Thirteen Excuses For Not Tithing – By Arthur Vess

Chapter 1

Not On Trial

1. Excuse One: “I tried tithing once and could not tell that I got along any better financially.” We answer, the law of tithing is not subject to your trial and approval. It is a divine command to meet a spiritual necessity and cannot be annulled or changed. Did you get along any better spiritually? God said, “I will open the windows of heaven,” not the banks, “and pour you out a blessing.” Your motive is wrong; Tithing is not a “get rich quick scheme.” If it were, gamblers and counterfeiters would all tithe for selfish gains. Did the cause of Christ prosper by your tithing? Though God blesses us for obedience in tithing, as in all obedience, yet the end of tithing is not self but souls. Tithers may lose on earth, but not in heaven. When trouble comes, it is fine to know that all the tithe is in the Storehouse, and that you are ready to meet God and your record.