Various Sights

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The mighty, raging Jordan river
They grow bananas in Israel.
Here are two soldiers thumbing for a ride. This practice was ruled to be too dangerous in the wake of all the terrorist attacks.
This marble statue shows Roman soldiers carrying a Jewish menorah back to Rome after the conquest of 70 AD.
I'm being baptized in the Jordan River.
Glory Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Israel's Ben Gurion Airport
When I went to Israel, one of the most interesting tidbits I picked up is that a "tell" represents the layers of debris that build up as one civilization build on the ruins of another. These tells can become huge like the one seen here.
We went to a museum and where impressed by this pile of clay shoes that represented the shoes of Jews that piled up as they were killed in the death camps of WWII.
An example of drip irrigation
This is not a prison; it's an Israeli settlement.