Who Are You?

lettersThere are several potential scenario’s by which this memorandum might be read. Mentally check one.

1-It is read by a non believer, prior to my death and, or the Rapture.____
2-It is read by a believer, prior to my death and, or the Rapture______
3-It is read by a person who became a believer after the Rapture______
4-It is read by a person who is not a believer, yet may have missed the rapture and may have time yet.___

This report is written by a fifty-five year old male, in February of 2002. I am blessed beyond expectation. I have good health, a loving wife of 36 years, two children that are happily married and six grand children. I also have several small businesses and am financially independent. I stake all that I have been blessed with on the fact Jesus Christ is the Son of God and will transport my spirit and soul to him at either death or “the catching away” of all of those that believe in him. This is well recorded in the Bible, in the New Testament book of 1 Thessalonians Chapter 4 verse 16

I will address each potential reader of my letter.

#1- I am a Christian as a result of Christianity’s ability to answer satisfactorily 4 major questions. What am I doing here, where did I come from, where am I going and how am I going to get there. Jesus Christ was so bold to declare himself both the Son of God and God. No other major religious person of the world has done so. Further, both historical Biblical and secular research backs up his contentions. Should I die tomorrow and my belief in Christ has been ill advised I have lost nothing. In fact, I have gained many friends and a prescription for a happy and healthy life. However, if I am correct, I have gained the promises of God and Christ of the Bible, which is eternity with them. The Bible proclaims, only a fool says in his heart there is no God!

#2-He who believes on Christ is wise. Heaven will be full of smart people. I am one and so are you. I look forward to seeing and becoming acquainted with you sometime in the next several million years.

#3-Congratulations. Simply put, you may not escape the next few years alive. >From the time of the revealing of the peace treaty, that was signed by a man who ultimately Satan himself takes residence in his body, until the coming back to earth of Jesus, will be a time of seven years. Your challenge is to maintain your faith in Jesus Christ, and not to take a world wide i.d. (that is even today in 2002 being much talked about by world governments) and not to fear those that can kill the body, but rather those who has power over your soul. I would encourage you to down load and print as much information regarding this special time you are in as possible. Also, obtain, protect and keep a Bible. The time will come when you will not have access to “the enemy’s propaganda”. I encourage you to fight aggressively for your life. However, the Holy Scriptures reveal that those that refuse to take the special i.d. (As found in Revelation 13:16-18) will be beheaded for their insurrections.

#4- If you have bought into the U.N and media’s explanation of millions of people suddenly and quickly disappearing, you are a fool. A wise person would at least go to an estate sale of one of the recently departed and pick up a few good Christian books that may offer an alternative and correct position on the event. However, hold on to your hat, because there is more to come. In the annuals of time, there is precious few moments left for you and your fellow unrepented mankind. Your own pride, arrogance, position, views, habits, friends, contacts, possessions are meaningless whether you accept it or not. Facts are facts. You can now accept your prior foolishness and be redeemed, or suffer eternal punishment, as God describes, not as you conjure or hope. Choice is yours! If you choose Christ, the rest of this time on earth will be difficult and you will likely lose your life. If you make no election, the rest of your time on earth will be difficult and you will likely lose your life, your soul and eternity. Should you choose now to accept Christ, do the following: 1-Ask forgiveness for your past sins. 2-Ask Christ to come into your heart now ( you do so by acknowledging him as the Son of God and having faith he alone is able to save you). 3-You profess your faith in Christ to other known believers. You must be very careful as to who you share your information with, as the invisible Christ will have a visible enemy in the world.

As mentioned, I personally have a 100% belief and faith in Jesus Christ. All that I have is worthless without the hope in Him. Regardless of who, when, where you read this, know this, I believe…