How To Preach And Teach Holiness – By Arthur Vess

Chapter 2

Preach Holiness Scripturally

Preach Holiness scripturally. It is a Bible doctrine, and must be proven by the Bible. It hasno other doctrinal proof.
Preach it from the promises, as a great privilege.
Preach it from the commandments as imperative.
Preach it from the Old Testament and the New Testament.
Preach it from the Types and Shadows, and as shining clear through.
Preach it from the moral law as its great fundamental foundation.
Preach it from the ceremonial law as pointing to a holy and “better sacrifice.”
Preach it from the prophets as a divine and joyous fulfillment.
Preach holiness from the Holy of Holies as the most holy radiance.
Preach it from the manger and angelic messengers as “Peace on earth and good will to men.”
Preach it from the life of Jesus, from the teachings of Jesus, from the mission of Jesus: “He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and fire.”
Preach it from the miracles of Jesus as the greatest miracle needed today.
Preach it from the parables of Jesus, as the “Pearl of Great Price,” as the “oil in yourvessels,” as “the seed of the sower,” and as the preparation of the “Bride for the Bridegroom,”soon to appear.
Preach it from the mouth of John the Baptist, “Behold the Lamb of God which taketh awaythe sin of the world.” “He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and fire.”
Preach it from the day of Pentecost and the message of Peter, “This is that,” when the HolyGhost fell before he preached, as at Samaria where He fell after he preached, and at Caesareawhere the Holy Ghost fell as he PREACHED.
Preach it from the Apostle Paul who declared: “This is the will of God, even yoursanctification,” and “The very God of peace sanctify you wholly.”
Preach it as the only way from hell, and the only way to heaven. “Blessed and holy is hethat hath part in the first resurrection.”
Preach it in life, preach it in death, preach it as long as He lendeth you breath.