February 29, 2016

nmBig Brother’s Booming Business

The FBI and Apple Corporation have been locked in a legal battle over the encryption features of the iPhone. The Feds want Apple to build a backdoor into the device so it can access information on the iPhone 5S, which was used by the radical jihadist, Syed Rizwan Farook—before he and his wife killed 14 people in San Bernardino in early December of last year.

There is no indication that the Farook’s iPhone contains any vital information that would relate to a future terrorist attack. All the news outlets are essentially saying the world will come to an end if we do not access that iPhone. (After all, the families of the victims need answers!) Since 51 percent of the public agrees with the FBI, Apple is being compelled to surrender the iPhone’s secret contents.

The FBI has won a series of court battles by claiming it only wants Apple to unlock this one single iPhone. However, the Wall Street Journal has confirmed that there are actually 12 other iPhones the FBI wants to access in cases that have nothing to do with terrorism.

There is nothing in the Constitution that requires us to exchange liberty for security. Today, merely mentioning “terrorism” in a bill causes even the most conservative member of Congress to vote in favor of it. One of the most profound views on this subject came from the late Justice Antonin Scalia:

“There is nothing new in the realization that the Constitution sometimes insulates the criminality of a few in order to protect the privacy of us all.”

The U.S. government has proven it can’t be trusted with any type confidential information. Recently learned that Chinese hackers have stolen the personal information of 21.5 million current and former federal employees. Our military secret technology has also been fumbled by the government.

We are set to spend $1.5 trillion on the F-35 jet fighter, and last week, photos emerged of a new fighter in China that looks suspiciously similar to the F-35. The data from over 100 million people would be put at risk the day we give this same group of bumblers a magic key to unlock their smartphones.

Our nation’s spy agencies have built massive data centers to store information that relates to terrorism. One of the largest is the Utah Data Center, near Bluffdale, Utah. This facility was designed to collect exabytes of raw data.

Whistleblowers like William Binney and Edward Snowden have given us a basic understanding of the capability of these facilities, but it remains a mystery what type of information is being stored. The mainstream media has had little interest revealing the true mission of these data centers.

Another way the government invades our lives is with regulation. Each year, thousands of new guides becomes law. The prize for the most absurd regulation would be a proposal in California to make it mandatory for anyone who serves alcohol to take a course to help identify customers who may be drinking too much and intervene.

The legislation aims to cut down on DUIs and alcohol-related deaths. This law seeks to turn moral responsibility on its head. A person being tried for a booze-related crime could say, “Your honor, I wouldn’t have T-boned that school bus if the bartender had cut me off after my tenth Rum and Coke.”

It wasn’t that long ago when nearly every governmental effort to creep into our lives was met with a rebuff. One of the most vocal defenders of freedom were liberals. Today, every time Big Brother asks for another chunk of freedom, he generally gets what he wants. Oddly enough, liberals are now the ones most active in saying the government knows what is best for us.

A key factor that has facilitated this change is the “spirit of antichrist;” the demonic forces that will eventually enable the Antichrist to take over the world. The world is going crazy on so many fronts. Any true believer should know that that the forces of evil are getting stronger by the day. The more power the devil gains, the greater his ability to grab more.

“This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming and even now is already in the world” (1 John 4:3).


nmThe Crisis Awaits

President Obama recently made the statement, in effect, that anyone who tells us the economic situation in the United States is not getting better is “peddling fiction.” This he said despite the fact that the debt clock is ticking at a rate that will soon have Americans and generations to come owing beyond $20 trillion. Extrapolated out over an extended number of years, some economists are saying unfunded liabilities of this nation amount to in excess of $200 trillion.

Like it or not, believe it or not, you and I are being swept along by the tide of human history toward something profoundly ominous. Hourly news accounts, no matter how much they’ve been doctored to try to present a recovering national and global economic picture, engender fearful concerns about things to come. It is almost impossible to grasp the causes and effects of the evil shaping and moving America and the world toward a destiny the supposed best minds on the planet can’t determine. However, that inability to define the problems, much less find solutions, doesn’t stop them from making seemingly wild stabs at trying to channel all of us into a drastically changed economic national and world order.

But, are their attempts really wild stabs, or is there method to their madness? History is replete with attempts to reshape national and even global economic realities. Money equals power and power exerts control upon this fallen planet. Power is the ultimate endgame of all who seek it for themselves. Henry Kissinger put it this way: “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.”

The declaration can be understood in recalling the most ancient of accounts of an infamous personality seeking the greatest of all power:

For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High. (Isaiah 14:13–14)

Humankind’s determination to do the same—acquire the power to which the angel named Lucifer aspired—hasn’t changed since the serpent first told Eve that she and Adam would be like God if they ate from the fruit of the forbidden tree (see Genesis 3:5). Tracing the serpent’s trail of power madness to a later time recorded in the Bible (Genesis chapter 11), Nimrod was the would-be one-world- order builder of his day, following the Great Flood of Noah’s time. He, like every megalomaniac since, lusted for God-like power.

Man’s lust for power continues to grow; he has not learned the lessons of the past because, as a whole, he regards the Word of God as irrelevant to the governance of the earth. One philosopher of renown, George Santayana, put it this way: “He who does not remember history is condemned to repeat it.”

The corruption that God saw and condemned in antediluvian times, which caused Him to destroy all upon the earth except eight people, has again reached a dangerous level. Dictators prove the truth of another bit of philosophical wisdom, this by Lord Edward Acton: “All power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

In my estimation we see this level of power being sought in the words and actions of the current presidential administration. Circumventing the U.S. Constitution at every opportunity because this president has “a phone and a pen” poses a danger to this republic. To at the same time have another branch of government that is supposed to act as a check and balance to an out-of-control executive, yet does nothing to present opposition, creates real and present danger to this nation.

While mainstream media types of network and cable seemingly sway acceptingly in the mesmerizing economic flute notes of the charmer — the real peddler of fiction — the immediate future looks ominously bleak, according to true financial experts who are without the benefit of the mainstream’s ubiquitous microphones and cameras to get out their warning. The nation and the world are about to experience economic collapse the likes of which has never occurred, is their message.

These are most all in agreement. There will come a trigger point, or a tipping point. This will be one moment in time, and it will prick the immense financial bubble that the money powers that be have manipulated to this point of crisis we face.

My own belief continues to be that it is God’s great hand of control rather than the would-be economic masters that has prevented the bubble from bursting. The crisis awaits the moment in time when the Lord, Himself, will burst the bubble. If one studies carefully the news of late, it becomes clear that the term “cashless system” is coming more and more into vogue. The economic gurus at the highest levels — in human terms and in supernatural, satanic terms — seem to be preparing a system of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). They want to do away with physical currency and go to the cashless, computer system so they can carry out their sleight-of-hand, monetary machinations electronically.

The marks-and-numbers system of economics of Revelation 13:16-18 is more than just on the drawing board. We are seeing it come to pass in our daily news. All that is required for its implementation is the crisis that will bring it forward. I am convinced that crisis will be created by the Rapture of all who name the name of Christ.