Dec 25, 2017

The Death of Journalism in America

The traditional job of the news media is to report the facts of world events. Their job is to ask tough questions to get to the truth. There has always been a bias in how news is covered by the liberal media. The press would bend and twist the truth, but it would never stoop to lying.

The meltdown of journalistic standards over the past few years has now brought us to the point where the major news outlets have totally given themselves over to their liberal agenda. Some force of madness is compelling them to report whatever will help achieve their goal of toppling the president and changing election results.

On December 1, ABC News correspondent Brian Ross went on air and reported that President Trump had instructed Michael Flynn to contact Russian officials before the 2016 election, while Trump was still a candidate. After the story flashed on the news wires, the stock market plunged by $300 billion in value. Stocks quickly recovered when it became clear that ABC had no source for its charge. Ross was suspended by ABC for four weeks, which gives him a nice extended Christmas vacation.

A few days later, the New York Times ran a story that claimed Trump transition official K.T. McFarland had lied to congressional investigators about knowledge of the Trump transition team’s contacts with Russia. This story was found to be false.

On December 5, Reuters and Bloomberg reported that special counsel Robert Mueller had subpoenaed Deutsche Bank account records of President Trump and family members. The media was all excited that they had found the Russia bombshell. When it became clear that there was no connection to Trump, the story was quietly corrected to say Mueller was subpoenaing “people or entities close to Mr. Trump.”

On December 8, CNN reported that Donald Trump Jr. had been sent an email on September 4, 2016, with a decryption key to a WikiLeaks trove of hacked emails from Clinton confidant and Democratic operative John Podesta—that is, before the hacked emails were made public. Within hours the report was discredited. Trump Jr. himself pointed out that the email in question was sent on September 14, after the hacked Podesta emails had been made publicly available. CNN later admitted that it had never read the email that was at the core of its claim.

Major news stories are not based on the hearsay of one person. Before anything is published, it passes through several layers of editors and fact checkers. To have several people fail to notice obvious dates or lack of supporting documentation, shows how the media is so fatally compromised that everything it publishes must be questioned.

CNN still claims to be an objective news outlet. On its twitter is the hashtag “#Factsfirst.” The problem with CNN’s boast is similar to what Margaret Thatcher said about power. In this case, being Trustworthy in News is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.

Nearly all media are nothing more than a political arm of the Democratic party. The news coverage it gives to Trump is almost 100% negative. Hitler was the most evil man to be covered in the age of mass-media news reporting. None of the newsreels from the 1940’s show the Trump level of fixation on every possible negative angle of the story.

With willpower, it is possible to transfer any bit of news into a negative attack. If President Trump had saved a female from drowning in the flood, CNN would say that Trump’s busy hand is the reason for him touching the woman. About 30 years ago a woman was in an elevator with Trump, and he hit on her. She told Trump that she was not interested in him. Today, the press is recounting this event as if it was sexual harassment 101. The only perversion here is the media spinning standard sexual practices into manufactured offenses.

The death of Journalism isn’t just about what the liberal media says about Trump. It’s also about news stories that regularly don’t make it through the leftist filter. Last week, unemployment for African Americans dropped to a 17-year low. This was unreportable news because there is a Republican in the White House. Several of the fires raging in California were found to have been started by illegal immigrants. Because these people are a protected class in the eyes of the media, you don’t see reports on their connection to the California fires.

The near total corruption of the press has moved us down the path towards despotism. In most cases where a nation has fallen under autocratic rule, a dictator takes over the government and then he takes over all the media outlets. In our case, the media have been the first to fall. If a dictator should soon come to power, the press will be fully ready to follow his commands.

“In transgressing and lying against the Lord, and departing away from our God, speaking oppression and revolt, conceiving and uttering from the heart words of falsehood. And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter. Yea, truth faileth; and he that departeth from evil maketh himself a prey: and the Lord saw it, and it displeased him that there was no judgment” (Isaiah 59:13-15).


Happy Holidays!?

The secularists, those who demand that we not be exclusive at this time of year, have done all they can do to replace the greeting “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Holidays.” These don’t want us to hurt the feelings or offend the sensibilities of people by using the name of the person for whom we celebrate the season.

The politically correct insist that we all use the term “Happy Holidays”as we send out greetings in whatever form. They cringe at the sight of nativity scenes and become disturbed at the sounds of songs that name the one whose birthday we celebrate on December 25.

While it is true that the larger portion of American citizenry thinks it not wrong to proclaim “Merry Christmas,” the politically correct Nazis, many of whom speak loudly through their social activist, bully pulpits, try to make it miserable for those of us who use the greeting we cannot and will never  abandon.

These of the “Happy Holiday”-only crowd–and I mean the militant types who genuinely hate the moral authority that Christianity represents–see “Merry Christmas” as equivalent of the evil that they, themselves,  most often champion. They accuse, for example, in many cases, that Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime celebrated Christmas, many during those horrific years in Germany saying “Merry Christmas” right after saying “Hile Hitler.”

They, themselves, act like Nazi thugs in many cases. They are the types who demand that Christians who own bakeries be forced to bake cakes for same-sex couples or lose their businesses through fines and court costs. They demand that taxpayers, in a nation that claims to be more than 70 percent Christian in population, subsidize the arts, which often display most salacious, even anti-God, presentations. They expect Christian taxpayers to subsidize abortion through support of organizations like Planned Parenthood.

The fact is, there is little “happy” within the ranks of those who want to do away with the term “Merry Christmas.”

These are in constant turmoil. They are often found among those who foment rioting and claim it to be in the name of social justice. They form, in my opinion, the nucleus of the Apostle Paul’s perilous-times characteristic, “false accusers” (2 Timothy 3:3).

Those with the no-more-“Merry Christmas” rant fall in line with every effort to remove God from every public venue. It is just a matter of time, it is obvious to anyone with the ability to observe, that when they come to full power they will demand that Christ be taken out of our private lives as well.

Let’s look for a moment at the mindset that wants to break the bonds–the contact–of mankind with the Creator, a thing that will bring severe ramifications and wrath from Heaven, according to God’s Word. (Read Psalms 2:1-9).

Beginning with our government allowing Madelyn Murray O’Hair to achieve her enraged, singular purpose–to get God out of public schools–we have witnessed a rush to national insanity. We have watched entire generations be subjected to revisionist history and inculcated by anti-God education. The results have, in these days of bizarre behavior and brainwashing by anti-God forces–primarily through social media–brought this nation to the brink of change that cannot be reversed.

I believe it took the God of Heaven, Himself, intervening in the 2016 presidential election, to stop the shoving of America into the godless, grasping arms of the globalists.

The rage that intervention produced is self-evident. We have witnessed those who have been raised through O’Hair’s insane achievement go completely out of their minds. They believe the lies that the mainstream media, the entertainment world, and the social media liars have told them. They are miserable, and even when they get what they want, it just throws fuel on the fires of their anger against an America that, under God’s gracious hand, has allowed them to live better than any people on earth.

There is nothing “happy” about the mindset that demands we say “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas.” This fallen mindset has made this the most unhappy generation in American history.

Satan is at the core of the movement to push God out of this magnificent desire by true Christians to honor their Lord’s incarnation. The secularists’ “Happy Holidays” offers nothing but misery in a future apart from God and Heaven’s influence.

Bible prophecy foretells of a time that is coming that will be as far from happiness as can be imagined. Apart from God, Planet Earth is destined to become hell on earth.

Jesus Christ, the reason for our celebration, on the other hand, promises to save mankind–individually and collectively (as the human race)–so that they may live for eternity in the most blissful conditions beyond imagination. This is why we don’t say “Happy Holidays” rather proclaim “Merry Christmas!