How To Preach And Teach Holiness – By Arthur Vess


Holiness is the greatest theme of the Holy Scriptures, the greatest theme of the ages.Holiness is the foundation of the nature and character of God, and of saints and angels. It is thegreatest attribute of God, which rules and controls all His other attributes. Without holiness, Godwould be unmerciful in His justice and unjust in His mercy; partial in His love, and dangerous inHis power. There are only two great moral principles in the universe: holiness and sin. Sin, oranti-holiness is the cause of all our troubles, and holiness is the only cure. The only difference inearth and Heaven is sin and holiness. Never apologize for holiness, though you may apologize forthe lack of holiness.

If we are to be holiness preachers, it is of first importance that we know how to preachholiness. There are as many ways to preach holiness as there are preachers, congregations andindividuals, but there are certain definite, fundamental, principles which must be adhered to by allwho preach “true holiness” — or the gospel of Jesus Christ.

When we read such passages as, “Without holiness, no man shall see God,” and “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God,” and “Be ye holy for I, the Lord your God, am Holy,”we are informed and mightily reminded that it is of supreme importance, not only to know what topreach, but how to preach holiness. No one can preach the Bible without preaching holiness.Holiness is the only remedy for sin, and the only road to Heaven. If you are God’s preacher, youare both a holy, and a holiness preacher. If you belong to a holiness church, you are doubly boundto preach holiness, both because of your vow to God and to your church. Holiness begins inrepentance and is imparted and experienced in regeneration and is perfected in sanctification andcompleted in glorification. You must preach holiness, regardless of the cost, if you would awakensinners, bless the saints and stir compromised hypocrites. We cannot please a holy God withoutoffending an unholy devil and his slaves.

Then, since holiness is the fountain head of all truth, you have a right and responsibility toask, “HOW SHALL I PREACH HOLINESS?” We would make the following recommendations asto how you are to present this great theme of the Bible, and of the ages, in order to lead souls intoholiness and eternal life, here and here after.