How To Preach And Teach Holiness – By Arthur Vess

Chapter 11

Preach Constantly

Preach Holiness constantly, not as a hobby, but as the great foundation and fountain of alltruth. John Wesley said, “Preach holiness in every sermon.” You cannot preach the truth withoutpreaching holiness. Everything is holy or unholy. If you preach holiness with all its relations andapplications, you can never exhaust it. Do not repeat for emptiness, but for emphasis. A lawyer once said that “if lawyers practiced law like you preachers preach the gospel, we’d never win acase. We find out the main points in our evidence and emphasize them over and over from everyangle. But you preachers just hit one point one time and another the next time until we areconvinced of nothing.” The Holy Bible is full of holiness, and the unholy world is void of it and needs it more than all else. Use illustrations, persuasion, arguments, instruction, information, andinspiration. Preach it in regeneration, sanctification and glorification.