Thirteen Excuses For Not Tithing – By Arthur Vess

Chapter 6

Honest With God?

Excuse Six: “Yes, I pledged myself to tithe when the others did, but I guess I won’t pay it,” or “I’ll make them think I pay it.” (If church treasurers could only tell all they know). Is there anything in what you say? Do you make a solemn vow before God, in the light of his Word, in the house of prayer, and then regard it so lightly? If God and the Church cannot trust you, who then can trust you? You have committed a double sin: neglecting or refusing to obey the Law of tithing, and making false statement. If you did wrong in pledging to tithe, then you should ask God and the Church to forgive you. If you did right and intend to live right, you must live up to your pledge and God’s law. Do you really tithe in the sight of God?