Thirteen Excuses For Not Tithing – By Arthur Vess

Chapter 3

Little Or Much

3. Excuse Three: “I am just not able to tithe.” Not able to obey God? Does God make unjust and impossible laws for his creatures? Is he a tyrant or a God of love? Does God rob poor people of the blessing of giving? “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” The justness of the tithing law is in the defense of the poor, — “Little given, little required.” The “Widow’s mite” drew the attention and commendation of Jesus more than all the treasures of the rich, but he did not stop her from putting it in. The cause of Christ has always been supported by the common people. The poor Churches of Macedonia gave until “The abundance of their joy and their DEEP POVERTY abounded unto the RICHES of their LIBERALITY.” Poverty will not stop a liberal soul from giving. Many poor people waste more than the tithe on their whims, appetites, etc. Judas wanted the ointment money saved for “the poor” (?) “Bake me a cake first,” was the command of Elijah to the poor widow of Zarephath. She gave her last meal to God and the barrel of meal wasted not and the oil failed not until God sent rain, It is better to be poor with God than poor without him. The remarkable support of God’s poor who tithe is still unexplainable. “While his eye is on the sparrow, I know he watches me.” God rewards his poor who love him in liberal obedience.

The small boy who gave his last meal to the Master, not only fed the multitude with his loaves and fishes, but likely carried two of the twelve baskets back home with him. At least, hehad more to eat by giving to Jesus, (and it was fresh), and so shall we. “O ye of little faith.” Some poverty stricken souls, who have plenty and to spare, feel that their tithe amounts to too much, but their own income is never too large. It is the smallness of their love rather than the largeness of their tithe which hinders their liberality. In fact, most people would accept the tithing law if it were only a beautiful theory. It is parting with the cash that effects their beliefs. Ananias and Sapphira “kept back part of the price,” and the rich, young Ruler turned away from Jesus for his great wealth, but where are they today? Dives refused a “crumb of bread” in this life and cried for a “drop of water” in the life beyond. We only save what we invest in heavenly treasures. It is dangerous to feel that you cannot tithe. “Beware of covetousness.”The Miser’s Epitaph”Here lies old ten per cent; The more he got the less he spent;The more he got the more he craved, If he gets to heaven, we’ll all be saved.”