Prophesies For The Mid-90’s

Announcer: The following is another dynamic message by Benny Hinn, healing evangelist, author, teacher and pastor of the Orlando Christian Center.

Benny Hinn: [Tongues] The Lord says this year – the Lord says “this year in Orlando, you’re going to see new ministers arise. Some are going to move into Orlando to start new ministries, but I’m not in it. I am not in it. They will come here because of the growth,” and the Lord says to tell you that “what I don’t begin, where I do not begin, will fall. But there’ll be some, three of which I’m sending to this city. Three. One will spark the fires of evangelism. A second will spark the great commitment I’m waiting for in My church. These are not churches,” the Lord says. “These are ministries, nationwide ministries, national ministries. And the third will be a ministry that is new, just been birthed, that will reach the young people of America from Orlando. And this church is going to be [tongues] is going to be in fellowship with that new ministry for the youth. They will expose Satan’s last hidden secrets. They will be criticized for the way they look, but I am in them,” says God. “They will not be your typical church-goer, but when they speak, you’ll recognize the anointing. Yes,” says the Lord, “they will even go into the high schools of America and bring God back into the classrooms.” And the Lord says “it won’t be easy, but this is a new breed of fighters that will even affect the minds in Washington, DC concerning Me.”

The Lord also says that two of His great giants “will die in the mid-90’s. They’ve held the torch of revival for the last 40 years, these two. One of them has been to this church, and the other has not. One will die suddenly while asleep, and the other will die with sickness. And as both giants die, which will be in the mid-90’s, I will shake this world with a last revival. Their death will be the closing pages of this move, and the new move of God will begin, which I have promised. Remember, when Moses died, Joshua arose, and when the Moses of this day will die, two of them still walking this earth, whose callings are of Moses, My Joshua will arise.

“Yea,” says the Lord, “you’re going to see what your eyes have never seen, what your ears have not heard, what you’ve only dreamed about. Yes,” says God, “because I am God, I will do it. There will be many raised from the dead in that day, many visitations of angels that will come as young men knocking at your door. You will not recognize them as angels at first, but then you will be burned within your hearts. Yes,” says God, “Satan will not be able to stop the people I’m raising. Yes,” says the Lord, “My Name is in them and many of them are in this room tonight.”

The Lord also tells me to tell you in the mid-90’s, about ’94, ’95, no later than that, God will destroy the homosexual community of America. [Round of applause] But He will not destroy it with what many minds have thought Him to be. He will destroy it with fire. And many will turn and be saved, and many will rebel and be destroyed.

God tells me to tell you there’s a new disease that will arise on the scene unknown to mankind that will kill many. The Spirit of God tells me to tell you that there is a demon spirit – my goodness! – his name is Apollyon. He’s written up in the book of Revelation. His name is The Destructor Destroyer. He will come from the south, from South America, into America itself, and will plague many who are living in rebellion.

God told me to tell you that the drug problem of America will cause many to die with that plague. This new plague will be birthed because of a new drug that will come on the scene in the ’90s, and it will come from South America, and the United States government will look on that day and say “Where do we go now?”

But my people will arise with healing in their wings even as healing are in Mine. The economy of the United States of America is going to fall. Many businesses will go bankrupt. Many will be bought over by foreign companies even as they are now, but God says they will be bought by nations that now are considered under-developed, but says “Japan will turn away from America and will join hands with Europe and America will stand alone economically and will be rejected by the nations. But in that day I will bring America to its knees and I will visit it one more time.” [Tongues] “And what will bring America to its knees,” says the Spirit, “is the economic collapse. The allies she has depended upon will turn their backs and in that day I will reveal My glory to America and I will remember the seed that she has sown. I will remember My high, My high love for her.”

The Spirit of God tells me to tell you that “because this nation has sown blood into the mission field, that I have heard the voice of My saints who have been sown into the nations out of this land, and because of that seed which is the blood of My saints, I will look again on this nation even as I’ve looked on Israel long ago and I will restore its greatness. In that greatness, I will be magnified.

“Canada will be visited by a mighty revival that will start in the West Coast of British Columbia. It will sweep across the West. It will sweep across even Alaska. It will come East. The great move of God that I have planned for America will not begin on the West Coast but on the East Coast. It will break loose in the next 3 years and sweep across to the West.”

The Spirit of God tells me an earthquake will hit the East Coast of America and destroy much in the ’90s. Not one place will be safe from earthquakes in the ’90s. These who have not known earthquakes will know it. People, I feel the Spirit all over me! [Tongues]

The Spirit of God tells me “there will be a woman that will arise as a leader in the West. In her day, much evil will take place. She will be very powerful.” And the Spirit tells me that “the church, once raptured, following the rapture a woman President will be in the White House and that woman President will destroy this nation, but My church will be gone, and My saints will be home.”

The Spirit tells me that Europe, who’s already now becoming powerful, will rule the nations and influence the world. The Spirit tells me that South and Central America will have the greatest revival since Acts. As the worlds of communism have been broken in Europe, they will be broken in Central America.

The Spirit tells me Fidel Castro will die in the ’90s. Oh, my! “Some will try to kill him and they will not succeed, but there will come a change in his physical health and he will not stay in power and Cuba will be visited of God. I will visit Cuba.”

Holy Spirit, do you mean he’ll die physically? What do you mean, Holy Spirit? Tell me, please? My! Oh! The Holy Spirit just said to me it will be worse than any death you can imagine. There’s some question in my spirit on what kind of death the Lord means. I’m not sure. I see him, I see Castro bent over behind bars. I don’t know what it means.

A world dictator is coming on the scene. My! He’s a short man.He’s a short man. I see a short man who’s a perfect incarnation of Satan. [Tongues]  Never in my life have I had anything happen like what’s happening to me now! “This man will rule the world. In the next few years you will see him. But not long after that you will see Me.” [Tongues]

And finally the Lord tells me to tell you this: “My church in America will be persecuted. Some of you are going not to understand it. In that day you will see the greatest glory on your person. Many families will turn away from Me and will deny Me, yet their children will follow Me, and I will be exalted by the young more than the old and as this persecution begins, many will turn against you and lead many of you into painful positions and painful places. But I will be closer to you that day than you’ve ever known Me to be,” and now the Spirit says, “be strong and be courageous. I’ve not left you comfortless. I have come and I will build you and make you a mighty army for Me. I will cause you to know My power and the healing of My virtue. Yes,” says the Lord, “this is the hour I’m preparing My church. Don’t be afraid. Your days ahead are bright. Your days ahead are glorious. And to businessmen, I say, I will bless your business and the world will envy you. I will prosper you and you will be a helper to many. Yes,” says God, “America on that day will lack, but My church will feed the hungry in America.” Stand and praise Him.

My Lord, My Lord. How many feel an awesome presence of Almighty God? Lift your hands and praise His Holy Name, people. Hallelujah! What a way to start the nineties. What a way to start the nineties…..I wish that somebody would make sure to tell me what I said. Did you tape that brother? Did you tape that? I was totally drunk. I’m still drunk.

(Prophecy For The 1990’s, This Is Your Day, Orlando Christian Center, January 1, 1990)