The Progressive Life – By Elmer Shelhamer


“For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.” — 1 John 5:4


“He held the lamp each passing day,

So low that none could miss the way,

And yet so high to bring in sight

That picture fair of Christ the Light,

That, gazing up, the lamp between,

The hand that held it was not seen!
“He held the pitcher, stooping low,

To lips of little ones below;

Then raised it to the weary saint,

And bade him drink when sick and faint!

They drank; the pitcher them between,

The hand that held it was not seen!
“He blew the trumpet, soft and clear,

That trembling sinners need not fear,

And then with louder note and bold,

To storm the walls of Satan’s hold;

The trumpet, coming thus between,

The hand that held it was not seen!
“And when our Captain says, ‘Well done!

Thou good and faithful servant, come!

Lay down the pitcher and the lamp;

Lay down the trumpet, leave the camp,’

Thy weary hands will then be seen

Clasped in His pierced ones, naught between!”
How wonderful is the Bible! I have read it through and through, and yet every time it is fresh, deep, broad and inexhaustible. For example, I have read many times the account of “The seven churches which are in Asia.” But during our second missionary tour in South Africa, my soul was greatly refreshed while reading it again.

As a result, we gave talks on the Progressive Life. Many have desired these studies in book form and we now present them, though in rather crude setting. Trusting that God may be glorified and the reader enriched, I am Yours for Souls in Every Land,

E. E. Shelhamer.
God’s Bible School

Cincinnati, O. May 16, 1935