Incidents in Travel and Soul Winning – By Elmer & Julia Shelhamer

Chapter 30

Divine Guidance

“I will guide thee with mine eye.” “In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”

May we always be sure of Divine guidance? The following simple rules may be helpful:

1. Be absolutely sincere.

2. Let one and only one thought actuate you — the glory of God.

3. Be as willing (if God wills) to have your request denied as granted.

“While place we seek, or place we shun,

The soul finds happiness in none;

But with my God to guide my way

`Tis equal joy to go or stay.”


4. Do not become agitated. If you have honestly missed God’s first plan, He is considerate and glad to give you another opportunity. Believe Him!

5. Remember, God and His providences lead in only one direction at a time; therefore, never adopt a new course until you feel equally clear to abandon a former one.

6. Always remember that you and your plans are His property. If so, you can afford to be set aside and unused if He can afford it, since your eye is single. The longer the delay, the larger the pay.

7. Be willing to submit your plans to your superiors, yea, to those who are likely to oppose you. If your leadings are wholly of the Lord they will survive all opposition. The more you are abused, the more you will be used.

8. Rest! If you are wholly His, everything that comes to you is either sent or permitted by Him. If sent, then it is the very best thing that could come. If permitted, He stands ready, if you only believe, to rule and overrule all for your good and His glory.

9. Wait! When you do not know what to do, simply do nothing. Wait till the fog clears away. Do not force a half-open door. A closed door may be providential. Ability to hold still while under pressure gives God and Providence unlimited sway. A hurry spirit is always from beneath. “He that believeth shall not make haste.”

10. Above everything, see to it that all self-interest and self-seeking are gone. Few are wholly free from unsanctified. ambition. They believe they are, but the fact that they are uneasy when opposed is proof of lack of perfect resignation. Being dead to all things but God will enable one to keep calm, and make Him responsible as to the outcome.

* * *

Sober Vigilance

This slumber from my spirit shake;

Warned by the Spirit’s inward call,

Let me to righteousness awake,

And pray that I may never fall;

Or give to sin or Satan place,

But walk in all thy righteous ways.


O wouldst thou, Lord, thy servant guard

‘Gainst every known or secret foe;

A mind for all assaults prepared,

A sober vigilance bestow;

Ever apprised of danger nigh,


And when to fight and when to fly.