Outing Cartoons

The Rev. Jerry Falwell recently outed Tinky Winky, from the television show, “Teletubbies”, because, Falwell pronounced, “The character is clearly a fount of gayness. He is purple, the gay color, he has an antenna shaped like a triangle, the gay symbol, and he carries a purse, something all gay people do.”

Fred Flintstone
Evidence: His nickname on the Bedrock bowling team; “Twinkle-Toes Flintstones.” The show’s theme song ends “…we’ll have a gay old time!” He wears an orange vest with little triangles on it. Hangs out with Barney far more than Wilma.

Bugs Bunny
Evidence: Often stands with hand on hip. Plays a hairdresser in one episode. Frequently dresses in drag. Loves to throw on a top hat and tails and belts out Broadway show-tunes with his buddy Daffy, who, it is worth noting, has a lisp.

Velma (of Scooby Doo)
Evidence: Always tries to sit next to Daphne in the Mystery Machine. Sports that butch haircut. Has broad shoulders and wears thick turtleneck sweaters and knee socks.

Evidence: Eats lots of salad. Wears a sailor suit, even though he hasn’t been on a ship in years. Does little sailor dances. Dates a flat-chested transvestite named Olive Oyl. Best friend named Wimpy.

Batman and Robin
Evidence: Robin’s nickname – Boy Wonder. Batman’s real name is Bruce. Both wear tights. They’re in great shape. They like to show each other their “grappling hooks.”

Peppermint Patty
Evidence: Has a deep, gravelly voice. Wears pants, not dresses like the other Peanuts gals. Plays a mean game of football. Likes to taunt Charlie Brown. Always hanging out with that androgynous Marcie. Wears comfortable shoes. Nickname; Sir.

The Pink Panther
Enough said!!!