The Third Book of Regeneration, or The New Birth – By Jakob Boehme


Though I have in my other Writings,set down a clear description of Regeneration, or the New-Birth,from the Ground thereof; yet because everyone hath them not, neitherhath everyone the Capacity to understand them; I have therefore, asa Service to the simple Children of Christ, here set down a shortSum concerning the New-Birth. But if any desire to search the deepGround from whence all floweth, and have the Gift to understandit, let them read these Books following.

1. The Three Principles of the DivineEssence.

2. The three-fold Life of Man.

3. The forty Questions of the Original Essence,Substance, Nature, and Property of the Soul.

4. The Incarnation and Birth of Jesus Christthe Son of God; also of His Suffering, Death, and Resurrection.

5. The six Points treating ofthe Three Worlds how they are in one another as one; and yet makeThree Principles, viz., Three Births or Centers.

6. The Mysterium Magnum, whichis an Interpretation upon Genesis.

And in them he shall find all that hecan ask, and that as deep as the Mind of Man is able to reach. I havewritten this for the true Israelites, that is, for the Hungryand Thirsty Hearts that long after the Fountain of Christ,who are my Fellow-Members in the Spirit of Christ: Butnot for the Ishmaelites and Scorners, for they have a Bookwithin them, wherewith they vex, persecute, and suppress the Childrenof Christ that are under the Cross; and yet, though it beunwillingly and unwittingly to themselves, they must beServants to such Children of Christ.