Sir Robert Anderson

Sir Robert Anderson was the chief inspector for Scotland Yard. He was greatly respected for his skill as an investigator. When Anderson wasn’t writing on subjects related to crime, he wrote books on Christian prophecy. He helped establish the fact that 69 of Daniel’s 70 weeks have now transpired, and that the tribulation will be the 70th week. Sir Robert Anderson’s book, The Coming Prince, has become a foundational resource for all dispensationalists.

The Coming Prince

Chapter 1: Introductory
Chapter 2: Daniel And His Times
Chapter 3: The King’s Dream And The Prophet’s Visions
Chapter 4: The Vision By The River Of Ulai
Chapter 5: The Angel’ s Message
Chapter 6: The Prophetic Year
Chapter 7: The Mystic Era Of The Weeks
Chapter 8: “Messiah The Prince”
Chapter 9: The Paschal Supper
Chapter 10: Fulfillment Of The Prophecy
Chapter 11: Principles Of Interpretation
Chapter 12: Fullness Of The Gentiles
Chapter 13: Second Sermon On The Mount
Chapter 14: The Patmos Visions
Chapter 15: The Coming Prince