The Millennium :: by Kent Crockett

After Jesus returns to earth at His 2nd Coming, He will rule on earth for 1,000 years. We call this period of Christ’s rule on earth “the Millennium” which means “1,000 years.” Listed below are events that will take place during that time.

1. Battle of Armageddon occurs at 2nd Coming of Christ. Rev 19:11-21
2. Antichrist & false prophet thrown into the lake of fire. Rev 19:20
3. Satan is bound in the abyss for 1,000 years. Rev 20:1-3
4. Believers who were killed during the Tribulation are resurrected. Rev 20:4
5. The Old Testament believers are resurrected. Dan 12:1-2
6. The people who are alive at 2nd coming are judged by Jesus. Matt 25:31-46
7. The wicked are gathered out of His kingdom. Matt 13:30,41-42,49-50, 25:41
8. The believers enter His kingdom and begin to repopulate the earth. Matt 3:43, Zech. 14:6, Matt 19:28 (regeneration means ‘repopulation’)
9. Jesus will rule the world from Jerusalem (Zion) Rev. 20:4, Isa 2:1-4, Ps. 2:6-9, 48:1-2, Zech 8:3-13, Joel 3:16-17,21, Ezek 48:35, Zech 14
10. The 12 tribes are restored to Israel. Ezek 40-48, Matt 19:28, Lk 22:30, Acts 1:6
11. The 12 apostles, in resurrected bodies, rule over the 12 tribes of Israel. Matt 19:28, Luke 22:30
12. Many people will come from the east and west to eat with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who will be in their resurrected bodies. Matt 8:11, Luke 13:-28-29
13. The curse on earth is lifted (no more stickers, weeds) Rom 8:19-21,Zech 14:11
14. The curse on animals is lifted (no more danger) Isa 11:6-9, 35:9. 65:25
15. Longevity of life will be extended. Isa 65:20
16. People on earth, in their natural bodies, won’t get sick. Isa 33:24, Jer 30:17
17. Children will be born during this time. Their parents will be those who survived Armageddon and entered the Kingdom (the Millennium) Zech 8:1-8, 14:6, Isa 65:20, 23, Ezek 47:22, Jer 31:27-40, Rev 20:8-9
18. People born during this time will sin and need to be saved. Isa 65:20, Zech 14:17-19, Rev 20:8-9
19. Some will die during this time. Jer 31:29-30, Isa 65:20,22
20. They will work and live in houses during this time. Isa 65:21-23, Jer 31:5
21. By the end of the 1,000 years, the world population will have increased from a few at the beginning (Zech 14:16) to great multitudes. Rev 20:7-9
22. Satan will be loosed from the abyss at the end of the 1,000 years to tempt the people who have been born during this time. Even though they have seen Jesus in Jerusalem (Zech 14:16), they will refuse to follow Him. Zech 14:17-18
23. They even try, through a final revolt, to overthrow His kingdom. Rev 20:7-9
24. Satan is thrown into the lake of fire. Rev 20:10
25. GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGMENT. The spirits of all the wicked from all time are released from hell (Hades) to be judged. Rev 20:12. They receive their resurrected bodies according to their deeds, Rev 20:13, John 5:29, Acts 24:15, and are cast into the lake of fire (Gehenna) Rev 20:15, Mt 10:28, 18:8-9
26. God creates New Heaven & New Earth. Isa 65:17,66:22, 2 Pet 3:13, Rev 21:1