Thirteen Excuses For Not Tithing – By Arthur Vess

Chapter 10

Tearing The Blanket

10. Excuse Ten: “I give more than the tithe.” How do you know that you give more than the tithe? Do you keep books? Do not be so liberal; (?) cut it down to the tithe and keep books and you will be shocked at the little you were giving, and surprised at the amount of the tithe. A small amount seems larger to give when you are self-centered and stingy. Be honest enough to check upon yourself. Put some system into it. God keeps books. Even the hairs of your head are all numbered, and Jesus sits over against the treasury keeping tab on your tithe and offerings. If you were getting 10% from an investment, you would want those in charge of your money to keep books, would you not? You would not want them to guess at it and then say, “Oh I pay you more than your part,” and make no pretensions at stating the correct amount. But you say, “God knows the amount.” Yes, and he knows that you are not tithing too. Pay God the correct amount just as you do your groceryman. You would not guess at your account at the store and tell the merchant that you had paid more than was due when you had kept no books. You cannot fool God — “God is not mocked.”