Thirteen Excuses For Not Tithing – By Arthur Vess


A husband said to his wife, “Wife, is my collar dirty?” She answered, “Husband, if it is doubtful, it is dirty.” Some prefer to remain in doubt and in the dark on some questions in order to dodge responsibility. No truth can enter a closed heart, — we are responsible for what we might have known. Money, the purchaser of all earthly treasures, controls the masses of men and women more than any other power, but many are not conscious of it. Tell me how a man gets his money and what he does with it, and I can tell you his history, character and destiny. Money — “the root of all evil” — may also become the seed of all righteousness.

The following thirteen excuses are usually used in the defense of self rather than in the defense of the cause of Christ. “He that saveth his life (in money?) shall lose it; but he that loseth his life (in money?) for my sake shall find it.” “Lay not up treasures for yourselves on earth.” “Let us examine the following “Unlucky Numbers” and test our honesty and love for money and earthly things, or for Christ and his Church.