from all over to protest the latest and most outrageous homeschooling bill introduced (AB 2756). Homeschoolers won; no committee member was willing to make a motion for a vote. Fight for your rights…for the children!

The University of Utah installed a “Cry Closet” safe space with stuffed animals for stressed-out students during exam days. Many have bought into the Communist plan to create weaklings to destabilize the US.

Use of technology such as touchscreen phones and tablets is preventing children’s finger muscles from developing so they can hold and move a pencil correctly. Young children need foundational muscle-building play such as building blocks, cutting, sticking, and pulling toys and ropes that give them the dexterity needed. Also, children aren’t learning to read analog clocks. UK teaches say it’s causing stress for teens as they prepare for exams, so digital clocks will be installed in exam halls.

A Florida high school is facing backlash after a sexually explicit homework assignment. See here.

Some Christians are objecting to a yoga mindfulness program begun in yet another Elementary school, this one in Maryland. One said, “There are spirits invited in by focusing on things not of God… there is an unholy Spirit behind it…” She’s right. Read about the Kundalini spirit on Wikipedia, which is a liberal site but goes into detail about this. Also…

George P. Alexander, Ph.D., who taught World Religions at Biola University, was born in Sri Lanka and grew up in India, the birthplace of Hinduism and yoga. He explained that yoga poses are actually offerings to the 330 million Hindu gods. “Many Westerners who practice yoga today are unaware that the physical positions assumed in yoga symbolize a spiritual act: worshiping one of the many Hindu gods,” Dr. Alexander said. Watch this video from an ex yoga instructor. Also read this.

Persecution: This one could fall under several categories, but we’ll place it here. A play making the rounds in Europe depicts a blond Jesus raping a Muslim woman in yet more deliberate incitement against Christianity, shaming of Western nations, and misplaced claims of victimhood.

The Christian Concordia Publishing House was told by Google to remove references to Jesus and/or the Bible in all of its ads or use a different ad product.

Despite dismissals by “fact-checker” Snopes, both a lawmaker and an LGBT activist admitted a proposed California state bill targets pastors and members of the faith community. Article and videos here. It could end up banning the sale of Bibles in book stores.

Turkish authorities recently seized about 50 properties that belonged to the Syriac Orthodox Church.

Muslims, Hindus and Christians including women and children are horribly persecuted by the Buddhist government in Myanmar. The stories coming from there are heartbreaking. While we Christians question the globalist- as well as Islamic agenda that sends those who are almost all young, able-bodied Muslim men to Western nations, we are against persecution. And we pray for the lost to turn to Christ, the Only One who can save souls.

Depravity: A “transgender” inmate (whose prison time includes 60 infractions such as sex acts and threatening staff) is suing, claiming he/she isn’t allowed to practice witchcraft properly such as having a vegan diet (including special foods for certain festivals); necessities like Wicca’s Book of Shadows, wand, Tarot cards, black robe, etc.; is being restricted to the 8 Wicca annual festivals; and isn’t allowed to light a fire during such festivals such as Beltane (April 30/May 1st).

Wiccan Beltane is akin to the Germanic/English May Day festival, both in focus on fertility and rituals like maypole dancing. Videos of Wiccan Beltane festivals remind one of lyrics to Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven including “It’s just a spring clean for the May queen.” Plant alluded to “automatic writing” by an entity when he began writing lyrics to that song. The group was in an old Victorian mansion at the time. “I was holding a pencil and paper,” Plant recalled. “All of a sudden my hand was writing out the words… I just sat there and looked at them, and almost leapt out of my seat!”

In England, three former Telford lawmakers, including one who oversaw the social services department during the Muslim rape-gang epidemic, have been exposed as pedophiles. The uncle of a grooming gang victim said, “We always wanted to know why social services didn’t get involved in dealing with Lucy’s abuse.” The home of the whistleblower who was due to give names of men involved in the sex ring to police, was targeted by arson to shut her up, and it worked. Other threats have been made by men who groomed her and other girls from the age of 12.

Natural Disasters: On the day Iran threatened Israel’s ultimate demise, a massive sandstorm engulfed the center of Iran with 60 mph sand-laden winds. Iranian media called it “apocalyptic.” Two days later, as Israel celebrated Independence Day, a 5.5 earthquake hit Iran a few miles from its nuclear power plant. No one died but was it a warning? “Thou shalt be visited of the Lord of hosts with thunder, and with earthquake, and great noise, with storm and tempest…” (Isaiah 29:6).

A 5.2 earthquake struck Turkey, damaging buildings. 39 people were reported to have slight injuries, which is surprising considering the damage.

The “Peace” Plan: US Mideast envoy Jason Greenblatt said (of an Israeli-‘Palestinian’ peace deal), “I ultimately believe there may be a clear path toward peace,” adding that it will be “up to the parties themselves” to negotiate and conclude an accord (Daniel 9:27; 1 Thessalonians 5:3).

Nation (Ethnic) Against Nation (Ethnic): Part of the Marxist-Socialist-Communist agenda is “divide and conquer.” A film coming out on July 4th titled The First Purge pushes racial division in America.

White farmers in South Africa continue to be injured and killed as their farms are taken. This week a woman was shot dead and her British brother-in-law tied and beaten during a raid on their farm by a gang who said they ‘hate whites.’ South Africa should learn from what happened in Zimbabwe after white farmers were exiled, some even killed. Since then agricultural production dropped dramatically and the nation struggled to feed itself. Now Zimbabwe urges white farmers to come back.

Lawlessness: Latin America has suffered over 2.5 million murders since the start of this century. “The sheer dimensions of homicidal violence are breathtaking,” says a report by a Brazil-based Institute. In Mexico, some 7,667 people were killed in the first three months of 2018, up 20% from the same period last year, making it the most violent year in two decades.

Anti-Semitism: Leaders in Brooklyn’s Jewish community say bias attacks are happening more frequently. It’s increasing rapidly in the world. Even France may soon have no Jews left due to the rise in anti-Semitism and attacks by Islamists.

Perils of Voting for Socialism: Venezuelan law prohibits all gun sales except to government entities. The penalty for illegally selling/carrying a firearm is prison up to 20 years. Since April 2017 at least 163 protesters against poverty-stricken Venezuela’s oppressive regime have been murdered by the Maduro dictatorship. “Venezuela is on the verge of imploding,” Columbia’s President Santos said, hoping the implosion will be peaceful; “otherwise, an avalanche of more Venezuelans will come to Colombia.”

Pestilence: A new exotic tick could be a problem in New Jersey. Efforts to wipe it out failed.

The Romaine lettuce food poisoning outbreak is spreading with 98 people sick in 22 states. An unusually high number (46) have been hospitalized, including 10 with kidney failure.

Drugs: Shocking video in San Francisco, California, one of the busiest rapid transit stations, showed junkies shooting up out in the open as commuters walk by; others slumped along filthy corridors.

Technology and Artificial Intelligence: Various research institutes have already developed skin-applied electronics. Now researchers have developed a method of 3D-printing custom electronics directly onto the skin. They are “excited about the potential…”

The Army Research Laboratory is building a “self-aware” robot with advanced machine-learning capabilities. The material used to build them is so lightweight and malleable that soldiers will be able to “print” the robots on the battlefield, then control them with controllers that send electric currents through the materials. These flexible AI’s could probably squeeze under doors to find people.

The US’ biggest seller of police body cameras convened regarding ethics and expansion of AI, a major step toward facial-recognition technology to police forces nationwide. And Google engineers are developing a system capable of isolating voices out of a crowd.

Global Government Agenda and Last Days Traitors: The globalist agenda involves schemes designed to confuse the masses with crisis until they end up asking for more centralization and less freedom.

US House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi put out a statement to memorialize Earth Day, warning that “global leadership is needed” to “combat the growing climate crisis.” And the EU will cut funds to patriotic nations and allocate cash based on EU values of accepting mass migration.

CBS All Access streamed an episode of The Good Fight in which a handgun-wielding anti-President Trump character said, “We need to assassinate the president” and spoke of “regime change.”

When Hillary was running for president, a high-ranking Justice Dept. official angrily demanded that Andrew McCabe (when he was FBI director) shut down the Clinton Foundation probe. McCabe is under fire for a number of reasons right now, as is Comey. The deep state keeps digging pits for others and falling in instead. The House Intel investigation has concluded there was no Trump Russian collusion during the 2016 election, but Marxist Dems and RINO’s keep digging. “Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein: and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him” (Proverbs 26:27).

WikiLeaks is seeking donations to be able to countersue against a multimillion-dollar lawsuit filed by the Democratic National Committee (DNC), who is suing @WikiLeaks and @JulianAssange for revealing how the DNC rigged the Democratic primaries. Wikileaks said, “We’ve never lost a publishing case and discovery is going to be amazing fun.”

George Soros News This Week: The House Intelligence Committee’s just-released report reveals an ongoing, private investigation into Trump-Russia claims funded with $50 million supplied by Soros and several wealthy donors from California and New York.

The anti-Trump “Tax” protest where Maxine Waters led the crowd in an “Impeach 45″ chant was an event sponsored by the communist Soros. The large group from Central America claiming to be seeking asylum has been reorganized by Democrat operatives and Soros-funded NGOs to again invade the US southern border. An open borders group that has benefitted from US taxpayer dollars and is funded by Soros launched a smartphone application to help illegal immigrants avoid federal authorities.

Former president Jimmy Carter, an anti-Semite, has been using taxpayer funding to provide support to international terrorist groups, including Hamas.

A bill to criminalize female genital mutilation (FGM) in Maine was squashed by all House Democrats (except one) due to political correctness and misplaced concerns about so-called Islamophobia. The vote ironically occurred during the “Week of the Young Child.”

Germany’s Angela Merkel promotes mass Muslim migration of young, able-bodied men as a good thing for the economy. However, a government report found that “asylum seekers” were behind over 90% percent of the increase in violent crimes in Lower Saxony, with similar statistics in other regions. As of Dec. 2017, an estimated 600,000 able-bodied asylum seekers in Germany were on the welfare dole. Meanwhile, poverty in Germany, especially among elderly pensioners, has reached a historic high.

Merkel does not recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and said her country will not move its embassy there. She wants a “Palestinian” State within Israel’s biblical heartland. Merkel also opposes Israeli construction in Judea and Samaria and wants the worthless Iran nuclear deal to stay as it is. God curses nations that are against Israel, but she and others like her must not care.

A liberal Associated Press article suggests that criticizing journalists is “hate speech.” Yet the globalist bought-and-paid for mainstream media spews hatred of conservative views and of Pres. Trump.

The leaders of Belgium’s Islam Party want to turn Belgium into an Islamic State. They call it “Islamist democracy” and have set a target date of 2030.

Wars and rumors of wars: We could sum up this section by just saying everybody is threatening everybody; however, since all of these threats relate to end-times Bible prophecy (Isaiah 17; Ezekiel 38-39; Zechariah 12 and 14; Joel 3; ), they bear mentioning here.

The former chief of Israel Defense Forces intelligence believes the upcoming month of May could be the most dangerous Israel has faced since before the 1967 Six-Day War. The ceremony celebrating the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem will take place May 14, and Pres. Trump says he may attend. The Gazan so-called march of return is scheduled to reach its peak May 15, at which time protesters hope to break though Israel’s security barrier. (May 14, 1948 is when Israel was reborn as a nation as prophesied in the Bible; the next day, May 15, it was attacked by five neighboring Arab nations. Israel won through a miraculous intervention by God.)

Due to more countries following Pres. Trump’s lead, deciding to move their embassies to Jerusalem, Israel’s Construction Minister Yoav Gallant instructed his top officials to begin planning a new quarter for the embassies. Gallant said he may decide to call it Trump Town. M.Abbas vowed he won’t let anyone declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel and won’t allow any country to move its embassy there before there’s a “Palestinian” solution.

Hundreds of rioters tried to enter Israeli territory Friday, throwing explosives, hand grenades, Molotov cocktails and stones at the fence and trying to set it on fire. IDF forces used crowd dispersal measures and live fire to block the attempts. The protests took place in five spots along the border.

The Syrian army bombarded an enclave in Damascus on Monday as Assad seeks to regain all ground near the capital. Russia threatened to supply Syria with S-300 anti-aircraft defense systems “soon” and warns Israel that it would “suffer catastrophic consequences” if it attacks the system. The system would likely be deployed to cover Damascus and the regime’s airfields.

Israel’s Ambassador Danon said, “There are over 80,000 Islamist extremists from all over the Middle East in Syria under Iran’s control.” He showed a satellite photo to the UN Security Council of an Iranian base near Damascus. He indicated Israel would take military action to prevent Iran from getting nukes.

Iran’s Brigadier General Hossein Salami said its Islamic Republic is ready to attack Israel should it continue to interfere with Iran’s efforts to establish a firm military foothold in Syria. Israel’s Defense Secretary Liberman said, “If Iran attacks Tel Aviv, Israel will strike Tehran and destroy any Iranian military facility in Syria that threatens Israel, at any cost.”

US Secretary of Defense Mattis said a military conflict between Iran and Israel is very likely due to Iran’s military buildup in Syria and its shipping of advanced missiles to Hezbollah. “I can see how it might start, but I am not sure when or where,” he said.

No one should be fooled the North Korea leader’s sudden announcement that their nuclear tests would be halted. It’s not just because of crippling sanctions the US imposed. It’s also because the mountain core collapsed from all the nuclear tests and bomb blasts, and further tests would cause complete collapse and create an environmental disaster.

Pres. Trump said he will not renew “the worst deal ever negotiated” with Iran unless European signatories can “fix the terrible flaws” of the deal by May 12. Iran is threatening the US if it doesn’t continue the deal. Ali Fadavi, head of the Iranian navy, says Iran has more going on than the US knows. He said, “They will definitely figure it out when their ships are sunk, or when they find themselves in a catastrophic situation.” Iran’s supreme leader Khamenei called on all Muslim nations to “unite against America and other enemies.”

UN Food Program official David Beasley warns that various jihadist factions are partnering to destabilize a region of Africa that will be disastrous for Europe. “They… continue to infiltrate and destabilize in the hope of creating migration into Europe where they can infiltrate and cause chaos.” Beasley warns that the Europe migration problem resulting from a nation of 20 million like Syria due to destabilization and conflict pales in comparison to this region of 500 million people being destablized. He called for Europe and the world to wake up!

“Knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed. The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light. Let us walk honestly, as in the day; not in rioting and drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and envying. But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfill the lusts thereof” (Romans 13:11-14).


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