Apr 30, 2018

The Leftist Bias has Corrupted America’s Legal System

A key reason why liberty in America is faltering is because the Democrats have decided that politics is a higher priority than the welfare of our nation. For them, it has now become a giant, ongoing political battle where their agenda always comes first in any decision.

When President Trump needs to go to the Senate for approval of a new cabinet officer, he can’t expect any vote from the left. Someone may be highly qualified for a job, but because he is a Republican, the Democrats automatically vote against him.

Last week, Mike Pompeo, whom Trump nominated to be the Secretary of State, received the cold- shoulder treatment. Despite being highly qualified for the job, the Democrats came up with lame excuses for not voting for him.

When Obama nominated Hillary Clinton for the same job, she was confirmed in the full Senate by a vote of 94–2. Only Republican Senator David Vitter of Louisiana and Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina voted against her confirmation. Far more Republican Senators had a personal dislike for Clinton, but they voted for her because they knew the nation needed a Secretary of State.

This unfair treatment of people on the right has extended to all areas of life. A woman named Lindsey posted this comment on Twitter, “I love working in the admissions office at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, and putting every conservative student’s college application through the shredder.” When someone said her action was “probably illegal,” her post was deleted.

I think the most amount of damage is occurring in the judicial system. When you go before a judge in a legal matter, his or her ruling should not be based on their political party affiliation. It is increasingly becoming clear that Democratic judges have already decided on how they will rule in cases related to politics.

The reason why supporters of illegal immigration ran to the Hawaiian Ninth Circuit Court was because they knew that Judge Derrick Watson, an appointee of President Barack Obama, would give them a temporary restraining order. In another case, they went to the Northern District of California in San Francisco and received another restraining order.

Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election is another example of how corrupt our legal system has become. Muller and his team of leftist lawyers are not after information on Russian interference. They are out to get Trump. Because they can’t link Trump to any crime, they are going to investigate everyone around him to find something to charge him with.

There is a rapid desensitization to what is clear violation of basic rights. When President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, was raided, there should have been massive uproar from the public. Cohen is trying to defend Trump against Mueller. It’s like someone being charged with a crime, and the police arresting his lawyer. These are Soviet-style tactics.

The injustice with Cohen just keeps rolling on. When he went before Judge Kimba Wood in New York to get back his documents, she forced Cohen to reveal that Fox News host Sean Hannity was a client of his. This is a clear violation of legal guidelines. Unless a person is involved in a dispute, a judge has no right to give out someone’s name. This judge should be disbarred for her action. Since the rule of law is now void, any move is fair game.

I’ve reported many times before that the liberal media is just an extension of the Democratic Party. I was surprised to learn that the press has its own involvement in the legal system. At Cohen’s hearing were two lawyers for the New York Times and CNN. They were there to do the devil’s bidding. Trump was right in saying they are the enemies of the state.

People don’t care about the corruption of the legal system because it doesn’t affect them. When you have a breakdown in natural law, it’s only a matter of time before the whole nation suffers the consequences of lawlessness. The Bible says we “instinctively” know what is lawful, and our collective inaction makes us guilty in suffering the punishments.

We believers have the hope of escaping this mess by way of the rapture. We are to expect a timely rescue from God, but it’s important for us to be fighting to the very end.

“For when Gentiles who do not have the Law do instinctively the things of the Law, these, not having the Law, are a law to themselves, since they show that the work of the Law is written on their hearts, their consciences also bearing witness, and their thoughts either accusing or defending them” (Romans 2:14-15).


European-Russian Anti-Trump Collusion

While Iran and Russia continue to merge and coalesce north of Israel, controversy is stirring mightily over the Iranian nuclear “deal.”

President Barack Obama, in 2015, agreed to the nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers. The agreement that included the US, the UK, Russia, France, China, and Germany was considered the signature foreign-policy achievement of his presidency.

The lifting of crippling economic sanctions on Iran in return for limitations to Iran’s forging ahead with nuclear development was at the heart of the deal. The agreement was struck out of fear that the Iranian regime would use their nuclear program to develop nuclear weapons.

With Iran’s Islamist-controlled government constantly and consistently calling for the total annihilation of the “Little Satan”–Israel–the deal continues to be the international community’s idea of the best way to assure that the nukes never reach the level of being usable.

The election of President Donald Trump disrupted the deal-consummating matter. Trump stumping for president, while calling it a “bad deal,” declared that, if elected, he would do away with it and would do a “better deal.”

The new president has said he will not recertify it because it is too weak and Iran has already violated key provisions. He said that it is much too lenient, and that Iran has broken the agreement by, for example, violating heavy-water limits and access to international inspectors.

He wants new sanctions on Iran and, in particular, against the regime’s Revolutionary Guard police force.

He has referred the deal to Congress for changes to the US terms.

Israel has seemingly exercised considerable patience, staying relatively silent, while the  Trump administration applies its policy-making to the critically important process. The world of diplomats–particularly in Europe–look with a wary eye not toward the treacherous Iranian-Russian cabal, but at the Jewish state. They see Israel as the most dangerous element in the whole matter. And with good reason.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made it clear that if the world of diplomacy doesn’t get rid of the nuclear threat–a threat directly aimed at Israel–the IDF will.

So it is that President Trump has yet another pressure point to his multitudinous pressure points since taking office.

There is rumor–speculation–that he will renege on his campaign promises and presidential promises to drop the Iran nuclear deal and do a “better deal.”

Europe sent to America the leader they consider to be closest to having Trump’s proverbial number.

France’s young president, Emmanuel Macron, and the American president seem to have formed a mutual admiration society of sorts. While the president has rubbed most of Europe’s leadership the wrong way, especially the EU’s most economically powerful leader, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Trump and Macron seem to hit it off, personally and diplomatically.

The same reports that say Trump might be about to change his mind on his campaign opinion, and that since becoming president, regarding the Iranian nuclear deal, he is about to face a dual assault in an attempt to sway him into keeping the deal as is.

Both Macron and Merkel are scheduled, as of this writing, to present their unified message. That message, it is said, is save the deal.

The French president has done some stage setting for the meetings with his close friend, as the media pundits would have it.

“I don’t have any Plan B for nuclear [protections] against Iran,” Macron said Sunday on Fox News. “Let’s preserve the framework because it is better than a sort of North Korea-type situation.”

The American president wasted little time upon Macron’s visit to make clear that his mind has not changed about the “worse deal ever made” in reference to the Iranian deal the Obama administration put together. Trump said if the Iranians start again toward a dangerous nuclear program, they will pay a price like no one else has paid. At the same time, he indicated that the North Korean situation to which the French president made reference is on track for a meeting that might lead to denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. If not, he will walk away from the meetings.

International politics, like national politics, often make strange bedfellows, as the saying goes. Certainly that seems to be the case in this instance of today’s diplomatic machinations.

I hope the following gives some clarity to what I mean.

MOSCOW – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday he had agreed with his Chinese counterpart that Moscow and Beijing would try to block any U.S. attempt to sabotage the Iran nuclear deal, Russian state news agency TASS reported.

“We are against revising these agreements, we consider it very counter productive to try to reduce to zero years of international work carried out via talks between the six major powers and Iran,” TASS quoted Lavrov as saying after talks with Wang Yi, China’s top diplomat, in Beijing.

“We will obstruct attempts to sabotage these agreements which were enshrined in a U.N. Security Council resolution,” Lavrov was cited as saying. (Jerusalem Post Breaking News, “LAVROV: RUSSIA AND CHINA TO OBSTRUCT U.S. ‘SABOTAGE’ OF IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL,” Rapture Ready News, April 23, 2018).

The strange bedfellow situation, however, in this case, isn’t really so strange, when considering things from the perspective of Bible prophecy. All who are involved against this president are under the master director of the globalist cabal. That cabal belongs to Satan, who desperately desires to construct the platform from which his coming man of the hour–Antichrist–will launch planet earth’s deadliest conflict.

Beware, Mr. President. Russia is definitely colluding–and with America’s so-called friends, at that.