To Those Left Behind

lettersI write this to you with God in my heart and you in my mind. I know that by doing so, he will say through me what you need so desperately to hear. Maybe you are alone and suffering. Maybe you are holding onto a loved one’s clothing. Perhaps you saw them disappear before your eyes. Believe me when I tell you they were not abducted, nor were they involved in a government conspiracy or spontaneously combusted. You have probably heard these and many other rumors already. You may also be inclined to believe these lies.

No doubt you have seen reports and videos of planes falling from the sky, empty vehicles careening into others, trains colliding, babies disappearing from their mother’s wombs, and a shortage of law enforcement and medical response teams because they have also disappeared. I know where they are because I have also disappeared. They have been caught up into Heaven by Jesus Christ! As the Bible says, “the groom has come for his bride,” and a glorious celebration in Heaven has begun.

For those left behind, something has begun for them as well. A time of trial and tribulation, of Armageddon, of the seven year tribulation (it has so many names). But do not despair. For even though you will face the most tumultuous time in the history of the world, God will show His wonders in the face of these trials. He will lay bare His power and glory for the world to witness, with splendors and feats not seen since the days of Noah and Moses. However difficult they may be to endure, remember that God loves you, and He does these thing to win your love, so that you will have faith only in Him and not be turned over to evil.

In the time when the world must choose sides, do not be deceived by false prophets, or those who say they have come in the Lord’s name. If they say Jesus is in the mountains, do not go there. If they say He has abandoned you, do not believe them. Trust only in the Bible and Jesus Christ. You are caught in the middle of a war, a war between Heaven and Hell, and the prize is your very soul. Jesus shall return for you if you believe. I pray you do!

To my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus