Aug 14, 2017

Satan the Ultimate Manipulator

The Bible lists many times where the devil has tried to challenge God’s will and has failed. It is interesting that there is no example where he shows any signs of frustration. He is like Wile E. Coyote. If Plan A fails, he immediately goes to Plan B, and then to Plan C.

The source of his tenacity stems from having a spiritual body that never tires or needs rest. Another fact is that Satan has a totally reprobate mind—incapable of realizing that he is no match for God.

This endless determination on the devil’s part is the explanation for why the world is becoming overrun be evil. When God lifts His hand of protection, Satan immediately fills the void.

Donald J. Trump’s presidency has now passed the 200-day mark. The liberal media have become absolutely fanatical in their efforts to continue to  undermine his administration. They talk about the impeachment process without having any evidence of a crime. You have the lunatic, Maxine Waters, talking about the impeachment of Mike Pence saying, “We’ll get him next.”

The appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller to investigate Russia’s supposed election meddling—is obviously an old fashioned “witch hunt” designed to take down President Trump. Ironically, a similar effort to remove Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from office is under way. His political enemies have been using the Israeli justice system to find any bit of dirt on him.

Both these leaders have been under such intense scrutiny, I don’t see how it is possible for either one of them to do something that could be seen as a clear violation of the law. We have reached such a profound level of demonic madness, I think the punishable infractions will come whether they are real or imagined.

A strong indication that we are in uncharted territory has been demonstrated by the cable channel CNN. During the past few months, the reputation of this “news” organization has been pushed through the wood chipper because of its reckless negative reporting on the Trump Administration. When CNN tracked down the Reddit user behind the now famous Trump WWE video file, the person who posted it was forced to apologize. This MAFIA tactic triggered an eruption of rage on social media.

In any other time period for a network, upper management would have fired everyone who had disgraced the company’s brand name. In fact, it would have never been allowed to advance to this level. People would have been axed in mid-production of a news story.

The only goal at CNN is to destroy President Trump at any cost. The executives and reporters at CNN have as little concern over ratings as a kamikaze pilot cares about getting his airplane wings dented.

Just as Satan has an ability to motivate his forces, he can cause confusion and division in groups that should be working for good. The devil has done wonders in muddling the Republican Congressional leadership. Despite having a majority in both houses, and a Republican president in the White House—Capitol Hill is in complete gridlock.

Mitch McConnell has to be the most incompetent politician in American history; there is a “Ditch Mitch” movement that is trying to get him removed. When I read about his legislative  actions, it makes me wonder if he is a liberal mole:

McConnell helped pass the Wall Street bailout, increase taxes on 80% of American families, confirm Loretta Lynch, rescue the Export-Import Bank corporate welfare program, pass a bloated highway bill, and pass government spending bills that fully funded Planned Parenthood, Obamacare, sanctuary cities, and the reckless Iran nuclear deal.

And now he has broken his promise to repeal Obamacare “root and branch” and failed to pass even the skinniest repeal. Even worse, he continues to use his political machine to defend liberal Republicans in primary elections, making them far less likely to support conservative policies in the Senate.—

A growing number of Republicans seem to have lost their minds when it comes to being consistent in what issues they support. When John McCain voted down the Senate healthcare bill, people started questioning if his brain cancer was responsible for his “no” vote when previously he had said he would vote “yes.”

The core problem is spiritual in nature. The devil wants to win, and he is going to take advantage of every opportunity to wreak havoc in the world. I think the insanity is only going to get worse right up to the time of the Rapture, which tells us that time is short.

“Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time” (Revelation 12:12b).


Perilous Times in White House

I prefer to move on from writing about the enragement and turmoil within the American political milieu. Prophetic implications wrought by that process, however, keep imposing upon my inclination to move on. White House goings-on recently beg analysis in light of God’s prophetic Word, and I must dwell a bit longer in that arena.

The particular prophecy involved, I believe, is one we have looked at many times in overview fashion. I would like to focus on a peculiar area of that over all prophecy. I’m referencing Paul’s perilous times prophecy of 2 Timothy 3:1-5. The parts of this prophecy I would like to look at specifically  in regard to current White House intrigues are the following.

This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be… trucebreakers,…traitors, heady, high-minded. (2 Timothy 3: 1-2, 3, 4)

The term “leakers” is at the top of the news. Attorney General of the United States Jeff Sessions, as we know, has put “leakers” on notice. They will be found, and if they have broken the law, they will be prosecuted.

Sessions pointed out recently that leaks are part of every government–and of every White House administration. With the Trump White House, though, the leaks far surpass the number, intensity, and possible harm to the nation than those of any previous administration of recent memory.

“Leaks,” of course, is information divulged by those within positions of knowledge of things being discussed, planned, and implemented within government. Here, we are talking specifically about leaks within the White House. They are being done, it is generally acknowledged, to do harm to Donald J. Trump’s presidency.

This presidency is under unparalleled attack from every quarter. It is particularly the news media that has been the recipient of these leaks. The leaks are used by those extremely antagonistic to the Trump presidency to try to bring public opinion of this president  to as low a point as possible–thus to see to it that 1) he is so ineffectual as to not get his agenda accomplished; 2) he is impeached; or 3) that he will be voted out of office next presidential election.

The assault is unrelenting and more ferocious than any I have witnessed during my now 75 years on the scene. The voraciousness of many of those who hate this president is so virulent that those carrying out the “silent coup-d’état,” as it is called by some, totally cast aside any thought of the damage it is doing to national security. They apparently couldn’t care less that they are exposing things that should be kept secret for security purposes to enemies who wish us only destruction. It means nothing to these leakers that they have taken an oath to guard carefully such essential secrets. They are “trucebreakers” in the parlance of the apostle Paul’s prophecy.

A report/analysis from one source not friendly to this president says the following:

Government employees are growing increasingly willing to criticize or defy the White House and President Trump’s top appointees…

 The growing opposition in the executive branch comes as the White House’s legislative agenda has stalled in Congress and Trump turns to his Cabinet agencies to change course in several policy areas. It also is emanating from career staffers or political holdovers whose resistance to Trump has, at times, been rooted in deep opposition to the president’s agenda…

 Trump’s allies have often cast the president as the victim of the “deep state,” an entrenched liberal bureaucracy bent on damaging his agenda through leaks and resistance.

 They argue the deep state extends from agencies such as the EPA, where employees could be angered with Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate deal, to career service intelligence agency staff who leak damaging information about the president.

 Former Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) on Friday even accused special counsel Robert Mueller, the former FBI director now investigating Russia’s involvement in last year’s election, as representing the “deep state at its worse.” (“Federal employees step up defiance of Trump,” By Devin Henry,, 08/05/17)

 The report, while couched in terms intended in my view to make those of us who understand the assault underway seem paranoid, the assertion within the above report is nonetheless true. There is a deep state–which includes mainstream media, entrenched government bureaucrats, and globalist elitists.

As an observer of Bible prophecy, laying that Holy template over the issues and events of our times, I go further. It is an assault directed and fueled by none other than the grand deceiver of all–Lucifer the fallen one.

The apostle Paul prophesied that there will come a time when people will be observably traitorous–like those leakers within the Trump administration. They will be heady–meaning they will demand their own way no matter who is hurt or destroyed. They will be high-minded–meaning they will consider themselves the sole determiners of what is best for everybody else. They will, like in the case of climate change/global warming types like Al Gore, say: “Do what I say, not what I do.” (Gore, it was reported a week or so ago, has a home that uses 21 times more electricity than the average home. He dispenses a huge carbon emissions footprint as he jets about the world in his private jets.) This, in my analysis, the epitome of headiness and high-mindedness.

Paul’s perilous times are upon us, to be sure.