Youth’s Three Great Choices – By Arthur Vess


Few realize the great problems facing the youth of our day. From infancy to their grown up years, they face problems and temptations unknown in our earlier days. But along with these great problems, they also face greater opportunities than we older ones ever knew or realized in our younger years. Just recently, we have felt urged and called to write this book for the defense, inspiration, and instruction of our modern youth. Along with the fond memories of our own childhood and youth, the many years of experience which we have had in dealing with our precious young people has given us an intelligent and tender understanding and interest in them. Added to a number of years teaching in our public schools, we have spent a major portion of our life in teaching and counseling our young people in our church schools, besides connection in the pastorate and evangelism. It has been our serious and wonderful privilege and responsibility to stand at the cross-roads of many young people who are now making major contributions to the cause of Christ, in the various fields of Christian service, as well as in other honorable fields of service.    A heart understanding and fellowship with young lives has made unlimited contributions to my own limited life, and left fond memories of our contacts with them. We trust that a number of them will read these lines, and continue to live honorable, noble lives for God and others. Young people are not usually our problems, but our opportunities to live on and better through their lives of conscientious devotion to God and others. They have their problems, but let us help them solve them, and save their lives for time and eternity.

Now young people, come in, and let us sit down together and discuss your problems with a tender, experienced, sympathetic spiritual understanding. After you have read this book, if you still have unsolved problems and uncertain life choices to make, feel free to write us, with a self-addressed, stamped, envelope, and we shall do our best to be a father unto you, in the most tender and understanding manner. Your letters will be kept strictly confidential.

All right, here we stand, facing your future life which depends on the Three Great Choices which compose the theme of this book, and the theme of your lives. These Three Choices are:

I. Your God.
II. Your Life Work.
III. Your Life Companion.

These choices are all tied up together, and each dependent, one on the other. They are in the right order: Your God, Your Life Work, AndYour Life Companion.