Peter Wiseman

Peter Wiseman taught in various Holiness colleges, and was also a camp-meeting preacher. He was for a time pastor of the Detroit Holiness Tabernacle, and later served as an instructor in the Department of Theology at the Missionary Training Institute, Nyack, New York. Dr. Wiseman is the author of many books and pamphlets.

The Heavenly Home

Chapter 1 – Heaven Is A Place
Chapter 2 – Heaven Is A Place Of Perfection
Chapter 3 – Heaven Is A Place Of Perfect Inhabitants
Chapter 4 – Heaven Is A Place Of Eternal Glory
Chapter 5 – Heaven Is A Prepared Place For A Prepared People

The Master’s Masterpiece on Prayer

Chapter 1 – The Example Of Prayer
Chapter 2 – The Pattern Of Prayer
Chapter 3 – The Parable Of Prayer
Chapter 4 – The Promise Of Prayer
Chapter 5 – The Definiteness Of Prayer
Chapter 6 – The Law Of Prayer
Chapter 7 – The Great Subject Of Prayer

The Miracle Book and its Key

Chapter 1 – The Miracle Book — The Wonderful Book Of God
Chapter 2 – The Key To The Miracle Book — How To Study It

From Pollution to Purity

Chapter 1 – The Doctrine Of Sin
Chapter 2 – The Doctrine Of Atonement
Chapter 3 – The Doctrine Of The New Birth
Chapter 4 – The Doctrine Of Sanctification

Biblical Perfection

Chapter 1 – Perfection Among Biblical Expressions
Chapter 2 – Perfection And Imperfections
Chapter 3 – Perfection That Is Biblical (A)
Chapter 4 – Perfection That Is Biblical (B)
Chapter 5 – Perfection Obtained
Chapter 6 – Perfection Inclusive
Chapter 7 – Perfection Involves Christlikeness Of Character