Milton Haney

Milton Haney was born on January 23, 1825, and he became a Christian in his 16th year. Haney credited the home life of his mother as being the greatest human factor leading to his salvation. In 1846, he received appointment as the junior preacher of the Dixon, Illinois, circuit. At first his work centered in southern Illinois, but his scope quickly expanded as he began to preach in churches and camp meetings throughout the Midwestern states. Haney died in California on January 20, 1922, after suffering a severe case of pneumonia.

Impatience And Its Remedy

Chapter 1 – Impatience and Our Exceeding Liability
Chapter 2 – Impatience is a Robber
Chapter 3 – Impatience is a Soul-Destroying, God-Discouraging, and Devil-Begotten Spirit
Chapter 4 – Complete Preservation, Must be Preceded by Complete Salvation
Chapter 5 – How Kept From Impatience After We Are Sanctified

Tares Mixed With The Wheat

Chapter 1 – The Church, Visible And Invisible
Chapter 2 – Past And Present Characteristics Of Methodism
Chapter 3 – Unsaved Church Members, The Essential Enemies Of Her Spirituality
Chapter 4 – The Subtlety With Which Such Are Feeling For Her Vitals
Chapter 5 – A Plain Battle Between The Children Of Darkness And The Children Of Light
Chapter 6 – The Methodist Church May Yet Fulfill Her Calling