Thirteen Excuses For Not Tithing – By Arthur Vess

Chapter 7


7. Excuse Seven: “I tithe, but I pay where I please, — to kinsfolk, friends, sick people, etc.” The tithe is not yours; then what right do you have to distribute it except for and through the Church? “Bring ALL the tithe into the STOREHOUSE.” It is your responsibility to take care of your own relatives, and your pleasure to contribute to others as you can, but not with God’s holy tithe set apart for the evangelization and salvation of the world. The church could support the poor if all would tithe. Paul commanded the Corinthian church to bring the tithe into the storehouse on the Sabbath, and then they could pay it out of the Church to the poor. Abraham turned it over to the priest of the most high God,” not to Aunt Mary and blind Sam. God has a treasury for his funds. If we need any part of our church organized and systematized, it is the financial part. Let us not scatter our tithe to the wind, but bring it into the storehouse — God’s money into God’s treasury. But you say, I do not belong where I attend. That’s easy — move your membership and then you will not be tempted to dodge your tithe and deceive both churches.