Philip Doddridge

Philip Doddridge was the youngest of 20 children. He attended Kingston Grammar School at St. Albans, and a nonconformist academy in Kibworth, Leicestershire, England. Doddridge’s theology can be compared with that of his contemporary, John Gill, whom most scholars believe was a very “high” Calvinist. He became known as one of the “dissenting” clergy. He was pastor of an independent congregation and tutor of a seminary for dissenting ministers at Northampton from 1739 until his death.

The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul

1. The Introduction To The Work
2. The Careless Sinner Awakened
3. The Awakened Sinner Urged To Immediate Consideration
4. The Sinner Arraigned And Convicted
5 The Sinner Stripped Of His Vain Pleas
6. The Sinner Sentenced
7. The Helpless State Of The Sinner Under Condemnation
8. News Of Salvation By Christ Brought To The Convinced
9. The Way By Which This Salvation Is To Be Obtained
10. The Sinner Seriously Urged To Accept Of Salvation
11. To Those Who Will Not Be Persuaded…
12. An Address To A Soul So Overwhelmed Sins
13. The Doubting Soul
14. The Several Branches Of The Christian Temper
15. How Much He Needs The Assistance Of The Spirit Of God
16. The Christian Convert Warned Of Discouragements
17. The Christian Urged To An Express Act Of Self-Dedication
18. On Communion In The Lords Supper
19. Continual Communion With God
20. Spending Our Days As Is Represented In The Former Chapter
21. A Caution Against Various Temptations
22. The Case Of Spiritual Decay And Languor In Religion
23. The Sad Case Of A Relapse Into Known And Deliberate Sin
24. The Case Of The Christian Under The Hiding Of God’s Face
25. The Christian Struggling Under Great And Heavy Affliction
26. The Christian Assisted In Examining Into His Growth In Grace
27. The Advanced Christian Reminded Of The Mercies Of God
28. The Established Christian Urged To Exert Himself
29. The Christian Rejoicing In The Views Of Death And Judgment
30. Maintaining Continual Communion With God