Nov 13, 2017

Nov 13, 2017

Year-End Donation Drive

Once again, it’s time to reflect on the accomplishments we’ve achieved at Rapture Ready. We are nearing the end of the year, and I am tremendously grateful for all the effort an untold number of people put into this site.

The last three months have been our busiest quarter in several years. The traffic flow was largely driven by an endless series of natural disasters and end-time related events. Every time a monster hurricane formed, the earth shook from a quake, or some act of terror took place, people have turned to the site, looking for how these events are connected to Bible prophecy.

The link between the daily news and last-days prophecy has become so strong and frequent that people are becoming desensitized to the point they lack the ability to understand what is taking place. In the past 17 months, three of the top four mass-murder incidents have occurred. In another time period there would be overwhelming demands for immediate action. We would be kicking people out of the country, or putting anyone with a mental problem in internment camps.

Our society has become like a herd of African wildebeest that regularly witness one of their own being devoured by a pride of lions. Everyone briefly stops to watch the carnage, and then quickly goes back to grazing. The shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs should have alerted people to how evil our nation has become. It was just a few years ago that it was unthinkable for any type of violent crime to take place in a house of worship.

I’ve always thought that Rapture Ready importance would spike right after the rapture. Since taking into consideration the end-time message is the only way to make sense of this crazy world, we shouldn’t need a big wake-up event to get people’s attention. Because we are in the “think not” hour (Mat. 24:44) that Jesus warned about, it is very difficult to be an end-time watchman.

In the past, Rapture Ready has benefited from donations to the site, spiking after some major prophecy-related event has occurred. The reason is simple: Christians are more generous with their money when they perceive it has declined in value. If they think Jesus is coming soon, their money is of limited importance. However, apathy has become so profound that even dramatic prophetic birth pangs inspire no increase in funding. –Funding that is essential to carrying out God’s work at this crucial hour.

The best appeal I can make for the need to donate to RR is the reality that the opportunity to do so is rapidly running out. Because the rapture is going to be one of the greatest news events in human history, it is very likely that donations to RR after the rapture will be spectacular. When millions of people find that they have been left behind, they will act out of pure terror. In a few hours, our PayPal account alone could take in more money than the whole amount ever given to the site.

Because only God knows the timing of the rapture, it would be unwise for me to neglect the financial health of the site. The state of the world has become so bad that my greatest desire –like I’m sure is yours– is to leave in the Rapture for our eternal reward.

The most important decision a person can make is to find salvation in Jesus Christ. Once a person becomes a believer, it should be a top priority to become involved in the propagation of the gospel. I firmly believe that joining with those who financially support Rapture Ready is one of the best investments you can make.

“Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven” (Matthew 5:12).

There are three ways you can contribute to Rapture Ready: You can send a financial gift via our P.O. Box address, you can make a one-time donation, or there is a frequency option that allows you to make monthly donations. If you’re interested in signing up, find the input links on the Donation Depot page. Donations can be sent to our P.O. Box at:

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In God’s Face

One of the pleasures in life at my advancing age is to have what I have come to call conflab sessions. Yes, I know the legitimate word would be confab. Not conflab, but the sessions are so informal that I use the urban rather than the mainstream dictionary term.

These conflab sessions are especially enjoyable when between my sons and myself or between myself and my partner in the website, Todd Strandberg—the Toddster, as I sometimes call him. He is like one of my boys—thus the informality.

We often go over the most pressing news of the day. Most always we discuss things from the prophetic perspective.

When discussing the seeming endless string of absurd, anti-God things going on, the bottom line usually expressed by these younger gentlemen is that it’s a good thing they don’t have divine power and authority, else—well—there would be a quick resolution to the absurdity and evil.

Being considerably more mature and mellow, I usually say things like, “Yes. I, too, am thankful you don’t have such power and authority.”

They, of course, realizing my wisdom from this senior vantage point, ignore my usually offered remark. I’m sure they remain unresponsive to the opinion because they so profoundly respect my… ahemmm…even temperament and sound judgment.

We do get deeply into the issues of the day, and there are plenty of them to explore, to be sure. More often than not, we end up talking about how the Lord seems to be putting up with so much, with people, in effect, telling Him, “in your face.”

We discussed, for example, things like the actress who held up the award she had won, saying Jesus didn’t give it to her. She then made a salacious remark involving the Lord that, my boys thought, should have brought an instant lightning bolt to the top of her lovely head.

Before that, there was the crucifix submerged in urine, for which the art critics gave great accolade. There has been since then the former New York City mayor who said when he reaches the pearly gates of Heaven, he will walk right in and demand his reward, because he’s earned a face to face with God—if there is one. Before him, a famous billionaire said that he didn’t need anyone to die for him, when asked about Christianity.

In the 1960s, we had people kicking God out of classrooms and throwing Bibles out the doors of those classrooms. We had a generation of if it feels good, do it trying to strip society and culture of all morality. In the 1970s we began to legalize the murder of babies by the millions while still in their mothers’ wombs.

We later had—and continue to have—men-with-men and women-with-women sexual-relations advocates. Much of the anti-biblical, anti-God activity was written into our laws or issued through governmental authorization by presidential edict. One president even gave a White House party, bathing the presidential residence in the rainbow colors.

—All of this, when the vast majority of Americans disapprove of such debauched activity.

Then came the official governmental declaration that homosexual marriage is the equivalent of heterosexual marriage, saying to God, in effect, “in your face!”

Now, we have the latest movement of the anti-God insanity down the broad way that leads into the abyss. Transgender, transsexual advocacy has trans-morphed into an even more rebellious, anti-God, anti-biblical proposal by the earth-dwellers.  

There are those within the scientific and medical communities who see men carrying babies in the womb at some future date. The following news excerpt tells the story.

WOMB transplants could allow men to have babies “tomorrow”, an expert claims. They would not be able to deliver the baby naturally, but could give birth by cesarean.

Richard Paulson, president of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, said eight children had already been born to women after transplants.

And he told a meeting in San Antonio, Texas: “There’s plenty of room to put a uterus in there. Men and women have the same blood vessels.”

He said the next step would be trials involving transgender women to help them become natural mothers…

Doctors hope to perform the first UK womb transplant in 2018. (Source: Womb Transplants Could Allow Men to Have Babies “Tomorrow,” Victoria Fletcher, Rapture Ready News, 11/5/17)

Remember that movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger? His character was pregnant. The shocking movie poster had him, with his Mr. Universe body, with a swollen abdomen. He was smiling, being proudly with child. Well, that might not be mere fiction for too much longer.

Come to think of it, I’m glad I don’t have my finger on the trigger of divine power and authority, either! We can all be thankful that the Lord does…