Rejected State Mottoes

Idaho: “More than just potatoes. Well, not really, but the potatoes are real good.”

Kentucky: “Five million people, 15 last names.”

Michigan: “First line of defense from the Canadians.”

New Jersey: “You want a motto? I got yer motto right here!”

New York: “You have the right to remain silent, you have the right to an attorney.”

North Carolina: “Tobacco is a vegetable.”

Ohio: “Don’t judge us by Cleveland.”

Pennsylvania: “Cook with coal.”

Rhode Island: “We’re not REALLY an island.”

South Carolina: “Remember the Civil War? We didn’t actually surrender.”

Wisconsin: “Come cut our cheese.”

California: We’re the granola bowl! Full of fruits, nuts and flakes!

Arizona: “But it’s a dry heat!”

Texas: “We’re full of gas”