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testimonyI was born in Pakistan into a Muslim family. Most members of my family are devout Muslims, so that I was brought up in the traditional way of studying the Qur’an and prayers etc. I would have happily stuck with being a Muslim had I known it was the true way to salvation, to reaching the kingdom of God.

What then brought about thechange in my life?

Firstly you recite the Qur’anlike a Parrot and don’t understand anything that is written in it, most Muslimcritics will tell you that it is good to do this purely on the basis of readingit to please God which is wrong and has no basis whatsoever.

The fact of the matter is thattheir thinking is seriously flawed as you should read the Qur’an in yourlanguage of upbringing and understand what you read, obviously if you did thenyou would find the things that they don’t want you to know like what theprophet Muhammad is up to in his life time namely marrying his adopted son’swife after Zaid divorces her for the prophet’s pleasure, marrying a 9yr oldAisha amongst a few things.

Obviously these things wouldraise serious questions about the so called greatest prophet of God.

It was the innerself-consciousness looking and searching for something missing in my life.

I had everything, education,success, car, house, anything a person could ask for but there was an inneremptiness that longed to be filled.

I knew that my life was not meantto be just this but I was meant to be something like a leader and in the lasttwo years this urge even became more stronger, but what or who was I suppose tolead, I certainly didn’t envision politics although the opportunities aroseand I rejected to stand for this type of trash, lying and keeping people in thedark to promote your party for the sake of money and power.

I used to pray, fast, givecharity, but these did not give me the peace I needed. I was reciting theQur’an and reading some suras that an uncle of mine had given me to read on aregular basis to strengthen my soul and be in close companionship with God butno it was all in vain.

I wasn’t looking at Christianityas a religion to follow and I had never in my life read the Bible although ourelders believed in all the past scriptures but we did not have a Bible namelyold Testament (Torah) and New Testament (Injil). To us Christianity was akin tothe Western life style of self abuse which I understood to be followingChristianity.

It is perceived in Islamicsociety that if you pray five times a day and stick to the pillars of Islam thenyou are a good Muslim and anything you do or say is true. We have a lot ofhypocrites who have been following this path and yet their real lives reflect atotal disregard to humanity as such.

Look at Pakistan’s elite,look at their background. They are so called good Muslims but they commit theworst offences known. Does anybody question them? Of course not! If you did thenyou might disappear mysteriously. People’s rights are suppressed, freedom isjust a word without meaning. There is no real freedom because you can’t speakyour mind.

When I looked around myself andmy Muslim background I realised that most of the Muslims’ preached to do goodbut did they practice it themselves? Absolutely not! When it came to moneymatters, money was more a priority to them then humanity or reasoning. On theone hand they would tell you to pray five times a day and on the other there isso much hypocrisy around.

Is it really opposite toreligious teaching or was I wrong in what I had been told by elders?

If we look at Islam, Jihad ispart of Islam, forced conversion to Islam in Muslim dominated countries,persecution of Christians, Muslims believe in visiting shrines of Pirs givingmoney and food, it’s like giving bribe to God!

So was I wrong about thereligious teaching of Islam and how wrong I was beginning to find out more andmore.

They believe corruption inPakistan was taught by the British Raj in India but the reality is that peopleare greedy by nature and this is been going on since centuries even before theBritish set foot on Indian soil.

If we are following a truereligion and a pure religion then it should put love into our hearts, humilityand care for fellow persons not hate and contempt?

If we are not born like this thensomething is not quite right here, either the religion or the person but notevery person can be wrong or can they?

People in Islam who have gone anddone the Hajj, think about themselves as being very pious. They think their sinsare forgiven, they are better than any other person who hasn’t been to Hajj andthat they are like a new born child, but when I look at these people’s moralsthey are so bad, they cannot speak for justice, they show a completely differentperson from the inside. This is not true for every Hajji but majority are likethis.

Now most Muslims will make theexcuse that the religion is good but it is Muslims who are bad and not Islam andthat they don’t practice their religion properly but when you look at Islamichistory then you find out the real truth that it is Arab imperialism and itcomes from the heart of the religious teachings.

Jesus Christ said Beware of falseprophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly they are ravenouswolves. You will know them by their fruits and here we see it in Muhammad’sfollowers.

Look at what they are doingaround the world, Afghanistan banning all women from going outside, human abusecalling for Islamic values and all that.

Killing and persecutingChristians by Muslims, killing and persecuting Christians in Egypt, Pakistan,India and Indonesia to name a few places seems common today.

The only peace can come fromJesus Christ and nobody else, not Muhammad prophet, not Buddha, not Ram.

Jesus Christ is the prince ofPeace, look at his life and look at Muhammad prophets life and do a comparison!

We have two different worlds,here is God himself in the flesh showing how we should lead our life and thereis Muhammad prophet manipulating people for his benefit, telling his followersthat if you fight and die then you will go to heaven, that if you loot andpillage then you are forgiven and appeasing Allah the most merciful one.

Jesus Christ said to love yourfellow humans not kill them, he never asked to lift the sword or fight forreligion but on the other hand Muhammad prophet asked to kill anyone whodoesn’t convert to Islam or else take Jizzya tax from them.

Yes most will tell you look atChristians, aren’t they hypocrites?

Well of course they are but dothey follow Jesus Christ and his teachings, a big NO!

Jesus Christ said to love yourenemies, pray for them who persecute you but these people do the opposite, theyare not followers of Christ at all.

The church has become Apostate,bishops tell you that it is ok for men to lie with men and that we do notbelieve in the divinity of Jesus or resurrection.

God says very clearly that hedoes not allow this and he intervened in the past to destroy Sodom and Gomorrahbecause of this.

Are we now to rest our faith onthese Bishops and Popes?

Of course not, we should followour Lord Jesus Christ and his teachings as he lay them down.

You read the Qur’an, Hadith andthe Islamic history and see what crimes Muhammad prophet committed againsthumanity and how he forced his brutal customs on people and subject them todeath if they did not follow his religion.

How he had the people against himMurdered one by one like a gangster, look at the story of Asma bint Marwan:

In Yathrib (Medina), Muhammad hada number of people killed. One of them was `Asma’ bint Marwan. Her crimewas that she spoke out against Muhammad for having another man murdered namedAbu Afak who was 120yrs old.

This clearly shows you theoutright disregard his followers had for humanity that they killed a mother whohad five children, Muhammad prophet couldn’t care less for instigating thecrime.

Read the full story here.

AsmaBint Marwan

I decided to learn more about Islam and it was when I was browsing a Muslim news group that I came across thistestimony.

At this point I only wanted tolearn about Islam and still no thought had ever occurred to me about becoming aChristian.

I was enlightened by what I readand it confirmed my fears regarding Islam, of what I used to think. What willhappen if what I follow is not the truth?

Would I then go to hell?

I didn’t consider myself to be asaint anyway but surely we have to ask for forgiveness of our mistakes and prayto God for salvation?

Muhammad prophet preached to dogood and avoid bad but how much good is enough for God as he is holy, if hebased his forgiveness on good deeds alone then the Hindus also preach Good andso do the Buddhists, that means they are eligible for heaven as much as Muslimsor Jews.

Not all of these can be thecorrect from the same God or we are all following the wrong God who doesn’t carewhich road you take to reach him.

I found the answer in the Bible(Torah):

Isaiah 64:6 But we are all asan unclean thing, and all our righteousness are as filthy rags; and we all dofade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away.

Basically the prophet Isaiah wassaying that doing good deeds is not good enough and it is like filthy rags infront of the sight of God as he is a holy God and we cannot appease him just bydoing good deeds, we still cannot enter Heaven.

This was further clarified of howto go to heaven as God had decided to descend on earth in the form of JesusChrist to sacrifice himself in the human form to save us all as only JesusChrist was sinless and his blood would atone or cover our sins and let us in toheaven guaranteed if we believe in him.

John 14:6  Jesussaith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto theFather, but by me.

John 11:25 Jesus said to her,”I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, eventhough he dies.

I was shocked at first,  hadI been following a religion that is false and if the Bible is really the truththen what do I do?

I then decided to do someextensive research on both the Bible and the Qur’an and my findings reallyshocked me.

I checked both Christian andMuslims sources combined with Non Muslim and Non Christian sources.

It proved that the Bible hadplenty of non Christian + historical evidence and internal evidence such as thefulfilled prophecies in the past so accurately fulfilled that only God’s fingerprints could do this.

We have to acknowledge our sinsand call upon Jesus Christ as our saviour and redeemer to atone us for our sinsand let us enter the Gate.

This is why prophet Isaiahprophesied this fact 700yrs before his birth:

Isaiah 9:6-7  For unto us a childis born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon hisshoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mightyGod, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

Of the increase of hisgovernment and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, andupon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and withjustice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts willperform this.

Prophet Isaiah clearly tellsus who Jesus Christ is, that he is God and prince of peace and that hisgovernment never ends.

Isaiah 53:3  He is despisedand rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hidas it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemedhim not.

In the above verses prophetIsaiah tells the people how Jesus Christ will be afflicted for our sins andcrucified to save our sins.

How in order to save us thatJesus Christ has to do this and there was a lot of prophecy in the above verseswhich all came true.

Satan thought that he was goingto humiliate Jesus on the Cross but little did he realise that Jesus woulddefeat Satan forever to free us from his stronghold and give us eternal life.

Muslims become ignorant of thesefacts and say that how can Jesus be God, well I have shown you some of the manyverses in the Bible which tell us why Jesus was God and how he was crucified andthen resurrected to go back to heaven.

If you would like to know morethen please visit my website at:


Muslims don’t understandSalvation in the terms Christians do anyway. They think as long as they do gooddeeds then they will go to heaven. They don’t understand the notion of born insin. Some even believe that Muhammad (prophet) has had his Sunni sect forgivenfrom God and that after some punishment we will all go to heaven. They havedecided this for themselves even though Qur’an does not advocate this. Somecommonly believe that if you have one of your children recite the Qur’an andknow all of it by memory to become a Hafiz then their seven generations areforgiven and they will go to heaven. This is of course all nonsense as theQur’an nowhere states this to be the case, it is just Jahalat (illiteracy).

In fact this is what Muhammadprophet had to say on this issue when his disciples asked him about going toheaven in the Qur’an:

Sura 46:9

I don’t know what will happenwith me or you so how can I tell you if you will go to heaven or not.

I completed my research with anopen mind.

I checked if Muhammad prophet wasa prophet prophesied by God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and also if Qur’an isthe last revelation given to us by God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

They try to justify this bysaying that the Bible is corrupt and yet historical and Biblical evidence pointto the accuracy of the Bible, in fact there is no historical evidence to pointto the Qur’an as the truth as the earliest manuscript of the Qur’an is fromthe 8th Century although it was collected and brought togetherin the 6th century around about 640 AD by Caliph Usmaan.

The Qur’an contains materialwhich existed some 600 yrs before it arrived on the scene which were hereticaland legendary before the Qur’an was canonized so therefore it cannot be and quoteis not divine.

I found that Islam is not thetruth and I was very disturbed by my findings.

Even Muhammad prophet did notknow the true name of God Yahweh which he gave to Moses as Jews don’t speak ofthis considering it to be very sacred. They refer to God as Elohim so thisreason explains why Muhammad did not know the name even though he traded amongstthe Jewish people in Arabia.

The struggle had begun inside ofme, what should I do?

A belief that I had held all thistime had turned out to be a lie and false altogether and the evidence was toostrong to convict me that this is the case.

I thought to myself that maybe Ishould remain as I am and not convert but not practice Islam either as it isfalse.

I didn’t wanted to follow Jesus Christ because I reasoned if I change then what will my family think and what about the community?

I struggled with these thoughtsfor a couple of weeks. There was an inner battle inside me that said embrace thetruth and one which said stick to the family values. I was more concerned withmy family’s thoughts then the truth.

Eventually the answer came.Embrace the truth whatever the cost and this is when I accepted Jesus Christ assaviour and Lord. It was a hard decision but one which has led me to the rightpath to the truth and grace of Jesus Christ.

After the conversion, how haveI changed?

Well my search has come to anend, I feel an inner peace I never experienced before and no more innerconflict. I feel better as a person towards others.

I was baptized in my fellowshipon Dec 13th 1998. Obviously I want others to know the truth but theyare not interested in that. They think what they and their forefathers have beenfollowing is the truth. I hate to think what will happen to them but they don’tlisten for according to the Bible these people walk in darkness and willnot be allowed to go to heaven.

They will be separated foreternity from the presence of God so it is not a case of the Muslimdoctrine that you get punished and then go to heaven, in fact you donot go to heaven period.

The cost will be very high fortheir mistake, life after the grave spent outside heaven for eternity not justfor a short while.

Their rituals and customs willnot take them to heaven!

Jesus gives us the answer in theInjil:

John 8:23-24  Hesaid to them, “You are from beneath. I am from above. You are of thisworld. I am not of this world.  I said therefore to you that you will diein your sins; for unless you believe that I am he, you will die in yoursins.”

The struggle has just started,not finished, obviously all my immediate family turned against me but that wasexpected by me so it is nothing new! I have explained my faith to them, hadseveral discussions with various people, had invited couple of my Christianfriends in to debates to discuss with them what the Bible teaches. In the end itis up to them but I am sticking to my chosen and truthful path.

I pray for all the Muslims thatthey come to know the one true God that loves them all so they don’t perish intheir pride and bloated egos.

Everyday I get more and moreknowledgeable about the Bible, I have had several debates on the internet withfellow Muslims, they cannot answer my questions and try to constantly attack theBible but I can prove time and time again the authenticity of the Bible throughhistorical evidence and Biblical evidence.

Muslims are playing a fool heartygame of first saying that the Bible is corrupt and then trying to find Muhammadprophesied in the Bible, it doesn’t work that way as he is not prophesiedanywhere in the Bible.

Read about some of Muhammadprophets brutalities here for those that think he was very good!


The Muslims have closed theireyes and ears so don’t want to listen and hold to their lifeless faith.

Isaiah 6:9  And hesaid, Go, and tell this people, Hear ye indeed, but understand not; and see yeindeed, but perceive not.

The Good news:

One of my brothers has become abeliever of Jesus Christ and another is listening closely.

No more attacks from my family,they have accepted me as I am, life goes on as normal.

Who knows, someday they mayrealize and change.

May God give them guidance andwisdom to discern the truth.


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