Revival Tornadoes – By Martin Knapp


Unto The
Blessed Holy Spirit,
Whose Mission It Is To Convict,
Renew, Witness, Sanctify, Fill, Lead,
And Illuminate, And Who With the Father
And Son Is Able To Overrule Any Mistakes
That May Be Herein, And
With Divine Energy Apply Its Truths;
And To All Of
The Great Family Of God’s Children,
Who By This Same Spirit Have Been
Baptized Into One Body,
This Book Is Humbly Dedicated
By Its Author.
* * * * * * *


Preston, O., July 4, 1889

“Revival Tornadoes; or, The Life of Rev. J. H. Weber,” by Rev. Martin Wells Knapp, hasmy endorsement as being the only book in which my life and labors have been written in full. MayHeaven’s smiles illuminate the readers, and when the Light of lights we stand before, may each onebe ushered into His presence, where there is fullness of joy. Amen

Yours under the blood,J. H. Weber

* *


The writing of this book is a surprise to myself. I had planned for a year of aggressive revival work, and had also another book on my mind to write as soon as circumstances wouldpermit.

Unexpectedly my health, for a season, failed, and I was compelled to give up public workaltogether. Then the question of writing this book was presented so forcibly, clearly, andrepeatedly, that I was made to feel sure that it was of God, and have undertaken it, in Jesus’ name,with that assurance.

The opposition of the enemies of the cross to Brother Weber’s work, and themisconceptions of it by others, even of God’s children, the extraordinary features of his labors, hismarvelous success even in the most forbidding fields, and the fact that in the few years of hisministry thousands have professed conversion, make the publication of what God has wrought inhim and through him of intense interest both to friend and foe.

The Scripture promise that the righteous “shall do exploits,” has in him been so abundantlyverified that he has been called “a wonder of the nineteenth century.”

After reading of his miraculous deliverance from the manacles of sin and the clutches ofCatholicism, and his confirmation by God Himself, as one of the most successful soul-winners ofany age, one is led anew to magnify the mysterious grace of God which thus exalts one whohumbles himself under His mighty hand.

It is humbly hoped and prayed that this book may be used of God in confounding theenemies of gospel truth, leading its readers to accept of forgiving grace; in detecting spuriousrevivals; in pointing to the secrets of success in revivals that are true; in inspiring evangelists,pastors and all other workers with new and more zealous efforts for the salvation of the people;and that it may prove a “tornado,” destructive only to that which Christ came to destroy, but ablessing to all that is precious in His kingdom.

Many thanks are due to Brother Weber and his many ministerial and other friends for thefurnishing of material without which the book could not have been written. Its circulation, like thatof those which the author hitherto has written, is committed to the Great Head of the Church. If alike blessing, or greater, shall attend this, to Him shall be the praise.

It is hoped that the reader, remembering that the writing of this book was not of the author’sown seeking, but of divine direction, and that he “did what he could,” will look leniently on anydefects that may be found, and pray that God, who is able, will overrule them to His own glory.May His grace abide with each forever. In Jesus’ perfect love,

M. W. Knapp
Albion, Mich.,


Revivals are essential to the spiritual prosperity of the Church. What spring is to the year,what showers are to the thirsty earth, the seasons of spiritual refreshing are to the life of God’speople. Men may talk about the desirability of continuous revivals, as compared with revivalseasons, but save in rare instances such does not seem to be the experience of the Church. Thereligions life has its variations. There are periods of growth and development, of steady progressand ordinary activity, but these are generally interspersed with occasions of rarer displays ofpower and blessing, quickening the spiritual vitalities, arousing the dormant religions energies,and enlisting all the powers of the soul in an effort for conquest and an experience of victory. Suchoccasions are called revivals. The Church feels their power and profits by their fruits. Withoutthem the life of many professed Christians would wane and die. Revivals keep them alive, feedthem, strengthen and encourage them, bring others to their support, brighten their surroundings,clarify the atmosphere, tone up the lives of fellow Christians, and help things generally. All liveChristians desire revivals, and all dead Christians need them. Therefore, whatever helps to thepromotion of revivals should be encouraged and welcomed. We believe the present volume willprove to be such a help. The life and labors herein chronicled have been blessed of God in thesalvation of many souls. The writer of the book, like its honored subject, is an efficient toiler in hisMaster’s vineyard. He understands revival methods and conditions, and can distinguish a genuine”revival tornado” from a sound of wind and fury signifying nothing. Let his work be read. Let thefacts become known. Let the world understand that there is power in our holy religion not only toconvert sinners from the error of their ways, but to rescue deluded souls from the ignorance andsuperstition of popery, and make them burning and shining lights in the free and joyous service ofGod.

James H. Potts