The Second Crisis in Christian Experience – By Christian Ruth

Chapter 1

The Two-fold Aspect Of The Gospel

Seeing sin is two-fold — both innate – inborn, as a corruption of the nature, and outward, as an act — the provision of the Gospel in like manner is two-fold; there are

Two objects of divine love:–

  • “God so loved the world,” John 3:16.
  • “Christ also loved the church.” Eph. 5:25.

Two purposes of the atonement:–

  • “To save sinners.” I. Tim. 1:15; Rom. 5:8.
  • Sanctify believers. Heb. 13:12; Eph. 5:26.

Two expressions of His will:–

  • Concerning sinners — “Not willing that any should perish.” II. Pet. 3:9.
  • Concerning the Church — “This is the will of God, even your sanctification.” I. Thess. 4:3.

Two prayers of Christ:–

  • For sinners– “Father, forgive them.” Luke 23:34.
  • For believers, “Sanctify them through Thy truth.” John 17:9, 17.

Two Calls:-

  • Sinners to repentance. Matt. 9:13.
  • Believers “Unto holiness.” I. Thess. 4:7.

Two Requirements:–

  • “If we confess our sins.” I. John 1:9.+
  • “If we walk in the light.” I. John 1:7.

Two Promises:–

  • “To forgive us our sins.” I. John 1:9.
  • “To cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” I. John 1:9; Jer. 33:8.

Two Offices of the Spirit:–

  • “Born of the Spirit.” John 3:5.
  • Baptized with the Spirit. Matt. 3:11.

Two Witnesses of the Spirit:–

  • “That we are the children of God.” Rom. 8:16.
  • Sanctification, “whereof the Holy Ghost also is a witness to us.” Heb. 12:14, 15.

Two Experiences:–

  • “You hath He quickened.” Eph. 2:1. A making alive of our moral nature.
  • “Our old man is crucified.” Rom. 6:6. A putting to death of our carnal nature.

Two Rests:–

  • The first rest He gives on condition that we “come.” Matt. 11:28.
  • The second rest we “find” after we have had His yoke upon us and learned of Him: soul rest.  The first is the rest from guilt and condemnation; the second is rest from fret and worry and unholy tempers: rest from inward conflict. Matt. 11:29; Heb. 4:3, 10.

Two Steps Of Faith —

  • “Justified by faith.” Rom. 5:1.
  • “Sanctified by faith.” Acts 26:18.

In view of the foregoing we can understand why John Wesley spoke of “the second blessing, properly so called;” and Mr. Charles Wesley spoke of it as “that second rest;” and Toplady taught us to sing,

“Be of sin the double cure;
Save from wrath, and make me pure.”

While in justification a man obtains life, in Sanctification he receives the “life more abundant;” In justification he has “peace with God;” in Sanctification he obtains “the peace of God;” In Justification he obtains the love of God; in Sanctification his love is “made perfect;” In Justification he is made “free” from guilt and condemnation, because he is saved from sin as a practice; in Sanctification he obtains the “deed” to his freedom, with all the mortgages paid off, because he is cleansed and made free from sin as a principle.

It is this complete cleansing and deliverance from original or inbred sin by the baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire, that we refer to as the Second Crisis in Christian experience. Seeing it is not obtained at the time of conversion, nor by a gradual development or growth in grace, but by a definite act of consecration and faith as an instantaneous experience subsequent to regeneration, it invariably marks a distinct epoch, or second crisis, in the life of him who obtains it.