Rescued Or The River of Death – By Martin Knapp

Chapter 9

Seventh River — Adultery

“‘Thou shalt not commit adultery.” — Ex. xx, 14.    Adultery is another of the black Rivers down which Satan is sending multitudes to doom.

He has lured them to launch their boats on it by keeping from them needed warnings ofwhirlpools and currents.

He has also planted many seemingly innocent pleasures on its banks so as to disguise itsslimy stench as much as possible.

God forbids sailing upon its waters. He does this because He knows its fearful perils, andHe loves the health and purity of those whom He has made.

His Commandment against Adultery forbids all lust in thought, word, and life.

This law is broken by folks living together as if they are married, when they are not.

By secret lustful sins.

By marrying a divorced person.

By lustful looks, lustful thoughts, lustful imaginations. (Matt. v, 28.)

In the above and other ways many have entered the treacherous sin-boat of Adultery, andbeen forever lost.

The following are a few of the places where tickets are purchased for this fatal ride:

The ball-room, the theater, the bar-room, and the brothel. It is said that nine-tenths of theruined characters of New York City began their career by dancing. At private dances and thetheater evil associations are often formed, and there exposures of the person and lewd allusionsawaken lustful passions.

Over the paths that approach this River Satan has built many enchanting bowers, and hasposted on every side the words, “No harm,” “No harm.”

Some of the fearful lightnings that leap upon those who break this Law and are borne on totheir fearful, eternal night of woe are:

A troubled conscience;

The wrath of God Almighty;

Remorse and disease;

Disgrace and shame;

Ruined homes;

A Christless death and an eternal hell.

He who commits this sin is:

Like the serpent who stings itself to death;

Like insects which persist in flying into a fire at the expense of their wings and life;

Like a person who is enchanted by the charms of a serpent, only to be crushed in its fatalfolds;

Like one who would drink poison because the liquid in which it is mixed is pleasant to thetaste;

Like a person who, to gratify a whim, would burn his own house and that of his neighbor;

Like the man who was doomed to kiss an image of a beautiful virgin, and as he kissed wasthrust through with many sharp daggers which sprung forth from it.

Children, as you grow into manhood and womanhood, be careful and prayerful. Ask God tokeep you from this awful River which ruins soul and body, and sends down, down, down into thesulfurous caverns of an eternal Hell.