How to Train and Save Your Children – By Elmer & Julia Shelhamer

Chapter 12

Child Evangelism

Teach your children to win souls by giving them tracts and books to distribute, and by taking them with you on your rounds of gospel work. When you call on a person, pray before you leave and ask the child to offer the first prayer. “A little child shall lead them.”

If you keep your children busy for God, Satan will not have such an advantage over them. Husband and I took our baby Evangeline to the death cell of the Atlanta jail. The little one sang a song for the condemned criminal, then husband prayed. For about twenty-two years she thus labored for the Master, until at the age of twenty-five she was translated.

“I WAS SICK … and ye visited me.” – Jesus Christ.

Have you been to the hospital, the infirmary, the almshouse, and the insane asylum this week? Imagine yourself there in lonely despair with no one to call on you! Get some good books and tracts. Hasten, for Jesus is out there sick and wants you to minister to Him.

“I WAS IN PRISON … and ye came unto me.” – Jesus Christ

“When I was in the penitentiary,” said a baby-faced boy to me recently, “the automobiles would go speeding by on the highway, but it seemed that nobody thought of me. Everybody just simply forgot us behind those big stone walls. I was under deep conviction for sin and wanted somebody to help me, but nobody came.” That wasn’t your boy, was it? — but it might have been!