It Is Vitally Important That You Understand :: by Don Twobears

It says in Genesis 1: “God said.” That’s it, that’s enough, God did it! What part of “God said” does everyone not understand?! Here’s another one for ya: Where in the Bible does it tell us?” “Be nice now, you don’t want to upset their delicate sensibilities when you’re speaking to a fool.” What other name is there to give such an individual? How about “Hey Stupid!” Oh…I’m sorry, it’s not nice or good etiquette to call anyone stupid, right?

Actually, you could use this same phrase with, for example, a professor of nuclear physics when it comes to the Lord God Almighty! It is in the Bible, our greatest intellect is like foolishness to God! Correct me here, does this not say, in God’s mind, our greatest intellect or the person with this great intellect…is as dumb as a rock?!

At least a rock knows where it stands or lies, whatever the case and doesn’t TRY and be more than what it was created by God to be…a rock! And yet, here are all the humans God created, with HIS own two hands and they have the audacity to thumb their collective noses…at God? Tell me, I’m just dreaming here!

We already know that God could pop you and I out of existence…with a thought to the tune that NO one would even remember there ever was a…you and me! Trust me readers…THAT is power!! I am NOT able to conceive a picture in my mind…of that level of power…that’s just incredible!! The majority of us were created by God to be nothing more than plain old folk! We are meant to learn of our Lord and Savior and to honor HIM and follow HIS Commandments…to the letter!!

Or die trying!! Even at that, death would never separate anyone of us…From HIM!! So…why all this attitude? Who are we to say in our heart, “There is NO God!” Or that evolution was how everything came to be? Think on this last statement for a second! As my Dad used to tell me, “Son…please…use that head for something other than a hat rack!”

Okay, according to evolution, there was this mass of whatever and it exploded Billions of years ago! Now after all the hubub settled, there was heat from the blast and a few molecules came together and then millions of years later…POOF…here is man!

Or was it, “Once upon a time, there was this explosion of a mass that came from nothing and because of all the heat produced there was a chemical reaction in some primordial slime, that just happened to be lying around , doing nothing! Now…across millions of years, there popped up from this primordial pool an amoeba. And then…from this amoeba, across another million years, a salamander began to live and it evolved to a larger reptile and then became a monkey.”

Next thing we know, here we are…”Heyyyyy Johnnyyyy!” We don’t need to get into the fact that everything that lives…has its own specific DNA and RNA structure and this structure will not allow for any type of evolutionary change in it spawns…from the original structures. Even the viral mutations are not able to do that! They become specific to themselves! Oh…alright!! I’m being condescending here…sorry!!

God created us…all of us…and we have our own specific DNA and RNA structures, we did NOT spawn from monkeys! God gave us our minds and told us to learn, but HE left…the what…up to us! It’s sort of funny how everything in our physical life…speaks of God. You are either in this spot or you are in that spot, but never the same spot at the same time! There is a right or wrong, an up or a down, an in or an out, a happy or sad, but continually…you are in only one spot at any given moment!

Each and every one of us KNOWS when we are right or when we are wrong! And why is everything this way? “God said so!!” With the Bible, having said that, we are either God’s children or we are not! There is no in-between, no “gray area”…you are either standing with the Lord God Almighty…or you are NOT!

It’s that simple. If you stand with the Lord, YOU go to heaven after your body ceases to function. If you do NOT stand with the Lord, you go to hell. Again…it’t that simple. The next problem deals with whether you are willing to accept…the responsibility…of YOUR choice in the matter!

Why is it so hard for everyone to accept the idea that God says that it is one way or the other. There is NO holding tank of whatever name you wish to give it. There is NO purgatory! Once you die, your body stays dead, in the grave, but your soul either goes to be with the Lord or it consigned to hell…in the end, It’s for eternity! It is that simple. You have the ability and the choice to accept the ‘gift” of God through Jesus Christ and have eternal life.

Therefore, if you do NOT choose HIS free gift…don’t expect to go to heaven! Allah does not exist…and there are not 72 virgins waiting for you! That my friends…at least in my mind…is 71 too many headaches! And to think for one moment that will be for eternity? PLEASE…Lord…let it NOT be so! You will NOT see heaven if you are a Muslim or a Buddist, or whatever…anything short of being saved through the blood of Jesus Christ…is FAILURE!

I want to also say that we humans have a strange way of thinking! God’s holy Word to us, tells us how we need to live everyday of our lives, it has the Ten Commandments. We have churches everywhere in this country, whether they are God fearing is another story, we have a huge amount of people that say they are spiritual. We have the largest concentration of born-again believers in the world! Now…ask some of them to stand up and give their personal testimony.

As my Mom used to say, “Ye Gods and little fishes!!” Have you lost your mind?! Me…give my testimony?? And they say this because they are either afraid or they can’t think of one! Jesus Christ said if you deny Him before man and He will deny you before the Father. The vast majority are afraid to show any sort of connection with our Lord and Savior, outside of the church!

So, my question is…WHY?? They are petrified…absolutely to the core! And then they wonder why the Lord does not bless them more, go figure…right? I like the old adage, “Well…religion and politics are never discussed in polite company.” Really? And why, pray tell, is it that way to begin with? Dumbest thing I have ever heard of…Jesus Christ should be the CORE of all our discussions, plain and simple!

What is the next thing that we are so weird about? How about death? Everyone already KNOWS they are going to die one day, so why is it such a bad thing? Well…I guess if you are not saved by Jesus Christ you have every reason to be sad and discomforted─ you’re headed for hell! You see all the “trappings” and you hear all the hymns and everyone is so distraught! If they are born-again to Jesus Christ…we ought to be throwing a going away party…right?!

But…no, we send flowers and shed a tear or two…but in the olden times flowers were sent because of all the decomposition taking place, if you didn’t plant them quick enough. Thing is, everyone is going that way anyhow! The real concern should be, are they in heaven?! Are they presently with the Lord?!

We live everyday, knowing we are going to die, that’s just the way life is…and yet we fear it so much we would rather NOT talk about. It just doesn’t seem to make any sense anymore. Each and everyone of us must die…just NOT today! Don’t believe me, take a look at television, the crime shows, the war footage, the horror shows, even the daily NEWS, its all there!

Finally…the Word of God, tells us how we should live every day, how we should be with others, our work ethic, how we should love one another, how we should pray and seek the Lord first, in everything we do. And if we do these things, because we are born-again by Jesus Christ, we will prosper and be happy and will live long in the land! We will forever be held in HIS capable hands, safe for eternity!

So then the question is…why do we do the opposite?? Of all the stupid things, the weird and strange things we do or think…why is it so hard for us to conform the what the Lord God Almighty asks of us?

Heaven is “to gain,” as the apostle Paul said. Hell is to fail…and fail miserably! And then we think to ourselves or even talk about “The good ol’ days,” how things of yesteryear were so much better, of days of old when life was so simple.”

Don’t you think it’s time to research the root of those days? Who…and how…did all those glorious days come about? Maybe you’ll see where you stand…with Jesus Christ…or with that other dude…Satan (Father of Lies). The Bible…is definitely…the Holy Word of God…to us…it is the Truth…every word! Jesus Christ…SAVES!