To Whom It May Concern

lettersWell, this should concern everyone!

By now you’ve probably heard, thousands of people are gone, disappeared into thin air. You might be afraid, and if so keep reading, I’d like to help you to understand what is going on, the best that I can. However, I am particularly concerned about those of you who do know. You probably belonged to a church that taught you that once you said those few words you had fire insurance and a sure spot in the Rapture, no matter how you lived from that point on. You may have been taught that there was no rapture, it passed, it is still to come, or that the world will be restored to paradise when Jesus comes again.

You now know the truth. The rapture was real, it happened, and you’ve been left behind.

This is no time for I told you so, because the time is short. Your first step is to pray. I don’t know for sure what will happen in your future, but I have been told that their will be saints coming out of the rapture. You can be one of them. Pray, receive Christ into your heart now, for real, tell him that no matter what, he is the savior of your heart, your master, your God and there is no other. Tell him that you believe in the death, burial and resurrection of Christ as outlined in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Step two is to begin reading your Bible. Meditate on it as much as possible, the time may come, when you can no longer possess the word of God physically. But you can always hide the word in your heart. Meditate, in the Bible means to murmur, ponder, aloud. Read those scriptures aloud as much as possible. The Bible promises that the word of God will not go out and return unto him void. Speak his word out loud and let it get into your heart 3 ways, by sight, by ear and by mouth. You must know what you believe. Start in the New Testament, just because the time is at hand. Revelation should be read as well, I cannot give you the full meaning of what each prophecy means, but check the websites, such as this one Rapture Ready, and others, check the links page on this site, it is quite thorough.

Step three, is the hardest, but the most important, you must tell others. Find a way, by email, by word of mouth, by phone, by postal mail. You must tell the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone you know, the time may come where your life will be on the line for doing so, but know that you are in good company. The apostles in the Bible faced death for spreading the gospel but God was with them, just as he is with you, and he still loves you. He doesn’t want anyone to perish. Hell is real, it was meant for Satan the devil and his followers NOT YOU.

Know this, the victory belongs to Jesus Christ, stick with him unto death. One more important note, no matter what DO NOT EVER take a stamp, a chip, a mark of any type into your body (hand or forehead) it is the mark of the beast 666, and those who accept this mark pledge their allegiance to the anti-Christ and Satan they are going to Hell and their is no going back.

The peace of God and our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

Joy Sherman