Ever Wonder Why Everything Is Messed Up?! :: by Don Twobears

The “times” we are living in has been written about by so many. RaptureReady.com is full of wisdom of the Lord, concerning all things pre-Rapture, pre-Tribulation, pre-Second Coming of our Lord and Savior. All the truth according to the Word of God─the Bible has been written and dissected many, many times! The Bible has been around for the better part of two millennia, the Word of God is in every section of the world, whether they want it to be or not.

The entire world is open to being seen on TV, Internet, whatever at any time, day or night. People across the world KNOW what is right, what is truthful, what is acceptable…inherently!! There are greater and more devastating natural events now, including strength and frequency, than has ever been seen on this earth.

The economic situations are appalling at best and are only going to get worse with time and everyone already knows this! Personal lives are being torn apart by the individuals own desires, families are falling apart, children killing their parents, parents killing their children, people killing each other for no good reason at all. At this point, do you ever wonder what is going on and if we have lost our minds completely?

Whatever happened to the teachings of OUR older people? Have we completely lost the ability to remember, to be able to read, to think soberly?? We, here in the USA, run around like there isn’t enough time in a day to get everything done, according to our little schedules, what we think is all so important, that we forget to spend time with family.

We have forgotten how to worry more about our children, we spend too much time worrying about our selfish needs, “Oh…it’s all about me!!” We forget our moms and dads, “I just don’t have enough time!!” So then the question is, “What is it that is so all-fired-up important…that we no longer have time for others…that we “supposedly love?”

Then we spend a little time on Sunday to go to church. We sit there with our little hands folded so nice and proper like, we listen to the sermon and get all fired up and pious like! And then we do what? We go right back to living how we have previously, absolutely no change!

Is the preacher, expounding the Truth according to the Word of God, or are they preaching some other gospel, like prosperity and wealth, self-help and whatever! Do you ever wonder what your children are hearing in Sunday School? Oh…did I hit a nerve here? I’m so sorry! “I” shouldn’t be so calloused…about YOUR feelings! I know…I should be thinking about YOUR situation here, your feelings, right?

Let me ask you some questions, if you don’t mind. As you sit in church listening to the sermon or singing the songs, do you see the cross where Jesus Christ died? Do you see the blood HE shed there, for your sin? Do you listen for His voice talking to you, ministering to you of His love for you?

Is your heart in a position to “praise Him” to give “honor” for His love to you? In your heart are you on your knees in humble adoration of HIM? Do you thank HIM for saving you to eternal life; are you asking HIM to show you the path HE walks and to walk with HIM?

Are you asking for HIS wisdom and discernment…of His Holy Word, the Bible? Are you asking Him to show you how to talk with others about HIM and HIS saving grace? Are you asking for HIS strength to talk to others, to write to others, whatever it is that HE wants you to do?

Are you asking HIM to show you the true value of things (money, cars, house and the like)? Are you asking HIM to set your heart, soul, spirit, in the right direction? Most of all, are you asking for HIS “forgiveness” of YOUR sin to cleanse you and make you whole…for HIM? Are you asking HIM to apply HIS perfect will in your life?

Here’s the first problem. We can write about the Rapture and the Tribulation until we can no longer type…in essence until we’re blue in the face…but…it is worthless, if you never come to Jesus Christ!!!

It will not matter…until you come to Jesus Christ…and make HIM your Lord and Savior! It will be useless talk and writings! A relationship with Jesus Christ…is the most personal relationship you will ever have…It is just YOU and HIM! And NOTHING…will ever be able to separate YOU from HIM.

HE is GOD. God created and designed everything, absolutely EVERYTHING! With a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, NOTHING can take you from HIM, or separate you from HIM, NO ONE can hurt you, even DEATH won’t mean anything…HE…conquered death!!

Here is where things get a little sticky! YOU will KNOW…whether you are saved by Jesus Christ or not…You will know it in your heart, your soul and spirit!! Every single person ever born on this planet…KNOWS…whether they are saved by Jesus Christ! They can say anything they want, they can lie and swindle you, but…they…ultimately KNOW! The “sticky” part? What they say to you…is not always what they ultimately know…in their heart!

This is the part, where the Bible tells us we will know them by their fruit. A grape vine does not produce apples, right? So then it matters little what they say…IF…you know Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ will give you HIS Wisdom, through HIS Word, the Bible, to dispel any notions that are NOT of HIM.

That means you must read HIS Holy Word─the Bible! It’s as simple as that. There is NO other way! Meditation, yoga, wishing…will NOT work, they are empty things you are trying to DO…to get into heaven!

You can NOT “DO ANYTHING” to get into heaven, Jesus Christ said:

“I… am the way, the Truth and the Life, no man comes to the Father…Except through me!”