Feb 5, 2018

Feb. 5

Spiritual Wickedness is Rampant!

Christian Persecution: Over 100 Christians in northwest China have been sent to “re-education” camps. One woman who is married to a leader of a community with many Christians said, “I don’t know where my husband is right now, but I believe that God still uses him in prisons or camps. Sometimes I worry he doesn’t have enough clothes to keep warm.”

The Unborn: As celebrities and others ban together to protect crustaceans killed by boiling or cutting apart, the US Senate rejected the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act after Democrats filibustered the bill, which would’ve banned abortions after 20 weeks. The 46 senators who opposed this legislation approve late-term abortions involving lethally injecting with burning saline and dismembering highly developed babies in the womb. Extensive studies have been done on fetal pain. “The earliest reactions to painful stimuli motor reflexes can be detected at 5.5 weeks post-fertilization.” source

In America there are approximately 10,000 abortions at or after the 20th week of pregnancy. The Congressional Budget Office says preventing late-term abortions would cost the government too much money. The CBO said the same in 2013 when it reported that if the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act were passed, it would cost the government $225 million over the next 10 years by allowing these children to be born. It assumes that each child born would be a burden on society. The Orwellian implications are horrifying.

The Real Burden: Yet liberal politicians see no problem with doling out welfare without work requirements that used to be in place, and bringing in and supporting unvetted migrants from known-terrorist countries, as well as supporting illegals already here. The U.S. will resume refugee admissions from 11 ‘high-risk’ countries “with extra vetting” – as if that’s even possible.

Denver has joined San Francisco and New York City in passing a law which allows migrants to use the public streets as a toilet. They claim it’s to keep them from possible arrest. The reality is that the liberal politicians are not interested in giving these migrants a better life, but want to turn this nation into a third-world country. Dried feces particles blow into the air, causing health problems and high child mortality.

Czech citizens are arming themselves more than ever over fears of massive Muslim migrant violence throughout Europe.

Anti-Semitism: In the UK, a 2017 Anti-Semitic Incidents Report shows a recorded 1,382 anti-Semitic incidents, the highest total it has ever recorded for a calendar year. Following an attack on an 8-year-old Jewish boy in Paris, the prime minister said “a new form of brutal and violent anti-Semitism is expressing itself more and more openly…”

German leaders claim to be increasingly alarmed about a resurgence of anti-Semitism, yet they keep bringing Muslim migrants into the country who are hostile to Israel. Jewish institutions need police protection their synagogues and schools—even kindergarten.

Wars and Rumors of Wars: Israel is still being hit frequently by rockets. A Russian delegation arrived to try and talk Israel out of bombing targets containing weapons in Syria (that Iran ships to Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon). Israel says it can’t stand by while those wanting to seek its destruction ramp up their agenda. Also, it has been found that the Syrian government is still making chemical weapons.

A Russian fighter jet was downed Saturday by rebels in Syria and the ejected pilot killed, allegedly after resisting capture and firing at the rebels. Also in Syria, Barin Kobane, a fighter with the loyal Kurdish YPJ all-female militia, was killed by the invading Turkish-backed fighters who “played with her corpse and cut it up” as cameras rolled.

Iniquity Abounds: In Italy where the influx of migrants is out of control, a Nigerian migrant was arrested for the gruesome murder of an Italian teenager. A day later an Italian extremist injured six Nigerian migrants in a drive-by shooting spree. Some people say he was in love with the murdered girl.

In Massachusetts two adult sisters are accused of burning and permanently disfiguring the face of a 5-year-old girl during a voodoo ritual that lasted for multiple days with other forms of abuse. The child’s mother requested the ritual, claiming a demon inside her caused her to misbehave. The mother is of Haitian descent where voodoo has been practiced for centuries. The sisters, who said they’ve performed the rituals before and that children are sometimes burned as spirits leave their bodies, also threatened to cut off the head of the girl’s 8-year-old brother. The mother hasn’t been charged, but instead is receiving mental health treatment.

Pestilence: Emergency departments, urgent care centers and other outpatient clinics across the U.S. are receiving an onslaught of flu visits. Hospitals had to devise new spaces to house the patients. Visitors have been restricted and elective surgeries postponed.

Huge flu outbreaks are ravaging the Korean Peninsula less than two weeks before the Olympics. Over 81,000 people have been infected with Swine Flu. And in South Korea they’ve killed a million chickens in efforts to contain the Bird Flu.

Natural Disasters: As we’ve all noticed, there has been an uptick in earthquake and volcanic activity. The lava is still flowing from the Philippine volcano since it began intense eruptions over two weeks ago. There was another mild eruption early Thursday morning as the moon set, hours after a blue moon and supermoon coincided with a lunar eclipse. The danger zone around the Mayon volcano extends 8 kilometers (5 miles). Authorities have struggled to keep the massive number of villagers from returning to check on homes and farms. Scientists fear a more violent eruption could be imminent.

Apostasy: Democrats at the SOTU address refused to applaud when the president referred to America being “One nation under God.” They refused to stand for our national anthem or applaud for the child who put flags on veteran’s graves. They also sat on their hands when Pres. Trump stated he recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and that we should stop giving foreign aid to enemies (such as the “Palestinian” Arab Regime who receives $450 million a year of our taxpayer dollars). The Deep State is unhinged in their effort to wrest back power. Considering what they’ve gotten by with up to now, should we expect the release of the “memo” proving their illegal activities to have a different result?

Suspiciously, as many believe, a large garbage truck was parked (not sideways, but head-on) on a train track the next day after the President’s SOTU address. The train carrying Republican (GOP) lawmakers hit the truck, killing one and sending two to the hospital. CNN regular and liberal-left author, Jonathan Tasini, took to social media to post how glad he was about the train wreck. He “mockingly” thanked the heavens, saying God was “working hard today” to “clean up” the GOP mess.

The Catholic University of Dayton has proposed the elimination of the gender-specific terms “husband” and “wife,” substituting them with “spouse, partner or significant other.” Also proposed is an extended list of expressions they want replaced by other words that don’t convey a determined sex.

An extremely popular ice cream franchise calls itself “Sweet Jesus” – except the “S” in Sweet and the middle “s” in Jesus alternate being replaced by a lightning bolt, and the letter t is an upside-down cross – a mockery of our God and Savior. Franchises are rapidly expanding in Canada and showing up in the US. Their marketing shows other satanic symbolism combined with children in questionable and creepy situations. View photos here: source

“Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand” (Ephesians 6:11-13).