Stan Johnson

The Prophecy Club hosted by Stan Johnson is one of the most error prone prophetic ministries in history. Johnson is very much a promoter of pop-apologetics. This where you have sensationalism and speculation replacing Biblical truth. There is simply no teaching that is too nutty or outlandish for Stan to believe.

In 1999 the Prophecy Club was warning Jews that it is essential that they return to Israel because the United States Government and the United Nations are building concentration camps in America to imprison Jews and “Israel-supporting” Christians.

Stan Johnson claims “the Lord” told Peter Martinez and himself to start churches in the 42 cities where The Prophecy Club has meetings. Each city will get only one church, called ‘The Church of Ephesus’, or ‘The Church of Philadelphia’, ‘The Church of Dallas’, ‘The Church of Modesto’ and so on.” This city-church’ concept is similar to that being promoted by a number of other aberrant and cultic movements.

The Prophesy Club has featured a speaker who mentioned in passing his trip through the solar system, a Texas oil man that believers he will discover huge reserves of oil in Israel, and several folks that have falsely predicted the start of the tribulation.

Comment made about Stan Johnson and The Prophecy Club:

“If the Lord were really in Stan Johnson’s ministry, there would not be so many conflicting “prophetic” utterances such as those by Dumitri Dudeman, and he would not be now issuing so many apologies in an attempt to regain some semblance of credibility. Therefore, I have also rejected the work of Stan Johnson of The Prophecy Club. Y2K was the last straw when nothing prophesied ever panned out. The Prophecy Club really played that one out for all it was worth – a prime example of fear-mongering.”

“I have watched some of The Prophecy Club videos, and while they have some useful information, they are adamantly post-trib. Not just “Hey we believe in the post-trib view.”, but they are getting close to the David Koresh brand of post-tribulational thinking.”