Jan 23, 2017

The Nations Gathered Against Israel    

The world’s hatred against the Jews has been as predictable as the tidal waves. Just as soon as the world gets over one bout of anti-Semitism, another wave comes rolling in.

For decades the horrors of the Holocaust made the foes of Israel very cautious. The passage of time has caused many to forget mistakes of the past. The enemies of the Jewish state have also been emboldened by a new angle of attack. The haters are now saying, “We’re not anti-Israel, we’re pro-Palestinian.”

This mentality has brought us right back to the twisted thinking of Nazi Germany. Last week a German appellate court upheld the decision of a lower court—that three Palestinians who tried  to burn a synagogue were not engaged in anti-Semitism; they were merely exercising their basic civil rights to protest against the Israeli government. Charges against the three were dismissed.

How can we possibly live in a civil society if Muslim terrorists are allowed to freely attack Jews? If  Jews used force to confront those three hoodlums, I doubt the court would say they were exercising their basic right to defend their property. No, that would be anti-Arab racism.

All around the world, it’s open season for anything connected to the Jewish race. Here in America, 27 Jewish community centers in seventeen states reported receiving (false) telephone bomb threats on the 18th of this month. It was the second wave of hoax attacks to target American Jewish facilities in less than two weeks.

The most troubling thing about these anti-Semitic attacks is the lack of concern. If someone paints a swastika on a  synagogue, the crime is a one-day story. If someone says Muslims should not come to a nation, it is considered a hate crime.

Our former president, Barack Hussein Obama, was the most anti-Israel president in history. He failed to block two votes at the United Nations that denied the Jews biblical and historical ties to the land of their ancestors.

His administration backed the lie that the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem, as well as much of the city itself and the lands known as Judea and Samaria are illegally inhabited by Jews. To side with Obama, you have to ignore the fact that there never was a Palestinian people and the fossil records that confirm the Jewishness of Israel going back some 4000 years.

I knew Obama would make one parting shot at Israel. At his last press conference he said, “I don’t see how this issue gets resolved in a way that maintains Israel as both Jewish and a democracy.” Of course, he was implying that Israel is an illegitimate nation that is only held together by force.

Pope Francis has also gotten his hands dirty by siding with the enemies of Israel. On January 14, the Pope received the Palestinian Authority, President Mahmoud Abbas. It’s bad enough that the Vatican is giving diplomatic recognition of a non-existent Palestinian state, but it also gives legitimacy to a man who decided he doesn’t need to bother with elections to hold office.

I received a flood of emails about the January 15, 2017 diplomatic conference in Paris where 72 nations gathered to talk about how to make a Palestinian state a reality. Never mind that there are much bigger problems in the world like the division Cyprus, Russia’s control of the Crimea, China’s claim to international waters, and the mess of northern Syria. There are no campus demonstrations chanting, “Free Gaza from the tyranny of Hamas.”

The Paris meeting turned out to be a pointless yak fest. Our new president, then still president-elect Donald Trump, saved the day by letting it be known that he did not take kindly to a major diplomatic move five days before he was to take office. British Prime Minister Theresa May also helped seal the meetings irrelevancy by only sending a  non-participating envoy and saying it is now time to build a relationship with the new American administration.

A clear indication that we are getting closer to the end of the last days has been the demonic driven escalation on the hatred of Israel. The rhetoric attacking Israel has gone from initially being called an “occupier” to an “apartheid state. And to where she is now be called an “aggressor.”  Donald Trump may slow the momentum of this train of hate, but I don’t think he will be able to derail it.

“On that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations” (Zechariah 12:3).


Red Lights Flashing!

Questions pour in these days from those who have consistently read these commentaries over the years. Although the questions are all phrased differently to one extent or the other, the tone and thrust are the same. Those who are serious students of Bible prophecy –particularly from the pre-Trib perspective– view geopolitical matters taking place at present as profoundly significant. They see the red, flashing lights of alert.

“What do you think this means?” The queries most all ask this in one form or another. Developments last week in Paris, France stirs intensive interest among those who observe the times in light of Bible prophecy. Israel being at the heart of the matters involved generates the inquiries I receive almost hourly.

I am in complete agreement with those who email me. Things transpiring at the moment is like seeing the flashing, red lights at train-tracks you might be about to cross. Imminent danger exists. –Time to pay close attention!

Seventy-two nations –most overtly antagonistic to Israel– gathered during the past, inaugural week, ostensibly to determine the Jewish nation’s fate. Their intent, in the opinion of many who are observant Bible prophecy students, was to force Israel into giving up all claims to the land upon which the nation resides.

Intervention by the incoming Trump Administration seems to have preempted full implementation of the anti-Israel agenda. Great Britain also added its conference-dampening input.

Israel, with its constant vigilance against ever-present attempts to destroy the nation reportedly has managed to thwart much of its U.N. enemy efforts in the Paris conference matter.

United Nations globalists’ agenda, under the Resolution 2334  rubric they want to establish, is to declare Israel an occupier –the oppressor of the Palestinians who –the Israel antagonists say– have legitimate claim to the land.

While angry losers in America’s presidential election continue to sniffle and sob, and in some cases rage, that Donald J. Trump is illegitimate occupier of Obama’s White House, the U.N. Israel haters go through their own sort of whining and moaning. We have been witness to a constant diatribe of last days antics, orchestrated by Satan himself, I’m convinced, in order to try to rearrange the geopolitical and socio-economic landscape. Pope Francis, in meeting with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, intruding into the Israeli-Palestinian land for peace thrust by the U.N., also, I believe, made observable Satan’s hand being inserted into the religious arena in his attempt to set the international stage for Antichrist’s eventual rule.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the Paris peace conference, devised by the Palestinian Authority and hosted by France, a “fraud.” He said the conference was “anti-Israel.” He warned the phony summit “will further lead to the adoption of anti-Israel positions.” Critics of the so-called Paris summit for peace between Israel and the Palestinians say that the conference and U.N. R2334 constituted an effort to lock Israel into the borders as they were in 1949. A document produced as a result of the meetings might, it was feared, have meant that Israel would have no claim to the Temple Mount, Mount Olivet, and all other of the sites revered as holy by Jews and Christians. Such a document would, it was thought, be designed to give the territory to the new Palestinian state if the so-called two-state solution comes to fruition. Representatives of Israel weren’t part of the conference. Netanyahu has vowed to ignore anything coming out of the “summit.” It remains to be seen what will be the ramifications of this attempted globalist grab in Middle East power politics.

Immediately upon release of information about R2334, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry made his now infamous, obviously anti-Israel statement as part of his speech. Kerry said that Israel could be either Jewish or Democratic, it cannot be both.

The Trump Administration will undoubtedly have much to say in changing America’s course as stated by Kerry. However, the secretary of state’s utterly audacious declaration thus laid out for the world to see the fact that the Obama Administration views Israel as an oppressive regime intent upon treating Palestinians cruelly if the Jewish state doesn’t go along with allowing the Palestinians all they want and deserve.

Ignoring all the atrocities and terrorism spawned on a daily basis by enemies who are vowed that they will destroy Israel, Kerry went on to imply America would recommend punitive repercussions for Israel’s refusal to make peace under terms of the Paris meetings.

Even though the conference in France seems to have been neutralized in large part, such statements by America’s (now former) top representative on the world diplomatic stage raises red flags –and sets those red lights flashing to be sure. The thoughts of students of Bible prophecy immediately go to Genesis chapter 12 about those who bless Israel and those who curse Israel.

The cogitations carom around within the spiritually-attuned gray matter. Zechariah chapter 12 and 14 and Joel 3:2 and many other prophetic passages involving God’s pronouncements about Israel at the end of the age leap at us. The red lights flash brightly. There are no more powerful signals to be found in Scripture on the nearness of Christ’s return at Armageddon following the seven-year Tribulation period.

We know, according to God’s Word, too, that Christ will call all believers into Heaven at least seven years before His Second Advent at the time of Armageddon.

Israel, the false peace process –all nations turned against God’s chosen nation –these are flashing, red lights to be sure.

However, my sense is that like the Lord’s obvious Intervention into so much of the globalist agenda, for the moment, God’s mighty hand has again intervened in this matter of the deck being stacked in favor of the Palestinians against God’s chosen people.