How to Train and Save Your Children – By Elmer & Julia Shelhamer

Chapter 2

Half-Damned Offspring

Hardly one in a hundred begins to realize the great responsibility of begetting children. The thought of glorifying God never once enters their minds. The idea of praying for a son as did the parents of Samuel would seem absurd. Now, where children are born to such parents – parents who are haters of God and scoffers at His Word – it will be readily seen that such children are about half-damned when they are born and many of them entirely damned when they are born and many of them entirely damned when but fifteen years of age. Poor little things, products of lust, how can they be a blessing in the earth unless some one teaches them the good and right way? No wonder they are vicious and licentious at an early age. What a pity that these parents went to so much suffering and expense to bring forth children, then raise and educate them, for what? To be a curse in the earth, then die and be eternally damned.

Parents, have you no pity for these little ones who are not responsible for being here? Can you not feel salvation is much more important than their education. Do not think for a moment that you must let them wait till in their teens before they can “intelligently” decide for Christ. No! As soon as they can manifest self-will they can be taught to curb it. — E.E.S.