Richard Baxter

Richard Baxter was born in Shropshire on November 12, 1615 and died in London on December 8, 1691. Baxter often suffered persecution and imprisonment because of his faith. Although he constantly suffered ill health and he was sometimes plagued with doubt, Baxter’s life and ministry proved inspirational to many people of his day. Up until the day of his death, a constant stream of visitors came to his door seeking his help and counsel. Today there is a growing interest in the life and work of Richard Baxter and a recognition that he was someone with a message for people of every age. He is the author of the book, The Saints’ Rest.

The Saints’ Rest

1. The introduction to the work.

2. The great preparatives for the Saints’ Rest

3. The excellencies of the Saints’ Rest

4. The character of the persons for whom this Rest is designed

5. The great misery of those who lose the Saints’ Rest

6. Losing the enjoyments of time, and suffer the torments of hell

7. The necessity of diligently seeking the Saints’ Rest

8. How to discern our title to the Saints’ Rest

9. The duty of the people of God to excite others to seek this Rest

10. The Saints’ Rest is not to be expected on Earth

11. The importance of leading a Heavenly life upon Earth

12. Directions how to lead a Heavenly life upon Earth

13. The nature of Heavenly contemplation for it

14. What use Heavenly contemplation makes of consideration

15. Heavenly contemplation assisted by sensible objects

16. Heavenly contemplation exemplified, and the whole work concluded

17. Conclusion