How To Preach And Teach Holiness – By Arthur Vess

Chapter 7

Preach It Definitely And Specifically

Preach it definitely and specifically as a second definite work of grace, no more and no less. “Press the instantaneous blessing.” Offer the experience on Bible terms and conditions. Stresseradication and death to the old man, and old woman too — “knowing this that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth (from now on) weshould not serve sin, for he that is dead (to sin) is freed from sin. We must meet the conditions, before God can meet our need. “Their hearts were purified by faith.” There are two reasons whywe must trust God to save and to sanctify us. Namely: First, because we cannot do it for ourselves; second, because God can and will do it for us. Faith is the switch which ties us on to God’s greatpower house, storehouse and light house. Call it by its clearest Scriptural names, so that the devil will recognize it and fight it, and so honest, hungry souls will recognize it and get it. Use definite terms, such as “sanctification,””Holy Ghost,” “eradication,” “carnality,” “second blessing,” “perfect love,” etc.