How To Win Our Loved Ones To Christ – By Arthur Vess

Chapter 1

The Salvation Of Our Loved Ones Is Our First Responsibility And Last Obligation

This is a double responsibility, both for us and for them. Whatever else we may do for our loved ones, all is lost if they are lost. We may do our best for them, and yet they may choose to be lost; but if we do not do our best for them, they will likely be lost, and at our charge. Some children and older ones seem by nature to be easier or harder to win to Christ than others, but the more difficult the task the more effort we should put forth. To grow up in the same home with our loved ones, and then to be separated from them for all eternity to their eternal sorrow, should awaken each of us to allow nothing to hinder our every effort to win our loved ones to Christ. One mother vowed that she would pray all her children into the Kingdom or pray them out of the world, and she prayed them all in. Both for their final salvation, and for their present training, we must win them to Christ while they are young and tender. Many children die unconverted. It is hard to train a child up as a Christian with an unchristian heart, the foundation of all its desires and responses. We cannot train them up in the way they should go till we get them into that way.

Despite all the intimidations of the devil, we should have more influence over our children than all others. It is usually so in everything else, and should be so in religious matters. They usually follow our politics, and social ideas, and should follow our religion also. Of course, this requires a change of heart. Though our loved ones know our faults and frailties better than all others, they will allow more for us than any others. If you do not think so, let some one else slander you. When we see them die without Christ, we shall wonder why we let foolish bashfulness, or backwardness, or the cares of this life, keep us from doing our best to win them to Christ before it was forever too late.